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See What Your Peers Are Saying:

“I can’t imagine where my business would be today had I not joined the Producers Club”

Eric Rieger"I have been a member of the Producers Club for a little over a year now and it has been the single biggest thing I have done to help take my business to that next level.  Not only are the materials, phone calls, webinars, quarterly meetings and boot camps the foundation for all our marketing strategies, but I have made numerous friends from across the country who are likeminded people which I believe is a key component to our continued success.  Robin understands the challenges IT business owners face and her strategies are constantly evolving with the changing economy to help us adapt and grow in a tougher environment.   I can’t imagine where my business would be today (or even if I would still be in business) had I not joined the Producers Club."

Eric Rieger, WEBIT Services

“Becoming a member of the Producers Club has really helped me make the most of my investment in Robin’s materials”

Linda Lynch"Becoming a member of the producers club has really helped me make the most of my investment in Robin’s materials.  As a Producers Club member, I have the opportunity to meet with Robin and a group of my peers regularly – 4 times a year in person and more frequently via phone. Joining one of the accountability groups within the Producers’ Club has allowed me to form close friendships and create my own mastermind group. This group shares successes and failures and we ‘meet’ each week to bounce ideas off of each other. It is so easy to be a member, but not really take any action. Being one of Robin’s producers doesn’t automatically lead to action, but it does much to encourage it.  It has also caused me to look at my numbers regularly and critically. Since I became a Producer, I have begun to think differently about my business and achieve greater results."

Linda Lynch, KI Technology Group

“I would recommend IT business owners to become part of a Peer Group and this is the best one I have found”

Mark Marley"I have been a client of Robin since 2006. I joined her Producers club soon after I invested in the toolkit. I have also been part of the 36 Month Millionaire, Managed Services Blueprint, Martin Howey sales training and most recently the Robin Robins Genius League.
My business has more than doubled in the last four years and I have Robin to thank for that growth. It has been an uphill battle but with the help of the Producers club and my Accountability Group, I have developed the tools to work “on” my business instead of “in” my business.

I also have made several great friends from the group. These friends are always available when I need technical help or just a kick in the pants.

I would recommend IT business owners to become part of a Peer Group and this is the best one I have found."

Mark Marley, Network Computer Solutions, LLC

“Making the commitment to attend Producers Club meetings has brought us to the next level”

Pam Snell"We have seen a vast difference in our business since joining Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit.  Making the commitment to attend Producer’s Club meetings and especially joining our Accountability Group has brought us up to the next level.  We’ve seen our competitors and other businesses fail because they didn’t have a marketing plan.  We get so “pumped up” at her meetings that we can’t wait to get back to work; full of new ideas and inspiration.  We wouldn’t miss Boot Camp for anything!"

Pam & David Snell, American Computer Technologies

“A whole bunch of great guys and gals who are all in the same boat”

Lauren Groff"You’re signing on to pull the plow of your business with a whole bunch of great guys and gals who are all in the same boat, dealing with the same struggles as you are – and most of them highly successful at it. It has become way more than a group that meets on what great ideas are you implementing around marketing, to what great ideas are you implementing around BUSINESS, and obviously, we’re talking here about SMB outsourced IT businesses"

Lauren Groff, Groff NetWorks

“For those who want an extra edge over other VAR’s, there is the Producers Club”

Rick Bahl"For years now, Robin has been the top producer of marketing collateral specifically created to help the small VAR reach their SMB clients with a relevant, compelling message.  Her collection of campaigns is second to none.  Nearly all of that very effective material is available to almost anyone.  Anyone who has purchased her Tool Kit or who is now subscribed to her Tool Kit Live.

One might think that access to templates and time-tested campaigns is enough.  For some it is.  But for those who want an extra edge, just a little advantage over the other VARs that they compete with, there is the Producers Club.  This exclusive group is comprised of dedicated professionals, intent upon growing their businesses and committed to crafting the most effective marketing messages, custom tailored to their individual companies.  In addition to Robin’s enormous library of campaigns, they have “member’s only” access to the very best of Robin’s work.  They are often the first to use her new material.

Beyond that, the Producer’s Club is a very collaborative bunch.  They meet as a large group quarterly and many meet virtually, in smaller Accountability Groups on a weekly basis.  They share campaigns among one another but most importantly they share SUCCESS.  Within the Producer’s Club the members gain a real-time sense of what is working NOW.  Which campaigns are producing the best results and why.  What tweaks and tricks have revitalized an “old favorite”, turning into a relevant and effective tactic for another round of SMB marketing.  The Producers Club is for the SMB VAR who wants to take his/her business to the next level."

Rick Bahl, Quality Systems Solutions, Inc.

“I can’t thank you enough for the value the Producers Club has given to my business”

Tom Malesic"Robin, I can’t thank you enough for the value that you and the producers club have given to my business. In May 2008, our IT division yearly reoccurring revenue was about $26,000 mostly from all in monthly contracts without monitoring. If it broke and the customer hollered, we went and fixed it. Today March 23, 2010 our reoccurring revenue is $170,000 that includes Managed Services and BDR/Datto.

We have also revamped our SEO program in Nov of 2009. In 2009, we did a total revenue of $38,000. We have already booked $170,000 of yearly reoccurring revenue. I expect to complete the year with over $250,000. A portion of this revenue was just one campaign that yielded $25,000 in reoccurring revenue with an ROI of 48,511%.

We have implemented your marketing strategies such as: Monthly newsletters, I wrote a book, produced a video DVD, Bad Date letter campaigns, telemarketing, and Cross-sell campaigns."

Tom Malesic, EZSolution

“Joining Robin’s Producers Club has been revolutionary for me and my company”

Sitima Fowler"Joining Robin's Producer's Club has been revolutionary for me and my company.  I no longer have to worry about where and how to get new leads.  I have a system in place that gets me 2-3 sales appointments per week.  This level of membership is so much more than marketing.  All aspects of my business is currently on a hyper growth mode as a direct result of Robin.  The biggest benefits since joining the Producer's Club is the fantastic monthly newsletter we get to send out to our house list of customers and prospects, the new ideas from hot speakers, and the accountability group.

Initially I joined because I wanted a done for me newsletter that I could just put my company logo and send out to my house list.  My customers are always complimenting us on our newsletter.  We also use our newsletter for doing Joint Ventures with other companies where we feature them in the newsletter in exchange for some sort of marketing to their customers.  The newsletter alone is worth the monthly fee for the Producer's club.

At every Producers Club meeting, Robin brings in guest speakers who bring another dimension to my knowledgebase.  They range in expertise that covers many aspects of running a business.  They are all top notch, nationally known speakers.

Lastly, I can't say enough about my accountability group.  My accountability group is my unpaid trusted board of advisors.  I rely on them daily for technical and business questions.  Robin - I thank God all the time for introducing me to you.  You are teaching me how to be a successful business owner every day."

Sitima Fowler, Capstone Information Technologies

“I will be a Producers Club member as long as I own my company”

Fred Reck"Being in the Producer’s Club for the last year has really helped me to focus my efforts on GROWING my business as opposed to just running it.  I have really been able to identify that the best use of my time and energy is bringing in new business. I am consistently adding new customers, and not just any customers, I am able to identify what products/services I want to sell more of, and focus my marketing and efforts on bringing in that type of client.  This allows me to get the best return on my marketing efforts.

I have added more profitable and predictable recurring revenue in the last year than I have added in the previous three.  I am able to consciously add this business, and as a result, I have more confidence in my business.   I am more optimistic than ever about the future growth of my company.  I am very thankful to have found Robin’s program and I will be a Producer’s Club member as long as I own my company.  Thank you to the entire Technology Marketing Toolkit Team!"

Fred Reck, InnoTek Computer Consulting

“Without this membership, I highly doubt that I would have increased my revenue last year by 115%”

JeanMarie Richadson"Quite simply, membership in the Producers Club is an essential part of my business plan. My Producer’s Club Membership not only helps me plan my marketing but also plays a critical role in other areas of my business. Robin has introduced me to countless resources that have improved my business operations, sales practices, and overall life balance. Additionally, working with other IT business owners in the accountability groups, sharing ideas and best practices, has increased my motivation to succeed and is a priceless component of being a member of a group such as the producers club.
Without this membership, I highly doubt that I would have increased my revenue last year by 115%!"

JeanMarie Richadson, The Digital Architects