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Marketing Your Managed Services Business

Posted by Robin Robins On August 15th, 2009



An Easy To Implement Marketing Strategy That Will Help You Close Large IT Managed Services Sales, Faster And Easier
By: Robin Robins, Author of the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint
Are you a managed services provider that wants to land larger contracts? Do you lose sales because clients think your managed IT services are “too much money” or because of sticker shock?

Support Agreements For Managed IT Services Business

Posted by Robin Robins On August 11th, 2009

By Robin Robins – Managed IT Services Marketing Expert

Have you ever experienced a few months of absolute chaos where every client and their uncle is calling you with a computer crisis that needs to be fixed immediately, only to be followed by a few months of complete famine where nobody calls and you start worrying as to whether or not you are going to keep the lights on?

For the vast majority of small VARs and computer consultants, this is an all too true reality of their business. Unfortunately, neither of these scenarios are beneficial to you. During the breakneck months, you run the risk of over extending yourself and losing customers because you simply could not respond fast enough to their requests. Then there is the burn out and increased number of mistakes that are bound to happen when you’re working long, exhausting hours. Obviously the famine months are no better because you still have that monthly “nut” to crack. This is the bare-bones minimum of cash you need to pay the rent and keep the lights on before you get to keep a dime for yourself.

Unfortunately, you are the last guy to get paid and there are only so many months you can float on a credit card before the debts (and your anxiety levels) start to climb – fast. Read full article and comment →

Mastermind Principle Grows Managed IT Services Businesses

Posted by Robin Robins On August 6th, 2009

“At a time when many are stressed about how they are going to survive, retreating, and freaking out about their financial situation, I’ve been able to personally coach a small group of my managed it services clients to secure an average increase of 209% in bottom line profits, a 45.2% increase in NEW clients and 50.6% increase in managed it services. So what are they doing differently? (Not just from a marketing standpoint – but a philosophy and strategy standpoint?)

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How To Name Managed IT Services Solutions

Posted by Robin Robins On March 29th, 2009

Why Managed Service Providers Need To Pay Attention To What They Call Their Managed IT Services Solution

By: Robin Robins, Author of the Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

When you talk to clients about your IT managed services, what do you call it? Do you say it’s “managed software?” Do you just use the common industry term, “managed services?”

If so, listen up …

What you call your managed service solution IS important to how well it sells. First off, you don’t want to use the generic term “managed services” or “IT managed services” for two reasons.

First, the average business owner has no clue what ‘managed services’ means is; therefore you’ll lose rapport with the prospect and make them feel stupid for not knowing what you are talking about. Classic geek-speak!

Second, you want to create your own brand. You don’t see bottled water companies naming their product, “bottled water.”  They use more exciting names such as “Dasani” or “Aquafina.” You need to do the same.

If you want to differentiate yourself from other managed services providers, naming your services will go a long way to doing just that.

Here’s another tip… Read full article and comment →

How To Guarantee Your Managed Service Solution

Posted by Robin Robins On March 29th, 2009

Should You Put A Guarantee On Your Managed Services Solution?

By: Robin Robins, Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

I often get e-mails from managed service providers asking if they REALLY need to offer a guarantee on their services. So, here is my final position on the matter:

If you cannot unconditionally guarantee your managed IT services solution, you need to go to work on improving your delivery, or find something else to sell. A guarantee is not only important when marketing your services, but it also keeps you sharp in making sure the client stays happy.

I’ve had multiple managed services provider clients who put a guarantee in place and subsequently doubled – sometimes tripled – their close rate. So yes, you need a guarantee. Read full article and comment →