“Consistency In Marketing Boosted Our Sales By $100K With 860% Profit Growth In Just One Year!”

“Consistency In Marketing Boosted Our Sales By $100K With 860% Profit Growth In Just One Year!”
October 16, 2015

“Since we have been more consistent in implementing our “Robinized” marketing, we have increased our MRR from $12,434 per month to $18,263 per month in just one year! Plus, we closed $50,724 in new projects. Not only did we boost our revenue, our net profit increased 860% in that same year!

The support and input from the Producers Club weekly meetings just tie everything together for us. Here are some of the marketing campaigns and strategies that helped us achieve 53% growth in just one year:

  • Cyber Security TechTips Brings $17,280 In MRR – This campaign alone has solidified our relationship with our largest client because they have signed a three-year renewal, increasing our MRR by $17,280 and securing predictable income for the term!
  • A Better Quarterly Business Review Process Equates To $13,647 In MRR – By better answering needs and being there for our clients on a consistent basis, we have increased our MRR income to $13,647.
  • Referral E-mail Campaigns Net Two New ReferralsWe acquired two referrals, adding $7,426 in monthly recurring revenue!
  • Aspirin Direct Mail CampaignWe received one lucrative lead that just closed!

Our marketing initiatives don’t stop there. Each month, we e-mail our Done-For-You Newsletter with an e-mail teaser. Before meeting with a prospective client, we always send out our Shock-And-Awe box and online presentations. We have fully executed Infusionsoft and utilize it to improve results from our direct mail campaigns. We look to improve our margins. to make Lotus Management & Services even more profitable in 2019!”