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MSP Sales: What To Do With The First “No”

Posted by Robin Robins On February 12th, 2020

MSP Sales: What To Do With The First “No” | Technology Marketing ToolkitThe first real sales training I ever received was when I was working for Tony Robbins as a rep selling his Personal Power and Power To Influence courses. It was a great experience, to say the least. Tony taught his reps to ignore the first “no,” saying that some prospects throw out an objection or a “no” just as a means of conversing. He’s right to a point.

Time and experience have taught me there’s other more important reasons to “ignore” the first objection you get.

To be clear, you don’t “ignore” it in the sense that you don’t hear them out or you brush it off – but what you DON’T want to do is immediately jump on it, defending your point of view.

Such actions are rookie mistakes. Instead, hear them out and ask questions to explain it. They say, “The price is too high.” You could mirror them, repeating back the objection with a curious, questioning tone: “The price is too high?” Or say, “Compared to…?” and then wait for them to fill in the blank.

Or get them to explain it by asking for specifics: “What do you feel is too high – the project or the monthly fee?” Or, “Okay, is that your only concern?” Read full article and comment →

How To PROFITABLY Show A Little Love To Break-Fix Clients

Posted by Robin Robins On February 5th, 2020

How To PROFITABLY Show A Little Love To Break-Fix Clients | Technology Marketing ToolkitIt’s the month of love! Every month I answer a couple of questions from new members in our monthly newsletter and was reflecting on one about what almost every MSP and IT services owner tries to avoid – the “cheap” break-fix client.  This client had gotten enough requests to begin questioning if he was overlooking an opportunity. Read on for my reply…

First, I don’t know of a SINGLE industry or client type that all MSPs would say have abundant and open pocketbooks for spending on IT. ALL would say their clients are “cheap” and unwilling to spend money on what it is they sell.

The simple truth is that YOU have to MAKE them want to buy what you sell.

Are you presenting price properly? Building value in the sales process? ARE you TRULY the most expensive? If yes, are you presenting solid, logical arguments as to why they should spend MORE money with you over anyone else? Are you properly screening out those who truly ARE too cheap, too broke? Read full article and comment →

How To Stand Out In A World Of Fake “Experts”

Posted by Robin Robins On January 29th, 2020

UntrustworthyThe other day a marketing publication featured an article titled “What To Do If Your E-mail’s Been Hacked.” These “experts” said that if your day was “disrupted” when you discovered you had infected all of your clients and friends with a virus due to them receiving an e-mail from you, you should “be proactive and send another e-mail to apologize to anyone who might have received a bogus message from you.”

They went on to say that “big-dog providers like Google and Yahoo know about it and will get rid of it on their end.” I can sense your underwear tightening up.

Another very well-known and in demand cyber security “expert” with a New York Times best-selling book, a TED Talk speaker with additional keynote engagements lined up at $50,000 a pop, with corporate clients paying BIG bucks for his advice, actually recommended that people turn off their computers at night to cut down on the chance of getting a virus by 50%. He DIDN’T advise them to install a firewall, spam filter, backup, etc., etc. Just turn it off. At night. When the bad guys come out. Read full article and comment →

The Quality You Need To Look For In Any Person You Hire

Posted by Robin Robins On January 22nd, 2020

Looking for Employees

When MSP and IT services business owners open their business, it’s usually because of their love of the tech work. The aspects of running the business, including marketing and managing staff often come later…and at a price.

So this week, I wanted to share a good question about employees that comes with a direct answer. Hiring the wrong people is stressful and expensive, this advice can save you time and money.

Q: In what ways do you motivate employees to be like owners?

A: You don’t. They’re not the owner – you are. If an employee had “ownership” mentality, they wouldn’t work for you; they’d start their own business.

A better question: How do you get employees to “own” their job so they deliver excellent performance and results? Read full article and comment →

4 Questions You MUST Answer With Your Marketing

Posted by Robin Robins On January 15th, 2020
Mind BlownEvery once in a while I’ll receive marketing material that is so awful, I can’t believe it was produced. It’s always a good reminder that even some marketing “professionals” don’t know what they’re doing, so if they could use a refresher, the folks who don’t do it daily for a living probably could too.

Which leads me to this week’s post. There are four tough, good questions to ask whenever you prepare an ad, e-mail, letter, brochure, website, etc.

  1. Why should anyone READ it (or watch, listen, go to your booth, etc.)?
  2. Why should anyone care about what you’re saying?
  3. Why should they believe YOU or listen to you?
  4. Why should anyone respond IMMEDIATELY?

As stated, TOUGH questions. The marketplace is saturated right now with CHOICES. No one is desperately in need of anything you sell, and it’s best you start with THAT premise rather than believing people are hankering for what you sell and interested in what you do. Desire and interest must be manufactured. Read full article and comment →

Use This Strategy To Grow Your Business In 2020

Posted by Robin Robins On January 8th, 2020
PartnershipAs you read this, resolutions are being broken all around you. Maybe you’ve broken a few yourself already. I’ve already shared that I think we should set goals and make plans to work toward them year-round, but if you’re feeling that new year motivation and want to channel it towards a strategy that will grow your business, you’re in the right place!

So here it is: JVs, or joint ventures – also known as strategic partnerships, promotional partners and affiliate marketing. Fair warning, the strategy comes with assembly required (a.k.a. hard work). Like EVERYTHING, it is not an easy button that solves all your woes; however, it IS by far my favorite way of acquiring customers for many, many reasons.

Clients acquired by JVs are akin to referrals on steroids. To that end, they are in a far better frame of mind when meeting with you, which means they close much easier, are less price-sensitive and tend to be better clients overall. The cost of acquisition is also far lower than traditional lead generation to a cold list; in many cases, the cost is $0. Read full article and comment →

Bill Gates And Warren Buffett’s Single Most Important Factor To Success

Posted by Robin Robins On January 3rd, 2020

Celebrate SuccessThe new year has started and we’re back in full force around here. I have and will again share ideas with you to kick off the new year for your business. But this week, I wanted to speak directly to you, the person, about the one factor that can drive success in any initiative you have planned for the year.

A quick story: When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffett at a dinner party, their host, Gates’s mother, asked everyone around the table to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in their success through life and write it on a card. The story goes that both Buffett and Gates gave the same one-word answer, without collaboration or discussion of what it should be. And both provided the same answer: “Focus.”

The BIGGER question: what are you CONSTANTLY focusing ON?

I don’t mean “focus” this time as a time-management strategy, although it certainly is. I’m suggesting you consider “focus” as a lens through which you are filtering all experiences, a way of “seeing” situations, people and YOURSELF. Read full article and comment →

Resolve To Boost Your Revenue By NOT Doing These 6 Things

Posted by Robin Robins On December 26th, 2019
Are you thinking about resolutions? Personally, I think we should set goals and work to better ourselves year-round but the start of a fresh new year can be motivating so it’s my hope that this is right on time. But more importantly, I want this to be something that sticks with you through the year.

Everyone wants to know what they should DO to be successful in selling, but success is as much about what you DON’T do as what you choose to do. Many salespeople sabotage their own success and make a lot less money simply because they routinely repeat the following six bad habits: Read full article and comment →