Consistency In Marketing Drove Our Monthly Recurring Revenue From $12,434 To $18,263 Per Month… A 46% Increase!

Maria Partridge Genius of the Month

Maria Partridge

Maria Partridge,
Lotus Management Services

Feeling Stumped Is NOT An Option

It’s not magic. You don’t wake up every morning knowing exactly what to do and watch as your sales numbers take off like a rocket. We had doubts. We were overwhelmed. We agonized over whether we were doing things correctly. At times, I wonder what I can possibly contribute to our fellow Producers Club members that can further their companies as well as our own. But feeling stumped is not an option.

This year has been a personal challenge; however, we are amazed by the support we’ve received from Robin’s community and even our clients. The transformation in our company’s growth just by attending a two-day seminar in Orlando and then later in Dallas has been gratifying. I can tell you that the support and input from the Producers Club weekly meetings just ties everything together for us.

53% GROWTH In Just One Year!

How did we achieve such aggressive growth in one year? First, we streamlined our marketing processes by fully executing Infusionsoft for our campaigns. Second, we hired a new tech and marketing assistant to support our marketing efforts. Finally, the continuous input and advice from the Producers Club weekly meetings just ties everything together for us. Here are some of the marketing campaigns and strategies that helped us achieve this level of growth:

  • Cyber Security Tech Tips Brings $17,280 In MRR – As a result of receiving our Cyber Security Tech Tips by e-mail each month, our clients are more engaged with us. They tell us they thoroughly like these Tech Tips, and it shows. This campaign alone has solidified our relationship with our largest client: they have signed a three-year renewal, increasing our MRR to $17,280 and securing predictable income for the term!
  • A Better Quarterly Business Review Process Equates To $13,647 In MRR – We have systematized and improved our QBR efforts immensely. By better answering needs and being there for our clients on a consistent basis, we have increased our MRR income to $13,647.
  • Referral E-mail Campaigns Net Two New Referrals – We launched a series of e-mail campaigns to clients asking for referrals. As a result, we acquired two referrals, adding $7,426 in monthly recurring revenue!
  • Aspirin Direct Mail Campaign – We’ve had positive feedback from prospects who find our marketing fun and memorable. By mailing this campaign, we received one lucrative lead that just closed!
  • Done-For-You Website – Our goal is to turn our new Done-For-You Website into more of a lead generator for us.
  • Easier To Get Testimonials – Testimonials used to be difficult to come by. Today, our clients see our focus and engagement with their industry and are happy to heap praises upon us.
  • “Preserve And Protect” Seminar – We conducted a well-attended seminar that included a dark web scan for attendees. From this event, we gained two leads that are in the sales pipeline.
  • 10,000 Facebook Likes – We hit an aggressive goal to receive 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page. This is great for branding, plus we receive engagement through Messenger.

A $2.5 Million Goal Now Seems Possible

It’s amazing to see our company being more than what it was. Thanks to Robin, we have tools like Infusionsoft that used to be on the wish list but are now helping us to produce live campaigns. With Infusionsoft, we are now staying engaged with potential prospects as well as our clients.

By the end of next year, we plan to add two more personnel to our team, including one more tech and a salesperson. These additions will help push us toward at least 30% growth! We also look to improve our margins to make Lotus Management Services more profitable. By making our processes more efficient year after year, we expect to hit $2.5 million in the next five years.