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What Is MSP Marketing? 21 Strategies To Drive New Business

Posted by Robin Robins On April 4th, 2017
what is MSP marketing

As a managed services provider, you make IT support accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. But without effective MSP marketing in place, you miss out on opportunities to acquire monthly recurring revenue and grow your business.

Through working with thousands of MSPs across the U.S., we’ve found many struggle with lead generation and closing the loop with new business. To win more clients, you need a well-executed MSP marketing strategy in place to draw in targeted customers and guide them through the sales process.

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8 Of Our BEST Subject Lines To Get Your MSP Marketing E-mails Opened

Posted by Robin Robins On March 28th, 2017

Did you know the average e-mail open rate (which is not entirely an accurate number) is roughly 20%, with an average click-thru rate of 2% to 3%? Not too exciting, huh? That means if you send 100 e-mails, the BEST you can hope for is two or three people clicking on the link. From there (and depending on a number of other factors), you might only get another small percentage taking action. So what can you do to improve the response and return on your MSP marketing e-mail campaigns? Well, one really key element to boosting response is the subject line. Here are a few that have worked well for us that YOU should TEST: Read full article and comment →

Get Lucky (And Win More Clients For Your IT Services Business) By Doing This One Thing

Posted by Robin Robins On March 13th, 2017

One of our key speakers at Boot Camp, Jack Daly, started and grew his company from $0 to $350 MILLION in monthly recurring revenue, with 22 sales offices, 750 employees and $42 million in profits…in 18 months. How in the heck did he do this? (Surprisingly, he doesn’t even drink coffee!) There were a number of things – but ONE idea he fervently teaches is the lowly, handwritten thank-you note. Jack called it his “money bag,” which was essentially a real money bag he carried around with various cards, stamps and a pen so he could immediately write – to everyone he met with – a personalized thank-you note, in his car, before he left the site of a meeting with a prospect. In today’s crazy digital world, the handwritten thank-you note is as rare as hens’ teeth. And that’s the point – the rarity. And since most people feel grossly UNDER-appreciated, you would do yourself a world of good if you would take Jack’s advice and make a habit of writing personal thank-you notes to prospects you meet with. I bet your business would double if you simply sent out 10 handwritten notes of appreciation a day, no luck involved. Read full article and comment →

How Your Newsletter Can Be The Best MSP Marketing Strategy To Get Your Clients To LOVE You

Posted by Robin Robins On February 9th, 2017

Over and over again, I’ve driven home the point that the ONLY real asset in your MSP/IT services business is your list and the RELATIONSHIP you have with it. You cannot produce a crop from scorched earth or with unfertile ground, no matter how good the seed, water, sunshine and tending, but too many business owners ONLY think about communicating with their clients when they suddenly wake up one day desperate for sales – and even then it’s sporadic, random attempts to motivate and persuade their clients to action, akin to a teenage boy clumsily and awkwardly trying to ask a girl for a date.

Here’s a quick litmus test: Do you get clients writing you personal notes and/or sending occasional gifts and cards outside of the expected holidays? If you fail to send a newsletter or other communication, is your absence noticed? (If a newsletter goes out a day late around here, we get phone calls.) If not, something is awry. A common thread of all failing IT businesses is a total and complete lack of ANY consistent communication to their clients and prospects. So let me take this “love month” opportunity to again remind you of the all-important, universally applicable MSP marketing strategy of a monthly newsletter. Read full article and comment →

5 Tips To Get Your MSP Marketing Direct Mail Delivered And Actually Read

Posted by Robin Robins On January 10th, 2017

The best offer is no better than the worst offer if it’s thrown away unopened before your prospect reads it. So here are a few ways to “sneak” past the human spam filter in every office and get your letters opened.

1. Make it look like personal mail. Use a real, live stamp. Hand-address the letter, and don’t put a company name or logo on the outside.

2. Send it PRIORITY mail or FedEx. Yes, it’s more expensive. But if you’re disciplined about cleaning up the list and targeting only those prospects you really want, this will be a good, smart investment into getting that prospect to want to engage with you. Read full article and comment →

Make These Marketing Resolutions In Your MSP And IT Services Business

Posted by Robin Robins On November 29th, 2016

Here’s a tough year-end test to give yourself that may not be a fun exercise to participate in. Get a clean legal pad of paper, a pen, a BIG cup of coffee and camp out in a place AWAY from your PC, phone or any other electronic gadget that might distract you. Get comfy. Then make a list of every improvement, advancement or breakthrough you’ve made or manufactured in your business in the following categories below. Make each of these a header on its own page and go to work trying to fill the pages, using one item per line (no cheating and writing in 48-point type like a five-year-old). Anyone who wants to send me photocopies of the pages they write out that I can publish will get $100 in Robin Bucks you can use in any way you like. Read full article and comment →

Don’t Get Spooked By These MSP Marketing Myths

Posted by Robin Robins On October 31st, 2016

This is a BIG year for Halloween with no shortage of things to keep you up at night. Random shootings, terrorist attacks, Zika virus, the continual rise of cybercrime, riots over police shootings, the obesity epidemic, little kids getting kidnapped, killed or harmed. Hillary. Trump. Colin Kaepernick. Pick your goblin. Of course, there’s NEVER a shortage of things that will scare the pants off of ya if you think about it. Not a morning goes by where I hug and kiss my kids goodbye and have a fleeting moment of panic over whether or not some nut job is going to target their school for a shooting. I don’t think my parents ever even gave that a moment’s thought—yet my brother, Scott Robins, was shot dead on a Monday morning in his driveway by a neighbor who had lived for 40+ years next door to us in the home we grew up in. No one saw that coming. It makes you realize that so much of what happens is totally, completely out of our control—and THAT scares me more than a brain-sucking zombie apocalypse.
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Easy Marketing Trick To Generate More IT Services Clients

Posted by taylor On May 20th, 2016

One of the fastest ways to kill your lead generation mojo on any website, e-mail, landing page, etc., is to focus it on YOU and what YOU do, deliver, provide, etc. A really important point to remember about lead generation is this: ALL you need to do is sell the next step — be it to fill in the form, call a number, request a consultation, etc. To that end, there are two things to test out. The first is the provocative question. The second, flagging your prospect. For example, in the book Words That Sell, you’ll learn several provocative questions that are excellent subject-line starters for e-mails, headlines for landing pages and copy for all lead generation campaign openers, sub-headlines and, of course, headlines: Read full article and comment →

What To Do When Things That Should Work, Don’t

Posted by taylor On May 3rd, 2016

Last month on the Q&A call, I was told by a member they had implemented one of my campaigns “to the letter” but still had gotten ZERO results. Obviously not a good way to start a call! This fired off a great discussion with Jeff and the team and revealed a need for me to document a process for what you should do if a “tried and true” campaign does NOT work. This will be a LONG article, but a very necessary one that you should highlight and have handy to reference.

First off, you need to know that none of the campaigns and methods I’m teaching about marketing are open to debate about their effectiveness. They’ve been used and proven to work for small IT firms, big IT firms, small cities and big cities, internationally and with various audiences (lists). IF something I’ve given you is not working, there’s something awry; but the temptation is to quickly blame the campaign and move on—and SO many people jump in and make blanket statements about something “not working” when they’ve done no research, study, testing, etc. It’s utter foolishness. So this is my first big piece of advice about this situation: if a campaign has worked before somewhere and/or is working for others, IT WORKS. Your job is to dig deeper into why it didn’t work for you in this ONE instance… even if doing so is painful and what you discover disheartening. On that note, let’s tackle the first reason I see campaigns failing… Read full article and comment →

How To Keep Your MSP Marketing Funnel Full

Posted by joanna On February 4th, 2016

By: Robin Robins,
Author and Founder of the Technology Marketing Toolkit System

I recently received an e-mail from a client who is teetering on the brink of closing the doors of his IT consulting business and getting a day job. His savings have dried up and he’s maxed out every credit card he has. Now, he’s desperate and calling us for help.

Of course we’ll do everything possible to help him, but now that he’s let it go so far in the red before doing something, it’s going to take a herculean effort on his part (and sheer magic on ours) to start the heart pumping again…which begs the question, why did he wait until now to get serious about keeping the funnel full? Read full article and comment →