Technology Marketing Tool Kit Takes The Guesswork Out Of Marketing Your Computer Service Business Profitably

    • Generate a steady flow of highly-qualified sales leads for your computer consulting business
    • Stop competing on price and actually increase your rates
    • Secure new appointments with decision makers
    • Double or triple the referrals you are getting
    • Sell two-three times as many maintenance contracts
    • Steal business away from your competition
    • Capture glowing testimonials
    • Generate immediate interest in new products and services
    • Fill your seminars with qualified prospects
    • Spam-free e-mail marketing campaigns that actually work

The Technology Marketing Tool Kit is absolutely amazing!

So many marketing books and tapes tell you theoretically what you should be doing but leave you high and dry to come up with the words and offers on your own. With lead generation letters, I don’t have to think�I just pick one of the letters and send it out to my customers and the leads just flow in.

If you are a technology company in need of new leads and sales, you’d be crazy not to buy this.”

– Dale Strand, President, Chips & Dale Communications Group

From: Robin Robins

Dear Colleague,

Have you ever stared at a blank computer screen for hours trying to come up with the right words or offers for a marketing campaign?

Maybe put your heart and soul into producing a good sales letter but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t generate the leads or response you’d hoped for?

If so, the Technology Marketing Tool Kit is going to be an absolute life-saver for you.

I’ve Solved The Single Biggest Marketing Challenge Every Computer Services Company Struggles With

After working with a number of computer consulting firms across the country, I noticed that the single biggest marketing pitfall was their inability to write exciting, compelling marketing messages.

    • In every case, they knew what they SHOULD be doing to market their company more effectively.
    • They all had an INCREDIBLE track record for providing their customers with excellentservices far superior than the services offered by their competition.
    • And theu KNEW that once a customer hired them for any job, they would be completely satisfied  and consequently become long-standing loyal clients.

Yet they all struggled to find a way to convey that message to new, prospective customers so they could stop competing on price and start winning more bids and contracts.

That’s why I created the Technology Marketing Tool Kit.

Now, with very little effort or expense on your part, you’ll get a series of the most powerful, profit-generating marketing campaign templates to help you convey the quality and excellence you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your business.

These letters will help you generate leads and sales for:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • PC repair and upgrades
  • Phone systems
  • Document imaging solutions
  • Spam & E-mail solutions
  • Thin client technology

You’ll also get an entire series of marketing templates to help you:

  • Generate a steady flow of quality sales leads
  • Easily win appointments with decision makers
  • Write proposals that eliminate your competition
  • Capture glowing testimonials
  • Generate two-three times as many referrals
  • Get qualified prospects to subscribe to your online newsletter
  • Register qualified prospects for seminars and webinars

Best Of All, It Doesn’t matter If You Are The Biggest Klutz When It Comes To Writing Marketing Pieces!

These pre-written marketing templates will not only save you hours of work in trying to write your own sales letters, but you’ll also get better results from every single campaign you send out.

You’ll Also Get These Bonus Materials To Absolutely Guarantee Your Results:

Free Bonus #1: 30-minute Quick-Start Coaching Session ($250 Value)
During this private, one-on-one consultation, I will give you my undivided attention to solver your toughest marketing challenges. I’ll also give your specific, step-by-step instructions on how to quickly ramp up sales within the first month of this program.

I’ve already had one client experience a 53% increase in sales within 60 days based on the strategies I gave him in a quick-start coaching session. You might not experience these same amazing results, but imagine if you only got a *measly* 20%, 10%, or even 5% increase in sales.

Free Bonus #2: Two (2) Marketing Piece Makeovers ($500 Value)
Submit ANY marketing campaign and I will personally review it and provide specific instructions on how to make it more effective. This includes sales letters, e-mail campaigns, brochures, sales scripts, yellow page ads, proposals, or web sites. This service alone is worth thousands of dollars; if you don’t believe me, try and get another qualified marketing consultant with equal experience to revise two of your marketing campaigns for less than $1,000.

Free Bonus #3: How To Increase Sales, Profits, And Re-Occurring Revenue With Support Agreements ($197 Value)
This audio program, marketing strategy brief, and work book will show you exactly how to put your sales on auto pilot with support agreements. You’ll learn how to put an end to drastic sales fluctuations and replace it with a steady, predictable flow of revenue.

You’ll also learn how to avoid getting shopped on price, how to build incredible loyalty in your clients, and how to keep low-paying problem clients off your back.

Free Bonus #4: Exclusive Sales Report: “How To Turn Cold Suspects Into Hot Prospects When Selling Technical Solutions” ($97 Value)
Don’t be blown off as “just another” sales person! This easy step-by-step plan for contacting new prospects will get you in the door and in front of profitable new clients in no time flat.

Free Bonus #5: Target Market Worksheet For Technology Sales ($47 Value)
This simple worksheet will help you uncover profitable new target markets and capitalize on hidden sales opportunities right under your nose.

But Don’t Take My Word For It: Take A Look At What A Few Other High-Tech Business Owners Had To Say:

“The Total Marketing Tool Kit along with Robin Robins has absolutely transformed our company! The weekly coaching helped me apply the strategies and reinforced the key concepts related to my goals as a Sales Manager. Now I don’t have to spend time making cold calls – our new marketing plan has the phone ringing off the hook with solid leads! Thanks, Robin!!” –Rebekah Mooney, Sales Manager, Mt. View Systems

“Robin’s coaching has proven to be an incredible asset in marketing my business. Any technology company struggling to generate qualified sales leads and new clients would be crazy not to talk to her. Hire her before your competition does!” – Kevin Gregg, General Manager, Connecting Point

“I consider Robin a dear friend and consult with her often for one main reason: Robin knows her stuff. If you’re not sure how to make an impact with your clients and get the return on your marketing dollars that you’re looking for, take up Robin’s offer and I promise you won’t regret it. I guarantee those talks with finance will be a whole lot more enjoyable.” – Todd Armstrong, VP of Marketing, LANDesk

“Robin’s approach is perfect for a computer service firm on a relatively small budget. I signed up for her program and she has consistently delivered more than she promised. Hire her and I’m sure she’ll exceed your expectations as well.” – Kenny Lance, President, NetBase Technologies

“Robin Robins delivered results! At Planetlearn, we had an immediate need for increasing our “”sales and leads” per visitor. Robin’s Total Marketing Tool Kit and coaching sessions provided us with immediate action items to execute without having to invest in additional resources. We instantly saw results. Within 30 days, Planetlearn was generating an incremental 300 new qualified leads per week and sales had grown 25% over the previous month; and within 60 days, sales had jumped nearly 50 percent. I strongly recommend calling Robin Robins and taking advantage of her creative, high return on investment marketing strategies.” – Jim Goodbody, CEO, Planet Learn

“Why should someone sign up for your program? Simple: THEY WILL GET RESULTS! Every single person that has the opportunity to listen to your coaching should make it a mandatory exercise. They will immediately be able to put to use the guidance and tips you give…your product gets results; case closed. Thanks for you help.” – Anthony Tullo, Sr. Technical Sales Manager, Specialized Information Management Systems, Inc

“Robin helped us design our marketing plan to find and begin to build relationships with those businesses we really want as customers. She gave us marketing tools that make sense, are easy to implement, and have the added benefit of fine-tuning our business plan and strategies. With her counsel we came up with a campaign that works!” – CJ Wang, President, Long Island Computer Corporation

“We use Robin to create e-mail and direct mail lead generation campaigns for us because she is a master at writing sales letters that convey our message in a convincing and powerful way. Plus she is a breeze to work with. If you need a great sales letter hire Robin; you’ll be glad you did.” –Judy MacDonald, MarCom Director, SurfControl

My “Better Than 100% Money-Back” Guarantee:

Buy my Technology Marketing Tool Kit and put it to the acid test for a full 6 months. Use the letters, write in the margins, and let me audit your current lead generation campaigns.

If you do not see a dramatic increase in the number of qualified leads and sales in your business after using the marketing templates and coaching I’ve given you, contact me and I’ll issue you a complete and hassle free refund on the spot.

Plus, you can keep the Tool Kit as my way of saying “thanks” just for giving it a try. What could be more fair than that?

Quite simply, if it doesn’t do what I’m promising, I don’t want to keep your money.

How Much Does This Cost?
3 Reasons Why This Is Actually Free…

In more ways than one, the Technology Marketing Tool Kit is free.

First, all you need is one new sale to more than pay for this kit. And since you get an entire series of letters to help you generate quality referrals, qualified sales leads, up-sell clients onto profitable maintenance contracts and more, you would be hard pressed NOT to make back your investment back several times over.

Second, the money you SAVE from bad marketing campaigns alone will exceed your investment into the Tool Kit several times over.

And finally, you will be hard pressed to find any marketing agency or consultant to develop custom marketing campaigns for your business for under $5,000 – $10,000 or more. But you’ll get all of that plus one-on-one coaching from me, the author, to make absolutely sure you get a sizable bump in your sales and revenue.

With all of that, your investment is an absolute steal at $1,197.00 USD

And with the guarantee I’m making on this product you have absolutely nothing to lose. Soclick here now and place your order. Once your card is authorized, you’ll get instant access to the Technology Marketing Tool Kit and your 5 FREE Bonuses.

As a business owner, you know $1,197 doesn’t buy much advertising – heck you’d be lucky if you could run a decent size ad or one direct mail campaign for that. But that same small investment will bring you several proven marketing pieces you can use over and over again to generate more sales and higher profit margins for your business.

If you are in sales, you know that one really good attention getting letter or e-mail that makes new prospects return your calls and set appointments will equal far more than $1,197 in sales and commissions to you.

So click here now and make this investment today – I guarantee you’ll be very glad you did.

Or if you prefer, call me direct on 615-790-5011 and I can answer your questions and take your order right over the phone.

Good Sales,

Robin Robins
Technology Marketing Tool Kit, Inc.
Direct Line: 615-790-5011