“After Losing A $400,000-A-Month Client, We Increased Net Profits By 2,968% In One Year, On Our Way To $9.5 Million Today!”

“After Losing A $400,000-A-Month Client, We Increased Net Profits By 2,968% In One Year, On Our Way To $9.5 Million Today!”
November 16, 2015

“I built my IT business on telemarketing. It worked great for a while, but when the competitive landscape shifted, business through telemarketing dried up. To make matters worse, our largest client, who we counted on for $400K a month in revenue, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Most businesses would have shut their doors.

Not us! I took action by flying to Tennessee for Robin’s 2-Day Rapid Implementation Workshop and joining Producers Club shortly after. Because marketing was a whole new world to me, I took five weeks off to REALLY understand how Robin’s program could impact my business. My first marketing actions were WINS. I immediately implemented a referral program and got incredible results from it. In fact, the first time we dropped direct mail on a cold list, we picked up $300K in business from a new health-care client. Marketing works! Through Robin’s sound sales strategies, we also learned how to close more managed services opportunities. Then we jumped into direct response campaigns. Today, we send out 1,000+ pieces of direct mail and always follow up with telemarketing.

Before Robin, we were a jack-of-all-trades. We serviced anyone who could write a check. I’ll never forget Robin’s lesson about specialization. She asked, ‘Who makes more money: a general practitioner or a surgeon?’ The surgeon, of course, because it’s a specialty. As a result, all of our business is in one lucrative vertical: health-care businesses focused on compliance.

Thanks to implementing Robin’s marketing and introducing her sales strategies throughout 3i, we have quickly replaced our previously lost revenue. In fact, I can confidently attribute $1 million in new hardware sales gross profit and $2,951,000 in contracts to Robin’s program!”