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How To Get Prospects To Pay Attention To Your MSP Marketing Message

Posted On October 8th, 2017

If you asked one hundred computer consultants what they want to accomplish with their marketing, over 90% would say “generate more awareness.” Here’s why that’s not the best approach for your MSP marketing message.

While awareness is a worthy goal, many don’t realize how difficult it is. The average American is bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day. With so much advertising barreling down on us, most people have developed marketing calluses that make them completely immune to the messages these ads are sending. Read full article and comment →

6 Steps To A Winning Managed Services Proposal [With Examples]

Posted On October 6th, 2017
winning-managed-services-proposalYour prospect requests a managed services proposal, but you haven’t sealed the deal just yet. Companies vetting managed services providers typically collect and compare proposals before making a decision. What you include in your managed services proposal can make or break the sale, so your IT services firm must stand out. Read full article and comment →

Keeping Your IT Services Sales Funnel Full

Posted On September 18th, 2017

it-services-sales-funnelI recently received an email from a potential client who is teetering on the brink of closing the doors of his IT consulting business. His savings have dried up, and he’s maxed out all his credit cards. He’s desperate and seeking our IT services marketing plans as a last resort.

Of course, we’ll do everything to help. But now that he’s so far in the red, it’ll take a herculean effort on his part (and sheer magic on ours) to get the heart pumping again.

This begs the question: Why did he wait until now to get serious about keeping his IT services sales funnel full? Read full article and comment →

IT Services Referral Marketing: How To Get Your Customers To Sell For You

Posted On September 15th, 2017

IT-Services-ReferralMost businesses take referrals for granted. Very few have a proactive plan for generating referrals. No matter the business, there’s no better sales lead than a referral from an happy customer. Here’s how to boost your IT services referral marketing and get your customers to start selling for you.

The #1 Secret To IT Services Referral Marketing

You should ask for referrals regularly. If you’re already operating a business with a great product, imagine how quickly you’ll be able to ramp up sales with a more aggressive approach.

The No. 1 secret to IT services referrals marketing isn’t a clever sales letter or some magical phrase you utter to your clients that causes them to whip out their Rolodex and give you every name contained in it. It starts with providing awe inspiring services. Take the Disneyland theme parks. Millions of people flock to Disney and gleefully empty their wallets every year. Why? Because Disney knows how to deliver a jaw-dropping experience. Read full article and comment →

How To Create A Convincing IT Services Guarantee

Posted On September 10th, 2017

IT-Services-GuaranteeI get squeamish emails from clients all the time asking if they need to offer an IT services guarantee. Here’s my final position on the matter — if you’re looking for an easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition and overcome price resistance, the answer is yes.

Guarantee What You Sell

If you can’t guarantee what you sell, you need to improve your services or find something else to sell. Most of the fear of offering a guarantee has more to do with insecurity rather than substantiated fact.

If you provide a great product or service that delivers the results you promise, you should have no negative repercussions offering a guarantee. Adding an IT services guarantee should make it infinitely easier to acquire new clients. The only way to know for sure is to test it. Will you get the occasional unfair, unsubstantiated request from a customer who wants their money back? Of course, but it should not be the majority. It’s part of the cost of doing business, just like uncollected debts from the occasional deadbeat client. Read full article and comment →

How To Close IT Managed Service Contracts

Posted On August 31st, 2017

How-to-close-it-managed-service-contractsAre you a managed services provider that wants to land larger contracts? Do you lose sales because clients think your managed IT services are “too much money,” or because of sticker shock? Here’s what you need to change to close IT managed services contracts. Read full article and comment →

3 Simple Sales Strategies This MSP Used To Increase Her Closing Rate by 400%

Posted On June 28th, 2010

Below is a short video created by MSP Sitima Fowler talking about 3 simple sales strategies she used to not only secure a 400% increase in managed services sales but also shorten her sales cycle from 5-9 months to just 3 weeks. The corresponding workbook posted below the video will give you a bit more detail on these managed IT services strategies – BUT make sure you watch the ENTIRE video because one of the BEST strategies is right near the end.

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Do You Expect To Lose?

Posted On May 7th, 2010

Years ago when I was selling high end technical training to IT professionals for a living, the biggest sales objection I heard all day long was, “If my employer isn’t going to pay for it, I’m not going.”

As the owner of an IT services company who employs these folks, this may not come as a shock to you. In fact, many of my clients relay the same problems with their techs – not only do they want you, the employer, to pay for the training, but they expect time off from work to go so it doesn’t interfere with their personal lives. Incredible.

When I started selling coaching and training materials to managed services business owners I often found the same resistance – which didn’t surprise me all that much. But what DID surprise me was the reason why.

It wasn’t because they couldn’t afford it (which is what they would give as a cheap, easy excuse in an effort to make me go away). It wasn’t because they couldn’t find the time – again, a poor excuse fired offhand. (What sane person would say they don’t have the time to make more money…really?) And, believe it or not, it wasn’t because they didn’t think my program would work; they often were convinced it would. The REAL underlying reason in almost every case was that they didn’t believe in themselves. They didn’t believe that they could implement the strategies successfully. They expected to lose.

How incredibly sad is that? Read full article and comment →