The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For VARs MSPs And IT Services Firms.

How To Work Directly With Me To Radically Accelerate The Implementation Of My BEST, Most Productive Marketing Oil Wells Into Your IT Services Business

Is This You?

  • Even though you have the Toolkit, you're STUCK and STILL HAVEN'T been able to get yourself to fully and consistently implement anything.
  • You are NOT at peace with your income, your business growth and how hard you must work to earn the money you are taking home.
  • Your sales are stagnant or simply NOT growing at the rate you think they should and you're frustrated – maybe even discouraged, depressed and disgusted – at your lack of progress.
  • You've HIT A PLATEAU and don't know how to get beyond it.

If you found yourself thinking "true" to one or more of the above items, I'd like to invite you to participate in a NEW pilot program to work directly with me and my coaches to eliminate every excuse, obstacle and barrier to implementing a highly-productive client-attraction marketing system in your IT services business. We're calling it "The Accelerators Club."

This Is NOT Producers Club

In fact, this program was designed specifically for people who, for whatever reason, cannot participate in our Producers Club program right now (the tuition is out of their budget range, they can't travel that often, they're not at the level they need to be, etc.) and give them a less expensive and time-consuming option that will still give them ACCOUNTABILITY they want, and access to the most essential DONE-FOR-YOU MARKETING services we offer.

Since this is a time-intensive program for us to deliver, we are only going to accept 15 members at this time. After you enroll, Jennifer Bleam will call you to answer any questions you have, schedule you for the next Rapid Implementation Workshop as well as to go over all the details of this coaching program.

Here's What You'll Get As A Member:

Rapid Implementation Workshop

A SMALL group of non-competitive peers in an intense, highly-productive 2-Day workshop, where Team Robin will walk you through the most critical aspects of building a lead generation and marketing machine for your IT services business.

Accountability For One Full Year

Once you know what to do, you have to actually make yourself get it done. That's where the bi-weekly accountability group coaching calls come in. Every two weeks, you'll join a group webinar with your peers, led by one of Robin's top coaches. On those calls, your personal coach will direct you and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for implementation so you aren't tempted to fall off the bandwagon (again), make excuses, fall behind and fail.

Done-For-You Website

The first place ANY prospect goes when they hear about you is your website. And you probably list your website on EVERY piece of marketing you send out. But if your website is confusing or lacking critical marketing elements (and almost all are), you will find it extremely difficult to get ANY of your marketing campaigns to work. That's why we started offering "Robinized" done-for-you websites for our clients. We know what works to convert traffic and we will create every element for you.

Done-For-You Newsletter

You know you need drip marketing to stay in touch with your clients, position yourself as the expert and drive more leads and referrals. But the thought of finding the TIME to get this done stops you in your tracks. No longer! We have made it quick and easy for you to get your newsletter out the door – in only minutes per month.

FREE YETI Tumbler For The First 15 To Enroll

Free Yeti Tumbler

Here's What Your Peers Have To Say About The Accelerators Club

Donna Hall
"Our Biggest Win To Date"
"In addition to helping us with our marketing, the Rapid Implementation Workshop also helped us refine our sales process. This helped us achieve our biggest win to date – a 1400 set deal for Office 365, which includes a $33,400 implementation project plus over $6,500 per month in recurring revenue."
Donna Hall, OnPar Technologies
Tim Ritter
"Accountability Calls Were Invaluable"
"In addition to the learning and success I achieved during the 2-day Rapid Implementation Workshop, the accountability calls were invaluable. Jeff, Rich and Robin's coaching team are phenomenal mentors. Your marketing knowledge and quick response to my questions is amazing."
Tim Ritter, Central PA Technologies
Ashley Harris
"More Accomplished In 30 Days Than In The Entire Previous Year"
"The Rapid Implementation Workshop has been extremely valuable for my company. One of the biggest benefits of attending this workshop in person at Robin Central was the ability to walk through the Level 1 marketing roadmap directly with Robin and her team. We had tried for over a year to figure things out on our own, but we always got stuck or lost, or had tons of questions. Having this intense, small-group training allowed me to work through those stumbling blocks. This workshop and the ongoing accountability calls have given us a chance to get immediate help when we needed it. We got more accomplished in the 30 days after the workshop than in almost a year of our own trial and error. Since participating in the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we now have two new JV partners, a lunch-and-learn seminar with our chamber and we have closed three MRR deals. Instead of dragging our feet and trying to figure things out, we're out there getting leads and closing deals."
Ashley Harris, Tech Works
Ralph Blanco
"Having A Group Of Peers Forces You To Get Marketing Done"
"I decided to attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop to get help in executing our marketing. The #1 benefit from that decision came from the weekly accountability group calls. Having a group of peers forces you to focus on getting marketing done instead of getting too busy to implement. The resources we received at the workshop have helped us market for the first time in 15 years! We have already built a solid marketing engine that has put us well on the way to adding new MRR to our company every single month."
Ralph Blanco, ECMSI
Wendi Joseph
"One Idea From The Workshop Will Easily Put 6 Figures Into Our Pocket"
"The workshop alone was a true eye-opener and worth every minute and penny we invested. We're not a typical managed services provider (we're a hosting company), but Robin took the time to help clarify how to apply her marketing ideas to our specific business. For example, one idea she gave us at the workshop will EASILY put six figures into our pockets. The two days we invested was truly the beginning of exponential growth for our company; with everything Robin's given us, I know we'll succeed."
Wendi Joseph, Frontline Data Services
Peter Verlezza
"The Newsletter Is A VERY Important Part Of Our Strategy"
"We send about 500 newsletters each month. On a frequent basis, I have board members ask me questions about my content. I've even had people cut out my articles and pass them around the office. Just a few months ago, a prospect responded to our newsletter and we sold them a VOIP agreement, with some up-front project work. All told, that single deal will be $41,036 in the bank. The newsletter is a VERY important part of our strategy to stay in front of our clients and prospects."
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC
Aaron Zimmerman
"I Can Now Attribute $216,000 Of Revenue To Our New Website!"
"It was nice to be able to instantly turn on a new marketing oil well that was already developed for us, but given our location (Eastern Idaho is a small market), I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough web traffic to see much in the way of results. I'm happy to report that, as I write this, I can contribute an additional $6,000 in MRR to our website. That represents $216,000 of revenue over the life of these new 36-month agreements!"
Aaron Zimmerman, TotalCare IT