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Stop! Before Inquiring About Partnering With Robin, There Are 3 Things You Need To Know:

1. Be prepared BEFORE you call us. Please put some effort into outlining exactly HOW you see us working together. We get calls every single day from people who say they want to ‘partner with Robin’ who don’t have a clue as to what that looks like or how it would work. If you cannot clearly and concisely articulate how you can help us or our clients make more money, save more money or gain a significant competitive advantage then please do not contact us.

2. There must be a way for us to make a profit by partnering with you. We are not a charity and we are not in the business of promoting other companies’ services and products for free. If you don’t think you have a $50,000+ idea, then you should consider sponsorship.

3. Our clients are our most prized and valued asset. To that end, we will ONLY partner with or recommend companies to our clients who have a PROVEN track record for providing above-average service and value – regardless of how much money is in it for us (we’re not selling our soul). We REQUIRE that all new vendors or business partners provide at least 3 references we can call to validate your claims.

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