Trick or Treat: Naysayer, Realist, or Fool?

Posted On September 13th, 2009

The other day I received an article from eChannelLine where an IDC author wrote, “Buyer optimism is at its lowest point this year…” and that “buyer optimism is clearly on the wane with August marking the fifth consecutive month of flat or falling buyer intent.” Notice they didn’t say sales – just “buyer intent,” whatever the heck that is. This is a prime example of someone searching for doom and gloom to sell papers; although I don’t agree with spreading bad karma, I can’t blame them. Sunshine and rose petals don’t sell. Dirty laundry, finger-pointing, bad news, and gossip does; it’s a sad reality of the human experience. As a business owner, be smart enough to use this reality to your advantage without actually believing that money is scarce, customers aren’t buying, or this great economy is going to burst at any minute. If you can’t make money now, something is broken and it ‘aint the economy. My clients are reporting amazing growth in all areas, some of them are doing two and even three times the sales they did last year in the same period. There is opportunity everywhere. If you let the naysayers convince you that your “bad luck” is due to some outside factor, you’ve just resigned yourself to being broke forever. Read full article and comment →