Templates For Marketing IT Services
And IT Lead Generation

Get The Tools To Succeed For Marketing IT Services

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is the most complete, field-tested library of tools for marketing IT services — including templates, campaigns and checklists.

Designed for VARs, MSPs and IT consulting firms, this program is guaranteed to help you effectively sell and market your IT services — or your money back.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit: What You’ll Get

Technology Marketing Toolkit ($3,482.00 Value)
4-Week Fast Start ($497.00 Value)
Postcard And E-mail TechTip Newsletter Library ($3,492.00 Value)
12-Month Membership To Our Apprentice Club Membership ($2,364.00 Value)
Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls With Robin (Plus Archives)
Monthly LIVE How-To Peer Blueprint Series (Plus Archives)
Monthly Marketing Deep Dive Sessions (Plus Archives)
Monthly Marketing Strategy Brief Newsletter (Plus Archives)
Million-Dollar Earners Series ($597.00 Value)
Complete Business-Builder Audio Library ($597.00 Value)
2 Tickets To Our Annual Boot Camp ($4,594.00 Value)
Shipping And Handling ($37.50 Value)

Total Program Value: $15,660.50

You Pay Only $4,759 For The Entire Program!


Done-For-You IT Marketing Campaigns

A $100,000+ library of PROVEN IT marketing campaigns, templates, systems, scripts and checklists.

Marketing IT services has never been simpler. This toolkit is designed to take the guesswork out of IT lead generation. Instantly implement ready-to-use campaigns to attract more IT leads and sell more IT services fast!

These templates have been TESTED by over 10,000 IT business owners and proven to work.

Get Complete Templates For Selling And Marketing These IT Services:

  • Managed IT Services (MSP)
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Network Upgrades, Projects and Installations
  • Co-Managed IT
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • VoIP and Phone Systems
  • VPN and Cloud Solutions
  • Managed Print Services

You’ll Also Gain Proven Systems, Best Practices And Templates For:

  • Email Campaigns and List Building
  • Website Content, Landing Pages and Blog Articles
  • Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, retargeting, etc.)
  • QBR (Quarterly Business Review) Templates and Systems
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Campaigns
  • Appointment-Setting Scripts and Blueprints for Telemarketing
  • Trade Show Campaigns
  • Direct Mail, Postcards and Flyers
  • Newsletters and Drip Marketing
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Case Study and Testimonial Systems
  • Webinar and Seminar Marketing Systems
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Canvassing Templates and Campaigns

Actionable IT Sales Resources

A growing collection of IT sales resources to see results fast.

As a member, you’ll get access to these ADDITIONAL resources as part of your membership:

Member Dashboard

Access to the membership dashboard and 100+ IT marketing templates: Gain templates, forms, pricing strategies, contracts and other “fill-in-the-blank” strategies to support, sell and manage clients and employees.These templates for marketing IT services will help you sell:

  • Managed services
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Phone systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Developing joint venture partnerships
  • More


Monthly Business Builder teleseminars: Learn how to succeed with marketing IT services from industry experts. Other successful IT firms reveal how they sell managed IT services, HaaS, backup and disaster recovery, network upgrades, EMR solutions, managed security services and more. Other topics include:

  • Compensation plans for technicians or IT sales staff
  • Hiring and managing “A-player” employees
  • Writing a business plan
  • Developing wealth
  • Managing your money
  • Creating an exit strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Monthly Q&A Calls

Monthly Q&A calls: Ask Robin and other members questions about IT sales and marketing, compensating employees, dealing with difficult sales situations, planning, direction, monetizing clients, closing sales, etc.

Member Chat QUE

Member Chat QUE: The QUE is a part of the dashboard too. It’s an online chat area to share Questions, Updates and Exchanges with fellow members.


Access to NEW marketing campaign templates Gain the tools to promote managed services, backup and disaster recovery, phone systems, cloud computing, developing joint venture partnerships and more. Since developing this kit in 2003, I’ve added over 100 new campaigns. Sign up and you will get INSTANT ACCESS to them ALL.


Access To Coaching Calls

Recorded coaching calls with Robin Robins and other smart IT business owners.

Learn what’s working right now AND answer any questions you have about IT sales, marketing, pricing, vendors, OR implementing existing systems.

You will NOT be left in the dark! These recorded coaching calls with Robin and other IT business owners provide new ideas, support and answers to your toughest business challenges. These recordings are saved in a library of downloadable audio files you can listen to at your convenience.

We also have a dedicated, full-time support staff available to answer your questions and work through your IT marketing challenges. Call our office (615-790-5011) or email your questions to get instant help.


Two Tickets To Our Annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp


This event is our Annual International Client Conference where over 1,000 of our members come together to share what’s working now in marketing, as well as to gain strategies, tools, blueprints and ideas in four key areas: 1. Revenue Generation, 2. Strategic, PROFITABLE Growth, 3. Leadership and Operational Excellence and of course, 4. Marketing.

This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for new members to truly understand how to fully implement the Toolkit and marketing systems in their business. Unlike ANY industry trade show, conference or event, you will leave with actionable, money-making strategies you can instantly go home and use to get more and better quality clients.

  • The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies. No other conference or event in the IT industry delivers as many usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for attracting more clients and closing more sales THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR IT BUSINESS. When you leave, you’ll have dozens of ready-to-use, actionable campaigns you can take home and instantly apply in your IT services business to generate results fast.
  • To Hang Out With Winners, Not Whiners. There is a positive energy and a willingness to share at Robin’s conferences that is unlike any other in the industry. Plus, the people who attend Robin’s conferences are DOERS. When you attend you’ll be impressed not only with the incredible success, growth and results these MSPs are achieving, but also their generosity and willingness to share their strategies with you. If you struggle with marketing your business and you’re not happy with the revenue and profits you’re generating, you need to be here, with us, learning and soaking up the energy.
  • An Amazing Lineup Of Speakers, Authors And Experts. Every year, we bring in top-notch, world-class experts and speakers that present on everything from sales-generating marketing plans to business strategies that will increase profitability, personal development lessons that will give you the kick-in-the-butt you may need, proven business-growing ideas, real-world examples of other MSP’s successes, and more. Our attendees say every year that they are always over-the-top impressed with the caliber of speakers that we bring in for this event and the takeaways they go home with from the speakers are ones that directly impact their business.
  • The Day-One Breakouts. This year we’ll be bringing in multiple vendors and experts to help you figure out or expand your services offerings. This session will have multiple tracks and presenters to ensure you get several key areas covered.
  • The Contest For The Car – And The Unbelievable Marketing Presentations From Your Peers. Every year, Robin holds a contest for Spokesperson in which her top, most successful clients compete by delivering presentations on the marketing and sales campaigns that worked the very best to bring in 6- and even 7-figure pay days. Plus, you get to take their entire collection of campaigns home with you. There is no bigger or better shortcut to figuring out what marketing will work for selling IT services than this… and it’s all handed to you as part of your attendance.

The Cost Of Effectively Marketing IT Services

Hiring a marketing consultant or agency to develop this many done-for-you IT marketing campaigns, tools, systems and checklists would cost $75,000 – $150,000 or more.

But YOU get ALL this for only 6 payments of $809. To keep the Master Mind membership, you pay just $127 per month. AND unlike most marketing consulting services, these templates and strategies are guaranteed to work for you or your money back.

No Obligation To Stay A Member

You’re only committing to $809 per month for six months, which equates to:

$26.43 a day.

Why so cheap? Because this system is so well-researched, documented and tested, there’s no custom development or time-consuming research… it’s already done for you!

If you are a VAR, MSP or IT consultant, you can use the system right out of the box, saving you from hiring a marketing manager or paying someone a hefty fee to figure it out.

My Iron-Clad, 100% “You-Can’t-Lose” DOUBLE Guarantee

I’m so confident this program will help you increase IT leads and sales that I back it up with a DOUBLE guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1: 365 Day Trial, 100% Money-Back Guarantee — Take one full year to implement this system and see how powerful it is. Put the IT services marketing strategies to work to generate more IT leads, clients, referrals, managed services contracts and higher profit margins.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the content and results, return it for a full refund — no questions asked.

10x Your Investment

Guarantee #2: 10 Times Your Investment — Two-Year Guarantee: If you decide to keep the toolkit past the first year, you have another year to use the templates and strategies for marketing IT services.

If you implement just 3 campaigns and don’t make back 10 times your investment (over $47,590 in new sales), return the materials for a full refund.

Why Wait To Close More IT Leads And Sales?

There really aren’t any good excuses for not jumping on this opportunity right now, but I’ll play along… Here are some excuses that might be running through your head – and why you shouldn’t listen.


I can’t afford it. You’ll save $26.43 per day by not enrolling. I guarantee you’ll make back at LEAST 10 times your investment or your money back. I’ll be here holding your hand to make certain you generate a good, solid return on the program.


I don’t have the time. To quote Joe Karbo, “Most people are too busy working to make any real money.” What could you possibly be too busy doing to distract from your most important priority of making more money?


It’s not the RIGHT time. There has never been a perfect time to do anything – especially in business. But if you continue to do nothing, you’ll end up with the same results you’re getting now, which probably won’t take your income and business where you want it to be.

Don’t Forget: Right Now, One Of Your Competitors Is Plotting Ways To Steal Your Clients And Put You Out Of Business

It might not be the small, aggressive startup; it could be another larger, well-funded competitor such as the big telecom companies, Microsoft, Dell and now even Office Depot! Maybe you’re happy living on the scraps that fall from the master’s table, but why on earth would you?

If you are not doing everything possible to gain market share and the “home field” advantage, you are setting yourself up for having a major competitor steal business away.

If you are not doing everything possible to gain market share and the “home field” advantage, you are setting yourself up for having a major competitor steal business away.

Not Making A Decision IS Making A Decision

In working with thousands of small IT business owners, I’ve discovered that most have very weak decision-making muscles. They prefer to make no decisions – to wait – rather than give a definite “no” or “yes.” If you tell yourself you’ll enroll later, or you’ll wait until the right time, you ARE making a decision; you are deciding to put your business and financial progress on hold.

Maybe you don’t think you need me to be successful. Hey, I actually agree with you on that point. You certainly don’t NEED me, but you can’t argue that you WILL certainly profit from what I have to teach you. After all, I have a better track record than anyone else in the world for generating sales for IT service businesses.

"YES, Robin! I Want INSTANT ACCESS To Your Technology Marketing Toolkit!"

I want to get my hands on the same proven systems, campaigns and strategies that have already helped thousands of small IT businesses to attract more clients and generate more sales!

I'll receive:
  • Instant Access To The Technology Marketing Toolkit And Marketing Campaign Library ($3,482)
  • 4-Week Fast Start ($497)
  • 12-Month Membership To The Apprentice Club Coaching Program ($2,364)
  • 4-Year TechTip Newsletter Library ($3,492)
  • Audio Training Package ($597)
  • 2 Tickets To The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp ($4,594)
You Are Protected By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
I authorize Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. to charge me for the Toolkit according to the payment option I selected above and the terms of this agreement. I affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and correct and that I have read, understood and accepted the business terms. I also authorize Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. to charge me $127 per month to keep my Apprentice Club Membership after the 12 month program is over. I understand that I may cancel the Apprentice Club Membership at that time and owe nothing further. I further understand that Robin Robins advice, coaching and materials should not be considered legal advice and that I should always seek the services of a professional, licensed attorney for all matters pertaining to the operation, contracts, sales and promotion of my business.