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Are You Following These Top 10 Marketing MUSTS For Every Campaign?

Posted On May 25th, 2018
The other day, as we were talking, a client shared with me an e-mail campaign sent out to close to 400 prospects WITH phone follow-up that generated a big fat ZERO. To be clear, not one of MY campaigns, but one they received from a vendor. After reviewing it, I saw that it violated almost every one of the “10 Commandments” of good IT services marketing. Unfortunately, I see this a lot; campaigns hastily slapped together without any strategy or understanding of what it takes to get a response. Time and money wasted. Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to provide a slightly revised list of “MUSTS” for every campaign. Read full article and comment →

Don’t Send Out Any MSP Marketing Emails Without These 7 Features

Posted On December 4th, 2017
MSP email marketing ideasEmail marketing during the 1990’s was a gold mine.

Fifty to sixty percent response rates were common (compared to an industry benchmark of 20% today). Every email campaign I sent out got a flood of email responses.

Today it’s an art form rather than a free-for-all. While email marketing shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal, it’s still incredible effective — when done correctly. Read full article and comment →

5 Dumb MSP Sales Mistakes Computer Consultants Consistently Make

Posted On November 17th, 2017

msp-sales-mistakesHave you ever heard the phrase life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid?” One of my favorite talk show personalities Bill Handle asks listeners this often.

In my early days of selling, I earned the highest degree in D.U.M.B and discovered that cold prospecting and marketing without a plan is NOT fun or productive.

Today, I coach hundreds of managed services providers and computer consultants. The thoughts, habits and behaviors of those who literally attract success is different from those who can’t seem to make anything positive happen. And circumstance, client type, market area, finances and other external factors have nothing to do with it. Read full article and comment →

Selling IT Services To The Government

Posted On November 14th, 2017

Selling-IT-Services-To-The-GovernmentThe United States government is the largest customer in the world. They buy millions of dollars in services and products every year.

Landing an IT government contract can be a huge boost for your business. But it’s not about grabbing for any government contract you can find. You need to make sure it’s the right opportunity for you.

Today we’re breaking down the process of selling IT services to the government and how you can land a lucrative information technology government contract. Read full article and comment →

Selling Managed Services: 5 Keys To Accelerate Growth, Success And Profitability This Year

Posted On November 6th, 2017

Selling Managed ServicesYou’re pulling 80-hour work weeks but not getting the results you want. You think you’re setting smart, business goals but failing to achieve them. You’re frustrated, even unhappy, about the state of your IT services firm and struggling when selling managed services. What can you do?

Why IT Firms Struggle

I’ve worked with, mentored and assisted thousands of IT business owners. Throughout the process, I’ve identified multiple patterns indicative of success and failure. I’ve seen how daily habits, actions and decisions shape the outcome of their business. Most importantly, I’ve seen transformations from failure to success. I’ve seen hundreds of IT business owners transform operations from desperate failures to huge success in a matter of months. Want to know their secret? Read full article and comment →

10 Ways To Supercharge Your MSP Direct Mail and Attract More Clients

Posted On October 20th, 2017

MSP-direct-mailDirect mail isn’t dead. (And neither is email while we’re on the subject.) Sending a creative, well-executed direct mailer can still generate great marketing results. Here are ten creative, surefire ways to create a great direct mail campaign and attract more clients. Read full article and comment →

IT Services Trade Show Marketing: 3 Tips To Maximize Your Investment

Posted On October 19th, 2017

t-services-trade-show-marketing-tipsIf you’re looking for quick list building and lead generation for your IT services, then adding strategically targeted trade show marketing is a must.

Benefits Of Trade Show Marketing

On the surface, purchasing a booth or exhibit at a trade show might seem like a huge investment. You’re putting thousands of dollars on the line with hopes to at least break even in trade show-generated sales.

But trade shows present unique advantages that aren’t immediately evident. Here are some major benefits of using trade shows to market your IT services: Read full article and comment →

How To Get Prospects To Pay Attention To Your MSP Marketing Message

Posted On October 8th, 2017

If you asked one hundred computer consultants what they want to accomplish with their marketing, over 90% would say “generate more awareness.” Here’s why that’s not the best approach for your MSP marketing message.

While awareness is a worthy goal, many don’t realize how difficult it is. The average American is bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day. With so much advertising barreling down on us, most people have developed marketing calluses that make them completely immune to the messages these ads are sending. Read full article and comment →