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Watch This Video To See What Others Have Said About Partnering With Robin

"Watch This Video To See What Sponsors Are Saying About Our Events"

“We’ve Never Had A Bad Show With Robin, And Our ROI Is Always Astounding”

“Robin Robins’ events are our favorite events time and time again. The quality of the leads here is terrific and the people that Robin puts us in front of are precisely the kind of people we want to partner with. The attendees at Robin’s events are extremely serious about growing their business and invest copious amounts of time and energy to be here. Technology Marketing Toolkit events are designed to let the attendees meet and speak with the sponsors, and many spend quite a bit of time talking with us and about us. This group is a great referral source. We’ve never had a bad show with Robin, and our ROI is always astounding. Since starting with Robin, we’ve grown to almost triple our original size.”

Mark Winter RapidFire Tools November 13, 2017

“Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Boot Camp Is Absolutely One Of Our Favorites”

“We do a lot of shows – we will do somewhere in the range of 100 shows globally this year, and Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Boot Camp is absolutely one of our favorites. The SMB market is a very important market for IT Glue. We are having some fantastic conversations with some great business owners, and it has been a really fun show.”

Dave Goldie Cytracom November 13, 2017

“We Look Forward To Continuing Our Strong Partnership With Robin”

“The Robin Robins Cyber Security Roadshow was a great sponsorship opportunity for Microsoft to meet with both existing and new partners. We were given lots of opportunities to connect with partners throughout the 1½ days, and the logistics were incredibly simple and well-managed. The partners in attendance were keen to chat and learn more about Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Robin and team.”

Ginny Hoban Microsoft November 13, 2017

“Can’t Wait To Come Back Next Year”

“The quality of the partners here at the Robin Robins Boot Camp is great, and the response to Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM has been amazing. We’ve been having so many excellent conversations and can’t wait to come back next year.”

Jacqui Murphy Auvik November 13, 2017

“Boot Camp Has Been A Phenomenal Show For Both Ruby and Me”

“I just have to say the Boot Camp has been a phenomenal show for both Ruby and me. I have seen the most customers ever come up to the booth to chat with me and tell me how much they love our service. Robin Robins does a great job not only of explaining the value behind answering the phone, but providing a consistently memorable experience on the phone. Robin Robins, you are phenomenal and I really appreciate all the work – and I have had a great time at your Boot Camp!”

Austin Lindsey Ruby Receptionists November 13, 2017

Rob Rae

“Within Robin’s Group Alone, We’ve Seen About 400% Growth in The Last 2 Years”

“We spend the time and the money that we do in sponsoring Robin’s programs and events because we found that the partners who come from Robin are more successful than those who don’t and are growing faster than your average MSP. We have seen a significant growth in the number of partners we have been able to recruit from Robin’s group, and the success with those actual partners has been phenomenal. Through her events alone, we’ve seen about a 400% growth in the last two years in the number of customers we’ve been able to acquire, and a number of MSPs have become partners; and those partners who are trained on marketing by Robin deliver a 200% higher sales rate than our ‘average’ partner acquired somewhere else. So if you’re a vendor and you’re actually interested in looking at a place to spend your money, you can’t go wrong by sponsoring one of Robin’s events. It’s been one of our highest ROIs, often paying for itself in new partners and contracts before I leave the event.”

Rob Rae Datto November 13, 2017

“Robin’s Events Have Been The 2 Biggest Marketing Efforts, And We Could Not Be Happier”

“TetherView is a proud vendor sponsor of several of the Robin Robins events. We attended the Boot Camp in Nashville and it could not be better! Hundreds and hundreds of qualified MSPs have met with us, and we have had the privilege of working with many of them. Boot Camp and Producers Club meetings have been the two biggest marketing efforts, and we could not be happier. We are meeting great people, the days are long and strong, we are closing business and making friends. If you are thinking about sponsoring one of her events, I am delighted to recommend that you do it.”

Rich Pekmezian TetherView November 13, 2017

“Our First Sponsorship With Robin Resulted In 15 New Clients. Since Then We’ve Acquired Over 180 New Clients As A Direct Result Of Sponsoring Her Events. I Don’t Think We Would Be As Successful In Business As We Are Today Had We Not Partnered With Robin”

“We continue returning to Robin’s events because of the high-level clients she has. These MSPs are knowledgeable and have proven expertise. They talk amongst each other and often come to us with an understanding of our product and their need for it, which creates an opportunity for us to grow with them exponentially. The ROI of Robin’s shows are the highest of any show we go to, and we’ve seen tremendous growth through the Technology Marketing Toolkit events. Our first sponsorship with Robin resulted in 15 new clients. Since then we’ve acquired over 180 new clients as a direct result of sponsoring her event. I don’t think we would be as successful in business as we are today had we not partnered with Robin.”

Justin Reinmuth techrug November 13, 2017

“Sponsoring the Producers Club Has Really Been A Great Partnership For Us.”

“Producers Club members are truly investing in growing their business, and having the opportunity to meet with the group on a routine basis allows us to meet new members and engage regularly with existing partners in the group. As we plan our annual events, this is one we make sure to attend.”

John Tippett Datto Networking November 13, 2017

“We Sign Up A Lot Of People At Our Booth Because They Can See All The Products, See Us And Get The Face-To-Face Interaction”

“We’ve been coming to the Boot Camp events as well as the Producer’s Club events and really enjoy it. We get to meet with a lot of our clients, new clients and existing clients, the CEOs and owners, which is fantastic. We sign up a lot of people at our booth because they can see all the products, see us and get the face-to-face interaction. We’ve done a lot more than just sponsoring the booth as well – bags and a few other things – and had great success with that.”

Salim Usiff Datto November 13, 2017

“I Definitely Highly Recommend It – We Are Extremely Impressed”

“This is our first year at Boot Camp, and I would definitely highly recommend it. The staff has been very welcoming, inviting and accommodating. We have had great conversations with some very qualified leads – I would say some very high-quality individuals. We are extremely impressed and are looking to come back.”

Aaron Poundstone Fully Accountable November 13, 2017

Matt Egan

“We Have Seen An Incredible Boost In Sales Since Sponsoring Robin Robins’ Events”

“I’m blown away. We have seen an incredible boost in sales since sponsoring Robin Robins’ events. But the thing that strikes me is that we are consistently talking to our ideal prospects at these events and it’s never a waste of time. Prospects who are educated, hungry to grow, and willing to make an investment in their success are frequently found at Robin’s events. Not only that, the support from Robin’s team is incredible. They really go above and beyond with sponsors both organizationally and logistically to work with them for a positive outcome. I strongly give my recommendation to anyone thinking about being a sponsor.”

Matt Egan Infusionsoft November 13, 2017

“Robin Identified The Need And Opportunity Security Services Represented For MSPs”

“The success of Robin’s events over the years has been in part due to her ability to see leading industry trends and help MSPs understand them and market them successfully. There is no better example of this than the Cyber Security Marketing Roadshow. Again Robin identified the need and opportunity security services represented for MSPs, and delivered with the Roadshow. As a company dedicated to delivering password security solutions to MSPs, the fit for us was obvious. What wasn’t obvious, until we attended as a sponsor, was the focus on security by the MSPs who attended, which made it an outstanding and educational event for us and the partners who joined Passportal.”

Colin Knox Passportal November 13, 2017

“In A Word, Phenomenal!”

“This is our third event, and the attendees here are exactly the types of partners we are looking for! They are engaged, responsive and interested in talking to us. Plus, Robin’s team is fantastic to work with, continually checking in to make sure we have everything we need and taking care of us.”

Ira Feuerstein Nextiva November 13, 2017

“Working With Robin Robins Has Really Grown Our Presence In The MSP Community”

“We have been doing Robin Robins’ Producers Club and Boot Camps for about two years now and of all the shows we do, and we do a ton of shows every year, they are by far our favorites. They give us a chance to talk to a lot of MSP partners who are very, very serious about growing their businesses and the technologies they use to manage their practices. This has really allowed us to grow our presence since we have become involved with Robin Robins. For anyone looking to grow their customer base in that market, Robin Robins is someone I would highly recommend working with.”

Gary Owen Webroot November 13, 2017

“We Are Thrilled To Be Here And Would Be Delighted To Be Sponsors Again”

“It is our first time sponsoring Boot Camp and we are thrilled to be here. We have met so many prospects who are keen to know what we do. It is a whole new world out there. They have been coming up to us saying they have been hearing about us on Robin Robins’ members-only Dashboard and want to get more information about our company and product. We would be delighted to be sponsors again.”

AJ Singh NinjaRMM November 13, 2017

“Bar None, This Is Our Best Event!”

“There are super-high-quality MSPs that come here. They’re all here to grow their business and they’re looking for tools to be able to do that, and that’s what Sophos builds on, so it’s absolutely perfect. Quantity-wise it’s always good as we see more and more new faces every single time, plus the existing clients.”

Travis Simmons Sophos November 13, 2017