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A Complete How-To Guide To Building A Productive Inside Sales Department To Get More Appointments With Prize Prospects
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Discover What You Can Learn With The Appointment Generating Miracle

If you look at how most IT firms market themselves, you’ll see their activities are extremely passive and engineered to do everything BUT talk directly to a prospect. They wait for referrals to come in and/or spend hours tweeting, blogging and posting online in hopes that a good prospect will see their ad or article and call their office (for the record, “hope” is never a good business strategy). E-mail response rates are at an all-time low and are getting worse, and Google AdWords and other online media will only reach a small, miniscule percentage of the total pool of prospects available – many of whom are NOT searching online right now for their next IT provider. That’s why it’s necessary to implement a DIRECT outreach to C-level decision makers at companies you want as clients. When done right, you’ll win appointments with prospects that aren’t actively looking right now, but are open to considering an alternative IT provider. You’ll also build a QUALITY list of prospects and learn when a prospect’s current IT services contract is up so you can get the opportunity to win their business when the time comes.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • A process for phone prospecting that is far more elegant, ethical and effective than brute-force cold calls.
  • Metrics you should know and manage by, including how many calls and appointments your inside salesperson should be able to make.
  • How to calculate the total costs and return for this marketing investment; you’ll receive an ROI calculator that will allow you to know with accuracy what to budget and what you should expect to get in sales in return, based on REAL WORLD numbers.
  • An inside sales position scorecard, job description and job ad to help you recruit the perfect insides sales candidate.
  • How to manage your inside salesperson (or team) for peak performance.
  • Scripts and approaches that will get you the appointment, lower resistance and position you as a professional company.

Our Company Grew From $1.7 Million To $3.9 Million In ONE YEAR!

When I first bought into Robin’s program, I spent the first few years mentally denying the fact that I needed to DO the marketing she was telling me to do. (It’s amazing how stupid I can be...) Once I accepted that fact, we got to work on sending out her campaigns, and before I knew it, our company grew from $1.7 million to $3.9 million in 12 months!!!


Tom Andrulis,
Intelligent Technical Solutions

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