Announcing A BRAND-NEW Training Program
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Let Robin Coach, Direct And Lead Your Marketing Manager To Take Marketing Off Your Plate While Getting It Done RIGHT!

The Marketing Manager Coaching Club Includes:

  • Quarterly Live Calls With You, The CEO: We will start by having you on a live webinar with your marketing manager (or just you) to clarify the specific results you want your marketing manager to achieve, as well as clarifying their role, responsibilities and standards for excellent performance. We’ll give you job scorecard samples as part of this program and help guide you on determining what your marketing manager can accomplish and should accomplish for the compensation provided.
  • Monthly Forced Reporting: We’ll require your marketing manager to report on leads, appointments, sales, ROI, cost per lead and other marketing and funnel metrics to hold them accountable. This will be the second CMO call of the month.
  • The Rapid Implementation Workshop For Marketing Managers: We’ll put your marketing manager through a customized version of Rapid Implementation that has a greater focus on implementation of campaigns and the details of creating and executing on various marketing campaigns. On a space available basis your marketing manager can audit the class. If you replace your marketing manager (they quit, you fire them), your new marketing manager can attend the event again at no cost.
  • Weekly CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Review Calls: Every week your marketing manager will have the ability to join a live call to ask any questions relating to marketing as well as have their materials reviewed. This is a great opportunity to get a set of experienced eyes on a marketing piece or campaign before thousands of dollars are spent.
  • Participation In A Marketing Manager QUE: Your marketing manager will have the ability to communicate with other marketing managers in the program via a members-only QUE. This will give them a constant source of “fresh eyes,” new ideas and answers to problems preventing them from achieving success or rolling out a campaign.
  • Invitation To Exclusive Marketing Manager Sessions At Events: Your marketing manager will be given a ticket to attend Producers Club meetings and Boot Camp with you, where they will have access to special sessions designed specifically for them. Topics will be focused on implementation and reporting on various campaigns for generating leads, fueling referrals, cross-selling services, social media marketing, CRM system maintenance, list building, creation and maintenance of general marketing collateral, and other direct response marketing fundamentals.
  • Incentives, Prizes And Awards To MOTIVATE Peak Performance: We will hold contests with incentives for the best performance (similar to the Better Your Best competition). This will motivate your marketing manager to truly implement at the highest possible level.
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