A Marketing System Is Like a Chocolate Cake Recipe

Posted On May 3rd, 2010

The best way for me to describe a marketing system is to compare it to an award-winning, chocolate cake recipe. My guess is that you are familiar with chocolate cake, and you may have seen a recipe before. Here are the characteristics of a good chocolate cake recipe:

  1. You know exactly what the outcome is. You know what the cake should look like, taste like, and smell like and, therefore, you’ll have ways of knowing if the recipe was successful.
  2. There is a list of ingredients with exact measurements. These measurements are not vague, and there are no substitutions. You cannot leave out the flour or substitute it with salt or you won’t get the same results.
  3. There are specific instructions on how to use the ingredients. This is important; if you bake all the ingredients and then try to mix them together, you won’t have a very good cake. You must follow the instructions and use the ingredients in the order given.

If you follow the system, you should be able to produce an award-winning, chocolate cake every time.

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