The Fastest, Easiest Way
To Increase The Selling Power
Of Any Marketing Piece

The Marketing Piece Makeover

“Robin helped us design our marketing plan to find and begin to build relationships with those businesses we really want as customers. She gave us marketing tools that make sense, are easy to implement, and have the added benefit of fine-tuning our business plan and strategies. With her counsel we came up with a campaign that actually works!”
— CJ Wang, President, Long Island Computer Corporation

My Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t see at least a 10% increase in response rate or sales generated from the marketing campaign I makeover, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Want to know why your web site isn’t generating any leads? Disappointed with your direct mail response rates? Sick of paying high fees for newspaper and yellow page ads that generate very little or no response?

If so, I can help. My Marketing Piece Makeover allows you to submit any marketing campaign for a detailed “sales autopsy” where I’ll not only reveal why it’s not working, but also give you specific instructions on how you can get a much better response rate.

Your Makeover includes a personal, one-on-one call where I will:

  • Show you how to laser target only high probability prospects so you increase response rates and avoid wasting money on prospects that will never buy.
  • Check for 5 critical elements EVERY marketing campaign must contain to be successful.
  • Teach you the secret of “baby step” marketing to overcome sales barriers and eliminate sales resistance.
  • Help you to develop an offer and sales copy that will attract qualified prospects like bees to honey.

Marketing Piece Makeover $450 USD

Yes! I want to sign up for a marketing piece makeover and have Robin help me improve the return on investment and response rate to one of my marketing campaigns.

I understand that I am fully protected by your 100% money-back guarantee. If I don't see at least a 10% increase in the sales or response rate of my campaign, I will receive a full and prompt refund.

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