Computer Consultants… How Does Your Worst Employee Story Stack Up to This One?

Posted On January 28th, 2010

Years ago, one of my clients relayed the following employee horror story relating to one of his top sales people.  My client, who was a tech company business owner, received a call late one night (actually early one morning!) from the local police.  The policeman he was speaking to let him know that they had responded to an alarm at my client’s place of business.  When they arrived, they found a few folks having a “party”.  They were in the process of arresting the person responsible and asked my client to come down and identify the person.

My client got out of bed, drove down to his office, and identified HIS TOP SALESPERSON as the ring-leader of this late-night party.

Following are the details of what happened that night…

It ends up that earlier that evening, my client’s TOP SALESPERSON (we’ll call him Bill….although, of course, that’s not his real name) stole a company van, drove downtown, and picked up two prostitutes and a couple cases of beer.  He then drove back to the office, opened it up and they got the party started.  Unfortunately for Bill, he got too drunk to even realize that he had set off the alarm.  When the police arrived to investigate the reason for the alarm, they found Bill and his new friends in the midst of their party! Read full article and comment →