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What To Do When Facing a Crisis

Posted On April 13th, 2010

Running a business is already pretty tough – so what do you do when out of the ordinary problems get piled on top of the herculean problems on every business owners’ shoulders? Just recently I received a few e-mails like this from people who were registered for the boot camp. In some cases, they called to cancel. A few others ARE coming, and wanted to get direction from me on how to use this as a catalyst for change. In essence their questions were all the same: “What should I do when facing a personal/business crisis?” How do you turn things around — or simply just keep yourself moving forward – when faced with incredible adversity, problems, health issues, lawsuits, money problems, divorce, and even a death of someone close to you?

Personally, I’m no stranger to problems myself. Last fall comes to mind when I was dealing not only with a very difficult personal issue that I won’t mention here, but skin cancer, two lawsuits, challenges with a key employee, turnover and a big, gut wrenching problem with a key client. All this landed on my plate during a time when I was traveling about every other week during the busiest time of year for us. Yet I didn’t skip a beat and kept all my personal and professional commitments, quickly reorganized some business plans and initiatives and had to put a few major projects on hold. Only prayer and few good, stiff drinks got me through. And no, I don’t wear a cape and I don’t share this with you to brag – I share this with you because many people never see that side of my business or life and think I’m somehow “lucky” to have “everything going for me” when nothing could be further from the truth. I just don’t go around complaining about it. Read full article and comment →

Brief Shining Moments

Posted On March 3rd, 2010

Did you happen to catch any of the “top 10” finishes of the Winter Olympics? For me, the best part is seeing someone have all their training and preparation pay off in a glorious win, especially if they won by a mere fraction of a second or a “big” lead. The look on their faces, the excitement in the annoucers voice, the winners circle, and the tears of sheer joy and accomplishment. Often makes me cry myself.

But imagine for a moment those who lose. Countless hours of training and hard preparation down the drain…the bitterness, the pain and crushing disappointment. You’re the 2nd fastest, best and most skilled athelete in the world and you get ZERO recognition – and some never to have a second chance. Competitive sport is like that…full of one season wonders, even one-game wonders. I saw George Foreman speak one time about his comeback and how difficult it was to overcome the unbelievable negativity and outright taunts launched at him over and over again from the media and public. He said, “One minute you’re the heavy weight champion of the world and everyone admires and respects you…then the next minute you’re just George, a has-been.”

Business is like that too; an endless string of medicore results, dissapointments and failed objectives with shining brief moments of unbelievable success. Knowing that, it’s important to do two things: Read full article and comment →

Computer Consultants… How Does Your Worst Employee Story Stack Up to This One?

Posted On January 28th, 2010

Years ago, one of my clients relayed the following employee horror story relating to one of his top sales people.  My client, who was a tech company business owner, received a call late one night (actually early one morning!) from the local police.  The policeman he was speaking to let him know that they had responded to an alarm at my client’s place of business.  When they arrived, they found a few folks having a “party”.  They were in the process of arresting the person responsible and asked my client to come down and identify the person.

My client got out of bed, drove down to his office, and identified HIS TOP SALESPERSON as the ring-leader of this late-night party.

Following are the details of what happened that night…

It ends up that earlier that evening, my client’s TOP SALESPERSON (we’ll call him Bill….although, of course, that’s not his real name) stole a company van, drove downtown, and picked up two prostitutes and a couple cases of beer.  He then drove back to the office, opened it up and they got the party started.  Unfortunately for Bill, he got too drunk to even realize that he had set off the alarm.  When the police arrived to investigate the reason for the alarm, they found Bill and his new friends in the midst of their party! Read full article and comment →