The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For VARs MSPs And IT Services Firms.
The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For VARs, MSPs And IT Services Firms

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Technology Marketing Toolkit
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Technology Marketing Toolkit

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is a complete step-by-step marketing system in a box for small to medium IT consultants, VARs, MSPs, and solution providers. Inside you will find the most comprehensive training course and library of fill-in-the-blank marketing campaigns, strategies, sales letters, ads, sales scripts, web site content, newsletter strategies, e-mail campaigns, and postcards that are extremely effective, inexpensive to implement and guaranteed to work. Includes 6 months FREE Apprentice Club membership.

I'm So Confident This Program Will Work That I'm Backing It Up With An Iron-Clad, 100% “You-Can’t-Lose” DOUBLE Guarantee:

GuaranteeGuarantee #1: 365 Day Trial, 100% Money-Back Guarantee: I want to give you one full year (365 days) to look over this system and see for yourself just how powerful and amazing it is. Listen to the CDs. Read the manuals. Put it to work for YOU. Use it to generate new clients, more referrals, higher profit margins, and to structure and sell managed services. If you are not completely head-over-heels thrilled with the content and the results, I insist that you return it to me for a full, prompt, no-questions asked refund. No hassle, No problems, No payment.

Guarantee #2: Ten Times Your Investment Two Year Guarantee: If you decide to keep the kit past the first year, you STILL have another full year to use the materials and strategies in the Blueprint. If after two years you can show me that you have implemented just 3 out of the hundreds of campaigns included and didn’t make back 10 times your investment – that’s over $14,970 in new sales you wouldn’t have made otherwise – just send all of the materials back to my office and I’ll issue you a full and complete refund when we receive it. After all, if the Blueprint doesn’t deliver the results I’m promising, I don’t deserve to keep your money. I will buy it back from you and refund every penny you paid for it. All I ask is that you show me proof that you actually used at least 3 of the strategies outlined in the kit.

"I Generated 19 Sales Totaling $156,450 Using Just One Of Robin's Strategies!"
Tom Malesic, EZ Solution "Before I found Robin and enrolled in her program, I "thought" I knew a thing or two about marketing. It turns out that what I knew a thing or two about was sales (and I knew a little bit about marketing). I didn't quite know at the beginning if the program would be worth the money. But I put her campaigns to work and from January through April, we received 57 referrals. So far those referrals have converted into 19 sales totaling $156,450 and we still have more deals to close. WOW! At this rate, I will have 171 referrals and 55 new clients by the end of the year."

Tom Malesic, EZ Solution
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These products are not "scratch and dent" because they are downloadable. However, we decided to include them in our holiday end-of-year sale!
2-Hour Marketing Miracle
2-Hour Marketing Miracle

If you are a MSP or IT consulting firm that wants a highly effective, repeatable marketing system to attract and close more high-quality prospects, this program is ideal for you. This program takes all the guesswork out of promoting and holding successful and extremely lucrative seminars and webinars to sell IT services.

You'll Get INSTANT Access To The Following Templates, Tools And Training When You Enroll:

  • A COMPLETE Cloud Seminar Marketing Kit that includes a done-for-you PowerPoint presentation and a complete set of "cut and paste" marketing templates to fill your event with qualified prospects including a registration web page template, e-mail campaigns, direct mail promotions and a telemarketing script.
  • A COMPLETE Backup And Disaster Recovery Marketing Kit that includes a done-for-you PowerPoint presentation and a complete set of "cut and paste" marketing templates to fill your event with qualified prospects including a registration web page template, e-mail campaigns, direct mail promotions and a telemarketing script.
  • A COMPLETE Seminar On Mobile Computing, Security And Cloud Computing, which is an EXTREMELY hot topic right now. With so many companies wanting to use smartphones, tablets and iPads to work, you're in an ideal situation to sell them cloud computing, mobile security and network upgrades. This also includes a PowerPoint presentation and complete set of "cut and paste" marketing templates to fill the room with qualified prospects.

You're Covered By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Review the program for one full year (365 days). If you don't feel it was worth FAR MORE than what you paid, simply return the product to our office and we'll issue you a full and complete refund.

"Having A Solid Marketing Plan In Place Saved Me From Total Financial Devastation And Closing Our Doors When The Calgary Economy Tanked"
Vincent Fung, Debian IT

"I used to brag about how we 'don't need marketing' because all our growth was organic through referrals; now I can see that attitude significantly limited our growth and earning potential. We would get 10 to 12 leads per year and close most of them; however, we weren't acquiring enough new business to offset client churn, and our company was stagnant. Enter Robin...

We did so many campaigns in the first six months that it still astonishes me – and the positive change wasn't just on the sales and marketing side. We made changes to the entire business, from operations to hiring to service delivery.

Then the Calgary economy suddenly crashed. We abruptly lost over $28,000 of MRR. It was a HUGE disaster for our local economy, and panic set in as many clients starting shrinking fast. One of our clients went from 125 employees to seven almost overnight. Other clients came to us begging for huge reductions in monthly spend. We even had a few clients give up and declare bankruptcy.

But thanks to the support of my accountability group and Robin pushing us, I continued to do marketing. We only implemented six Marketing Oil Wells, but those campaigns generated 125 leads and (to date) 25 new customers in just 12 months, with more projected to close. Thank goodness I had transformed into a sales-focused CEO rather than a tech- and operations-minded CEO; I know that change saved us from disaster when the economy tanked. While other IT firms were closing their doors, our revenues grew from $2.2 million to $2.9 million (a 33% increase) last year, and our net profit more than doubled. We got to work like never before, and it has paid off with huge dividends!"

Vincent Fung, Debian IT

Do you struggle with price resistance, sales stalls, prospects not seeing the value of what you do and getting deals closed quickly? Do you want a non-manipulative way to get prospects to buy that doesn't require sales "tricks," groveling, discounting or other embarrassing tactics? Then this program is for you. This comprehensive, step-by-step sales process is unlike ANY sales training you've ever experienced because it STARTS with how you position yourself from the beginning, and uses a straightforward, direct and non-manipulative approach to helping clients see the value of what you're offering. Further, it's specifically designed for closing IT services sales so you don't have to do a lot of tweaking or modifying to fit your business.

Here's What This Program Gives You:

  • A fill-in-the-blank IT Services Sales Playbook you can instantly start using when you get home, with very few changes.
  • A complete sales presentation blueprint, from start to finish, that will enable you to close the maximum number of prospects without discounting, sales games or a lot of “convincing.”
  • A scripted process for handling inbound calls so you NEVER lose a critical opportunity (this is a process you can give to the person in your office who’s handling those calls).
  • How to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the price objection from ever coming up when closing a sale.
  • A proven way to avoid being handed down to a non-decision-maker in the sales process.
  • A checklist (and examples) of what you should send EVERY prospect BEFORE your initial sales meeting to position you as a credible, trustworthy expert.
  • My most powerful method for getting any prospect to tell you exactly how to close them; and the ONLY closing technique and script you’ll ever need.
  • How to elegantly uncover the truth about hidden concerns and objections that can derail your sale.
  • How to deal with the “We’re fine” sales objection and get your prospect to see the flaws in their current provider (or situation) without bad-mouthing them.
  • The secret to instantly getting paid more without appearing to raise your prices OR nickel-and-diming your clients.
  • How to interview potential salespeople – including specific questions to ask and other steps to take in the interview – that will reveal whether or not they’ll actually perform once you hire them.
  • How to appropriately compensate salespeople to drive performance.
  • How to set up an appointment-setting machine in your business so you are never in need of qualified appointments.
  • The CORRECT way to deliver a proposal so you don’t get ignored, price-shopped or lied to.
  • How to manage and monitor your sales team’s activities so they can’t “snow” you with excuses and half-truths.
  • How to use POWER TOOLS to get every rep to be at LEAST twice as productive as they are.
"For The First Time, I Have The All The Tools To Train And Manage Efficiently"
Adam Pittman, Computerabilities

"Thanks so much for putting on the Sales-A-Palooza seminar! The seminar was filled with so many great ways to improve our selling process that my confidence in being able to grow my business at a healthy rate has skyrocketed. We now have a great sales playbook that details the sales process so we can train our staff and for the first time, hire and manage salespeople efficiently. And thanks for bringing Randy Schwantz in! I thought I had a pretty good hiring process, but when I saw Randy’s process, I felt like mine was written by an elementary student! As if all that wasn’t enough, all the tidbits you told us about OUTSIDE of the process were pure gold!"

Adam Pittman, Computerabilities
Scaling Up Workshop
Scaling Up Workshop

Has your business plateaued, or even started sliding backwards? Are you stumped by how to grow without coming apart at the seams and drowning in piles of work? Do you struggle with how to STAY profitable as you grow? And is hiring, compensating and managing a team an area that makes you nervous? (P.S. – It should. Dangers lurk, and you stand to lose a LOT of money, clients and momentum if you don't have a handle on this.)

If any of this rings true, then you NEED to be at this small group master class. To be clear, this "class" is not going to be a lecture-only "vacation" for you to sit and learn; it will be two business ninjas – Robin Robins and Verne Harnish – working alongside you, directing, challenging, pushing and shaping your thinking into how you can FINALLY break through the ceiling of complexity and overwhelm and make PROFITABLE progress faster, easier and with a clear path.

When You Watch This Workshop, You'll Have A Blueprint That Will Allow You To:

  • Find, hire, compensate, manage and incentivize the RIGHT people to grow your organization quickly and profitably – from sales, technicians, customer service to high-protein managers who can drive RESULTS in your organization WITHOUT you having to do all the planning, managing and work.
  • Create a SIMPLE but POWERFUL one-page strategic business plan for the year, the month and even weekly – AND get all of your employees rallied around it, driving YOU toward its achievement.
  • Cut out 90% of the daily distractions, drama, interruptions and general bullsh*t in your business so you can focus ALL of your time working on productive, profitable, growth-oriented activities. If you don't know how to prioritize, get the right people onboard and create an operational plan, you'll drown and flounder in daily minutiae.
  • How to secure 10X the average cash flow so you can grow without the stress of debt hanging around your neck like a noose.
  • How to create (and implement) operational, marketing, sales and leadership blueprints so you can achieve predictable growth while consistently delivering top-quality service and client care.

Who Is Verne Harnish?

Verne is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and chaired for fifteen years EO's premiere CEO program, the "Birthing of Giants" and WEO's "Advanced Business" executive program both held at MIT. Founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company, Verne has spent the past 32 years educating entrepreneurial teams. The "Growth Guy" syndicated columnist, he's also the Venture Columnist for Fortune magazine. He's the author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits which is endorsed by over 100 CEOs of mid-size companies and is published in 9 languages. Verne, along with the editors of Fortune, has also authored The Greatest Business Decisions of All Times," for which Jim Collins wrote the foreword.

Verne also chairs annual Growth Summits in North America, Australia, Europe, and Latin America and continues to teach in the MIT-based executive program he founded and the "Taipan: Making of Asian Giants" program he co-chaired for 10 years. He also led the first delegation of young entrepreneurs to Mainland China.

Residing in Barcelona, Spain, he's married with four children and enjoys piano, tennis, and magic as a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

"It was WELL worth the time and money invested!"
ick Espinosa, BSSi2, LLC"What did I think about the Scaling Up course? In a word, phenomenal. It was WELL worth the time and money invested, and given the chance, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. His tools are empowering and he explains everything in a way that is really easy to understand. I felt like I was finally getting clarity on how to make key business decisions for my business that will enable me to grow and scale with sanity. He also opened my mind to new possibilities and options that I hadn't even considered. It was honestly very eye-opening. I'm like genuinely excited for the direction and strategies I now have. Truly, truly fantastic!"

Nick Espinosa, BSSi2, LLC
Ultimate MSP Contract Pack
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MSP Contract Pack

If you are supporting your clients' networks and confidential data without a signed contract -- or the WRONG contract - you are putting yourself at enormous risk! Our Ultimate MSP Contract Pack will not only give you field-tested managed services contracts, but ALSO training on how to use them to close sales faster and avoid client confusion on what you are delivering under your MSP program.

This program will give you the exact forms, templates and training to:

  • Drastically reduce your chances of getting burned with a frivolous (and devastating) lawsuit because of the enormous liability that is naturally assumed when you have access to and support your clients' critical data and operations.
  • Help you instantly establish a higher level of trust, professionalism, and authority with your clients and prospects.
  • Close sales faster and easier by eliminating the client's fear of contracts.
  • Help you clarify exactly what is - and isn't - covered under your managed services program.
  • Protect you from getting sued for faulty 3rd party hardware and software that you installed.
  • Teach you 7 critical legal terms you need to know and use in every single client and vendor engagement to avoid being burned.
  • Explain confusing contract language (legaleeze) in simple terms so you aren't uncomfortable or embarrassed in an important client or vendor meeting.
  • Shorten the time between the signing of your agreement and the delivery (and payment) of services.
  • Help you clarify the deliverables of your Managed Services program in the client's mind to avoid disappointments, misunderstandings, arguments, and ultimately, disgruntled clients.
"We Closed A $440,000 Contract AND Produced 17 NEW Leads In Just A Few Months!"
Claudia Aguilar, Gimel Tecnologia

"Five years ago, I began massive efforts to transform our Brazilian-based IT company, AtuanTI, from a 100% IT products company to a services company. But despite some initial successful contracts to get our efforts going, I constantly worried about the business, as much of our success was attributed to intuition, gut feel and my past business experiences. I was recreating the wheel from the ground up and had no framework to do so. That's a scary place to put yourself in! My husband kept pushing me to listen to the 'redheaded lady in America,' but I kept putting it off until I couldn't stand to struggle anymore. That's when we bought the Toolkit and immediately signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. (We actually spent our first anniversary there!)

Robin taught us so much at the workshop, everything from the RIGHT way to do campaigns, to defining your target marketing, measuring campaign performance, setting up KPIs and many other things that are finally getting us the results I have wanted for so long. After we left and implemented what we learned (and in less than three months), we closed a brand-new MRR deal worth $440,000 over the life of the contract AND produced 17 NEW leads! The way that we run our business and do marketing has drastically changed since the workshop. Thank you, Robin and team! You've made our life richer in many ways."

Claudia Aguilar, Gimel Tecnologia
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* Apprentice Club Membership: As a member of this inner circle of clients, you will receive a monthly "Marketing Strategy Brief" that is an insider's report on what other IT service firms are doing to attract clients, raise prices, fuel referrals, eliminate their competition, and sell managed services. Every month is PACKED with actual marketing examples. As a member, you will also get access to my monthly "Business Builder" teleseminar, Monthly Q&A Calls, Membership Dashboard and Member QUE (Questions, Updates and Exchanges) where you can interact with other members. After your 4-month free membership is up, we will bill your cardd at a discounted rate of $127 per month (normally $197 a month). You are under NO OBLIGATION to remain a member and you may cancel at any time before or after the free trial is up.

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