6 Ways To Get The Marketing Support You Need!

We offer three membership programs to help our clients FULLY IMPLEMENT the marketing campaigns and strategies we deliver in the Toolkit and Managed IT Services Blueprint, as well as one-on-one consulting and customized training programs. To speak with someone about these options, call us at 615-790-5011 or click here.

The Apprentice Club

This membership is for NEW clients and provides a number of resources, tools and support to help you fully implement the Toolkit or Managed IT Services Blueprint. As a member, you’ll gain access to Robin and her team, new marketing campaigns, our private members-only “Dashboard,” live Q&A calls, “How-To” calls and a steady stream of “what’s working” for other IT services firms. Click here for more information.

The Accelerators Club

This membership is for those who are serious about laying a rock-solid foundation for future marketing efforts, but who are struggling with the basics. As a member of the Accelerators Club, you’ll kick off your membership with a two-day, small group meeting at Robin Central.

This Rapid Implementation Workshop will allow Robin and her team to give you personalized guidance on selecting a target market, articulating your Unique Selling Proposition, gathering testimonials and much more. You’ll walk out of this workshop with many tasks COMPLETED, not just more learning and endless “to-do” lists.

When you leave, you’ll get ongoing coaching and accountability for a full year. The accountability groups are made up of other IT company owners across the globe, who will “hold your feet to the fire.” This will give you the incentive you need to market your business every single month, producing more lead flow and increasing revenue.

The coaching will give you help to solve the new business challenges you’ll face that come with adding new clients and staff. As a member, you’ll also get access to a done-for-you website, a done-for-you newsletter and many more resources. An application is required, due to space limitations and geographic exclusivity. To find out if the Accelerators Club is right for your business, click here to complete a short, no-obligation member application.

The Producers Club

This membership is an IMPLEMENTATION program for clients who want more help, more accountability and more direct support from Robin and her team. As a member, you’ll get access to a number of “done-for-you” services including a done-for-you website, a done-for-you newsletter, a self-published book, an online Shock and Awe kit, multiple e-mail and blog post campaigns, and many more turnkey resources.

You’ll also get to participate in our accountability group program made up of other successful CEOs of IT services firms who will “hold your feet to the fire” in getting your marketing and business growth plan implemented (most of our members say this is the single biggest value of being a member). Members meet four times a year in Nashville with Robin and her team to work ON the business, learn, collaborate and recharge their batteries. This is NOT an open-enrollment program. All members must successfully complete the Rapid Implementation Workshop as part of the Accelerators Club membership before applying to join Producers Club.

One-On-One Marketing Consulting

On a very limited, case-by-case basis, Robin can work directly with you and your team to build your company’s entire sales and marketing process. You should apply for this option only if you have the staff and resources available to fully implement a robust and sophisticated marketing and sales process and are willing to work with Robin for six months or more to refine the aspects of your business.

Robin’s fees for this level of coaching and support start at $20,000 and ONLY include consulting and copywriting (her fees do not include graphic design, web development, printing, lists, telemarketing or other media). If that is simply outside of your budget, we suggest you start with the Technology Marketing Toolkit. Only one client per market area will be accepted for one-on-one marketing consulting with Robin. To receive more information and to see if you qualify, click here.

Private Workshops, Seminars And Tele-Consulting

Robin is available for developing customized training workshops for your company on the sales process or lead generation marketing. Full-day workshops start at $19,500. Tele-consulting is available if you prefer and can be delivered via 30-minute calls every month for a period of 10 months. Before considering this option, you must have purchased and be very familiar with Robin’s methods outlined in the Technology Marketing Toolkit. Click here now to request more information on Robin’s fees and availability.

Keynote Presentations And Workshops

If you want a dynamic speaker at your next event who will have attendees excited, motivated and glad they attended – with actionable strategies, tools and templates they can take home – Robin Robins will not disappoint! Robin can speak on a number of topics, including online marketing, lead generation, consultative selling, webinar and seminar marketing, writing a marketing plan and much, much more.

The minimum speaking engagement accepted is for 90 minutes, with a four-hour maximum. Speaking fees run from $10,000 and up (plus first-class travel) and depend on a number of factors and what you would like Robin to deliver. Some of the options we offer are pre-event webinars to prep your audience, printed workbooks and examples, take-home marketing plans, pre-event and post-event surveying, custom marketing tools and assistance in marketing Robin’s session to drive attendance at your event. Click here now to request more information on Robin’s fees and availability.