MSP’s Guide To Selling
Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

Industry-Tested Tools And Strategies To Reign In More BDR Services Clients GUARANTEED Or You Don’t Pay A Dime

IT breaches are more common and devastating than ever. But many companies don’t see the value in managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services. With the right marketing messages and sales process in place, you can break down these walls to sell more disaster recovery services.

Proven Strategies And Campaigns To Sell Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

I’ve combined the BEST strategies and campaigns for marketing and selling backup and disaster recovery services in one turnkey system.

You’ll receive a detailed process for selling existing clients on your backup and disaster recovery solution and guide to drumming up new BDR clients. If you need help refining your BDR services, our pricing models, recommended solution providers and agreement structures can help.

What You’ll Get With This Disaster Recovery System

  1. MSP-tested process for marketing and selling BDR solutions: This series of online training videos will show you formulaic, step-by-step processes for communicating the value of disaster recovery services. You gain industry-tested resources for every phase of the sales process to close more profitable BDR clients.
  2. Fill-in-the-blank BDR marketing templates: Send these ready-made campaigns to existing clients to upsell backup and disaster recovery services. Or deliver these marketing messages to new contacts to turn them into new BDR clients.
  3. Access to a members-only portal:Post questions and engage in conversations with other smart, marketing-savvy MSPs about pricing and selling disaster recovery services, vendors, operational issues and more.

Included Disaster Recovery Marketing Templates And Tools

By opting in to the Disaster Recovery Marketing Program, you’ll gain instant access to:

  • Acomplete marketing plan and checklist for launching your backup and disaster recovery service. You might have the IT expertise to offer backup and disaster recovery services. But failing to effectively package, price and market BDR services can stifle sales. This simple plan will take the guesswork out of what to do, when to do it and in what order.
  • Direct mail, email and telemarketing templates. Stay top of mind with prospects and promote your BDR services to both existing and NEW customers.
  • The “2-Hour Marketing Miracle” Lunch And Learn Seminar-In-A-Box. Getting facetime with clients and prospects is a powerful way to close BDR and managed services contracts. This seminar has generated $30,000 to $230,000 in new sales in a single afternoon. You’ll get everything you need to plan, promote and deliver a profitable lunch and learn session, including emails, direct mail, web forms, confirmation letters, a PowerPoint presentation and much more! This material ALONE is worth the entire program’s membership fee.
  • A “wedge” letter that will charm new clients away from your biggest competitorsWITHOUT badmouthing or anything unethical, backhanded, or sneaky.
  • The results of our BDR survey. This document reveals which backup and disaster recovery solutions and vendors your peers sell, services they bundle together and how they price them.
  • A telemarketing script.Phone calls are the fastest method to securing appointments for IT services. This MSP telelmarketing script will help you secure more appointments with C-level decision-makers.
  • A website marketing strategy: Transform your website into a hub of information on backup and disaster recovery and IT lead-generation machine. These website strategies and templates help you get in front of companies searching for backup and disaster recovery services and move new contacts through the sales process.
  • A complete scriptfor overcoming common sales objections. Expedite the BDR sales process and close more managed services contracts with this extensive script. If sales objections have gotten in the way of selling BDR services, this script will be a life-saver.
  • IT whitepaper templates to educate your prospects about your BDR solution. IT services firms that educate and empower prospects are more likely to earn trust and win the sale. Don’t waste valuable time or money creating new backup and disaster recovery resources. These IT whitepapers effectively communicate why prospects should rip and replace their old tape or online backup and go with your DR service.
  • Ready-to-go backup and disaster recovery articles. These compelling, educational DR articles are perfect filler for email newsletters, press releases, blog postings and web content.

Why Would I Need This Backup And Disaster Recovery Sales System?

Top Technology Marketing Toolkit clients co-developed these BDR-specific marketing campaigns to generate more monthly recurring revenue. These campaigns and strategies have been tested by hundreds of MSPs and are proven to help you close more BDR clients.

What Other Customers Say About This BDR Sales Program

I Have Learned More In These Seven Weeks In Your Program About Marketing Than Over My Entire Career

“Robin, when you tell us it’s important to deliver ‘extreme value’ to our clients, you lead by example – and I want to thank you SO much for all you’ve done for IT guys like us.

I’ve been in the IT industry a long time, taking care of networks and selling IT services; but I can honestly say that I have learned more in these seven weeks in your program about marketing than over my entire career. My head is ready to explode, and I mean that as a compliment to you. I find myself listening to your programs multiple times in order to soak it all in; and every time I listen, I find a new idea or a key point that I missed before.

But most importantly, you’re 100% authentic. Some people might think you’re too direct, but I appreciate your candor and telling it like it is. There is so much value in what you do that I wanted to let you know and give you encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you!”

Wally Moore DTS InfoTech June 19, 2017

I Received 18 Responses After The FIRST Letter

“I recently mailed out one of the ready-to-go sales letters from the BDR-In-A-Box system to 84 current clients and warm prospects regarding my BDR solution and received 18 responses after the FIRST letter.”

Howard Cunningham Macro Systems, LLC June 19, 2017

Out Of The 52 Emails I Sent, I Received 15 Responses!

“In less than 15 minutes I composed and sent my first email to promote our BDR solution. Out of the 52 emails I sent, I received 15 responses. I have returned 8 of the calls and have sold 4 BDR solutions with offsite storage already, with 3 more that are still considering it (I expect 2 of them to close this week).”

Mark Marley Network Computer Solutions, LLC June 19, 2017

We Are Averaging One New Contract Per Week

“I just signed a new customer on 3 BDR’s and a total managed care contract worth $10,000 per month. We are averaging one new contract per week – either a BDR or total managed care service, or a combo. Thanks!”

Tim Conkle Roland Technology June 19, 2017

I’ve Already Seen Tremendous Value

“I’ve only begun to implement one of the sections in this system and have already seen tremendous value. The fact that it is all laid out and done for you is such a time saver. I also learned a strategy about how to describe our BDR services to clients so that they can truly see the value of everything we do. It was great to see our services “unpacked” like that. We now have $4,000-$6,000 of BDR recurring revenue already in the pipeline, and this material has helped us bring in more business with our existing clients. Can’t wait to see the other sections!”

Jennifer Holmes MIS Solutions, Inc. June 19, 2017

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