What You Are Agreeing To When You Opt In

By opting in on our website, you are giving us consent to communicate with you via e-mail, phone, postal mail, fax and any other communication media available, following you around the Internet like a bad smell, including all social media websites and even carrier pigeon if we think that would actually work. (Heck, we’re marketers, after all, trying to sell stuff!) Since we’re trying to get you to like us enough to buy SOMETHING, we’ll do our best to only send you information and marketing offers we think you’ll actually be interested in, which will include all sorts of stuff we sell and endorse. If you don’t like any of this, and do not want to see our marketing genius at work, THEN DO NOT OPT IN. If you want off our list, you can be removed, deleted and totally, completely forgotten. All you have to do is call us at 615-790-5011 and in your best New York accent say, “Fuggetabouddit.” You could send us an e-mail asking to be removed, but we all know that’s unreliable with all the spam filters, so we cannot guarantee we’ll get your e-mail. Calling is by far the best, most reliable way to let us know you want to be snuffed out from our list, making sure you give us the ability to look you up, make sure it’s actually you and not your evil twin, and then hit the big red delete button on our desk that takes you out of everything. If you want all the information we collect on you, geez, that may take a while, but we’ll get it to you.

We adhere to a STRICT privacy policy and NEVER sell, rent, trade or share ANY of your personal information with anyone. This includes any information that may be used to identify you, such as, your name, title, phone number, email address, or mailing address. I only use your information to communicate with you about my services, and I am not in the business of selling, renting or trading e-mail lists with other companies for marketing purposes.

Additionally, you can browse my web site without giving any personal information. I use Google Analytics purely for tracking site activity and compiling aggregate data. If you would like more information about the tracking or security of information collected on this site, please contact Nicole Rodgers at 615-790-5011.