Sean Stephenson’s “Live At Cause”

Who is Sean Stephenson?

Option 1 – Let’s Do This – $397.00

  • The entire physical/digital Living at Cause complete home-study course
  • Includes 10 CD’s – 2 DVD’s – A journal/workbook
  • The entire digital SoulMatch Solution, a 3-part series with Mindie Kniss
  • A FREE 30 minute consultation with Sean Stephenson

Option 2 – Let’s REALLY Do This – $9,995.00

  • All of the courses as described in Option 1:
    Living at Cause, Evict Your Inner Victim, SoulMatch Solution
  • A full day and a half with Sean Stephenson in his Breakthrough Experience. Included is lodging, limo, food, and over 14 hours of Sean one-on-one. Sean peels back the layers of fear, excuses, hurt, and insecurity, and creates a compelling life filled with confidence, purpose, and inner peace.