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Why Great Content Is The Key To Marketing Managed Services

Posted by Robin Robins On July 31st, 2017
Marketing-managed-servicesPeople are stubborn creatures. You can present them with a perfectly good product or service that will help improve their businesses, income, or life, but it still falls short. It’s not personal. When it comes to marketing managed services, it’s a crowded marketplace and business owners have limited time in their day to listen to boring sales pitches. You need to stand out.

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Sell More Cybersecurity Services With These 8 MSP Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Robin Robins On July 25th, 2017

msp-marketing-campaigns-sell-cybersecurity-servicesSince Y2K, cybersecurity has been the most talked about topic on every business owner’s mind. Cybersecurity services are in high demand, but many IT services firms aren’t capitalizing on this recurring revenue stream.

That leaves ample opportunity for you to educate your clients and prospects about emerging threats — and why they can’t afford to skimp on your cybersecurity services. Read full article and comment →

How To Sell Managed Services And End Price Shopping

Posted by Robin Robins On July 20th, 2017

Losing sales to competitors who undercut your rates. Lowering profit margins to compete. Clients pushing back on proposals. Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You’re not alone. As a trusted advisor to over 8,000 IT services business owners, I hear the same feedback from clients repeatedly. It’s not your services that are the issue, it’s about how you approach your IT marketing strategy. I specialize in creating highly effective sales and marketing systems for IT services, helping many of my clients to double and even triple their sales, profits and MRR growth. Here’s how to sell managed services and end price shopping. Read full article and comment →

4 Myths Of Marketing IT Services That Waste Time and Money

Posted by Robin Robins On July 18th, 2017
Every business owner has an opinion about marketing IT services — right or wrong.

The problem is, many are just that – opinions. They’re NOT based on extensive research or testing, only founded on limited personal experience.

Operating on a hunch rather than data limits your marketing success and exhausts resources. To get real traction with marketing your IT services, you need to debunk a few harmful myths. Read full article and comment →

6 Tips For Effectively Selling IT Services On Your Website

Posted by Robin Robins On June 30th, 2017

6 Tips For Effectively Selling IT Services On Your WebsiteOnline marketing has changed the game for selling IT services. The cost of developing and hosting a website is insignificant to the amount of money it can generate.

With more people going online for purchase information, companies with a strong, compelling online presence will ultimately win more IT services sales.

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Tested IT Email Marketing Tactics To Drive Demand For Your IT Services

Posted by Robin Robins On June 22nd, 2017
Successfully delivering email messages is more difficult than ever. If a spam filter doesn’t snag your message, there’s a good chance the recipient will delete or ignore it. But IT email marketing is an incredibly easy and downright cheap method to stay top of mind with IT leads. Read full article and comment →

1 Simple Secret To Close More Managed Services Contracts

Posted by Robin Robins On May 23rd, 2017

close-managed-services-contractsHow would you like to close more managed services contracts WITHOUT slimy sales tactics or “needy” follow-up? To end to price resistance or an unwillingness to sign a longer-term managed IT services agreement? To close a higher percentage of MSP contracts without discounting?

Then here’s an extremely simple (yet powerful) strategy to get more clients to sign on the dotted line: STOP emailing your managed services contracts and proposals to the prospect before your meeting!

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3 IT Services Marketing Tactics To Upsell Customers And Double Revenue

Posted by Robin Robins On May 4th, 2017

it-services-marketing-tactics-upsellWhen running an IT services firm, it’s easy to fall into the lure of acquiring new IT business. But in the grind to attract new customers, IT businesses mistakenly overlook the diamonds in their own backyard. As Ron LeGrand says, they’re “stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.”

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Revive Your MSP Marketing Plan With These Proven Tips

Posted by Robin Robins On April 28th, 2017

revive-msp-marketing-planIf you’re struggling to sell more managed services contracts – or if you want to get in the game and start promoting managed services to your clients – listen up. I’ve worked with thousands of computer consultants and routinely see them commit one major mistake in their MSP marketing plan.

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What Is MSP Marketing? 21 Strategies To Drive New Business

Posted by Robin Robins On April 4th, 2017
what is MSP marketing

As a managed services provider, you make IT support accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. But without effective MSP marketing in place, you miss out on opportunities to acquire monthly recurring revenue and grow your business.

Through working with thousands of MSPs across the U.S., we’ve found many struggle with lead generation and closing the loop with new business. To win more clients, you need a well-executed MSP marketing strategy in place to draw in targeted customers and guide them through the sales process.

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