Video Blogs: The Next “Big Thing” in Marketing?

Posted by Robin Robins On July 6th, 2010

Fresh off the launch of my new Million Dollar Managed Services Blueprint (, I wanted to let you in on a little tip…

Video Blogs ROCK

Admittedly, I’m a relative newbie to this media with lots to learn; and whether or not this will work for you will largely depend on who you are marketing to and whether or not you can actually produce relevant and interesting content.  But over the last year, I’ve seen many of my colleagues use a proliferation of short, unedited videos on their blogs to convince me this is something I need to use in my marketing mix.  Some  of the video blogs I’ve been following are done very professionally, like those made by Bob Parsons, CEO of (, which is my personal favorite, while others are literally rough, spur-the-moment flip video shoots like my friend, Bedros Keuilian, who does marketing for personal trainers (  The key to success (I’m finding) is to post something either controversial or educational and get people to comment.   This not only helps in lifting SEO, but it also engages your visitors, and acts like an ongoing “ask campaign”.  What you need is simple:  a YouTube account (for videos of 10 minutes or less) and a Flip Video camera.  Do not get hung up on being perfect or you’ll never get it done.  As you can see at, it’s really not that difficult.

How do I recommend that you get started?  If you’re a client of mine, you can use the TechTip postcards I created as the basis of your content.  Instead of mailing a postcard, shoot a short video of you teaching the idea or explaining a tip (you can even post up a document below the video for people to download, read, complete, etc.)  Load it on YouTube and use keywords in your title.  Then, post the video on your blog with a compelling headline and distribute the link to all your clients and prospects using e-mail and social media sites.  Encourage people to respond and comment and if you want a LOT of comments and traffic, talk about something that hits an emotional nerve or is a bit controversial (like monitoring employee e-mail).  Here’s another great idea: Once you post a TechTip video, create a postcard to direct people on where and how to view the lesson and how to subscribe to additional tips online.  Then distribute the postcards by putting one on the keyboard of every client you have.  If you have store traffic, hand them out.  Of course, technical tips is just one obvious route.  Even though Bob Parsons is the CEO of a web-hosting company, he doesn’t make that the focus of his blog; it’s all about being successful in business and having fun while doing it (check out his site if you haven’t already!).  Gary Vaynerchuk largely used video blogs to position himself as a wine guru much to the dismay of many wine snobs who positively HATE his insane style (  His video blog is watched more for his crazy antics than for his opinion on wine.