Victoria Myers

Success Story

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? …
Unless you want to increase your revenue by 40%

Success Profile: Victoria A. Myers of Myers Network Solutions

Brad and Victoria Myers started Myers Network Solutions, a successful computer repair business, in 2001 right after 9/11. Despite a challenged economy, they built a stable company in part due to her husband’s talent and networking from his prior salaried position. Brad fixed the comptuers. Victoria managed the books. As is the case in most small businesses, neither co-owner had much time to do anything else, especially things they didn’t do well, like marketing.

Talented as the duo may be, they didn’t know how to market their company to keep it growing, nor did they have the time & energy to develop promotional materials to share with new clients. So they just kept their same clients, waiting for their computers to break so they could come in and save the day.

That’s what most IT mom and pop businesses do. They master the “break and fix” service model. Most are content with that type of business. So if your service model isn’t broken, why fix it? The Myers were successful, but they desired recurring revenue – a break from the break and fix service model.

The Myers were smart enough to know they needed recurring revenue and they did set up maintenance contracts and charged extra for servers going down and so forth. With two daughters in college and approaching retirement in their mid-fifties, the couple knew they needed to increase their monthly income. But how?

Victoria read Robin Robins’ columns about her Technology Marketing Toolkit in a trade magazine. A friend said Robins was coming to town to do a seminar. Interested in something more than what they currently had, they decided to attend and after they heard her speak, they looked at each other and said, “Let’s do this.” They even signed up for her Marketing Boot Camp, which claims Victoria, “I got so many ideas from being with other IT business owners like myself. We could really relate to each other during breaks, lunches and evenings. Plus, being able to ask questions – cause you can’t do that with a recording – well, that just made the time investment worth it. We first worried about taking 5 days off to travel and then do the course, but in the end, we’ve made a return on that fime and financial investment and then some.”

There are kits, courses and a large array of products at and Victoria recommends them with no hesitation.

“Working with Robin Robins is like taking a Marketing 101 class,” says Victoria Myers. “Our business is up 40% in just nine months and if it weren’t for her Technology Marketing Toolkit, we’d still be scratching our heads on how to market our company. In fact, other members of my family own their businesses too and after implementing the Toolkit this past year, we’ve even shared ideas we’ve learned and my family tries the strategies I explain with success — in completely different industries. In fact, just this Spring, even our Chamber of Commerce decided to use a survey-your-clients for what they need idea Robin teaches. They wanted to get new members and after the survey, they really had success from my idea. I really know how to market now and you know what, I’ve only gone through 40% of the material in Robins’ kit.”

Before the Myers implemented the Technology Marketing Toolkit strategies, their monthly recurring revenue averaged $13,000. This primarily came from maintenance contracts. One strategy the toolkit teaches is offering managed services like backups, diaster recovery packages, networking, and more all at a flat fixed fee. Brad was able to use the materials in the toolkit to enroll his loyal customers into paying for more services and all but one bought more. They were up to $27,000/month in nine months and continue to grow.

The ready-made letters, ads and plans enabled Brad and Victoria to attract new customers and hire additional staff. Victoria has a new staff person handling her books and they even hired a person dedicated to following-up on leads generated by the new marketing strategies.

Victoria is committed to volunteer work, too. “Brad and I like to travel to do pro-bono computer networking in places like Papa New Guinea, so with the increased revenue we will be able to continue that passion of ours.”

The Myers plan to use the Technology Marketing Toolkit to revamp their website next. And with the revenue jump they saw immediately with direct sales strategies, they are looking forward to breaking and fixing their online strategies too.