Top Producers Club Members Reveal The Strategies Of Their Marketing Success

This is a series of interviews from our 2011 "Better Your Best" contestants. Our top performing clients from this year not only share with you the stories of how they achieved their success, but also give you examples of some of the key campaigns they conducted.

Michael Mandato
System Care, Inc.

Net Profit Up 260%
$43,515 in Monthly Managed Recurring Revenue

"We grew in 2010 because we made some consistent marketing habits, dedicated resources to tasks, took care of current clients and made those things parts of our job."

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Diana Spurgus
Business System Solutions, Inc.

Number of Recurring Clients Up 111% $42,812 of MRR per Month

"I cannot imagine running this organization without Robin, her team, ideas, encouragement and inpiration. Who would have thought this wimpy IT business owner would have come so far with marketing? Perhaps I am not wimpy after all!"

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Tom Malesic

Net Profit Up 527%
MRR Up 184%
Gross Sales Up 22%

"Marketing isn't just about the individual campaigns. It's a collective marketing effort that returns the big results. Robin, you've given me opportunities to learn not only about marketing, but about business!"

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Stephen Swavley

Gross Sales Up 23%
Net Profit Up 22%
MRR Up 184%

"My business is like an old steam engine. The marketing is the fire under the boiler. But if I didn't bother stroking the boiler, after the first spin of the wheels...the train would stop. That's what I have seen from my marketing. I started and inched forward, I continued and build traction, and moved forward again and again, keeping the boiler stoked with newsletters and other activities."

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Sitima Fowler
Capstone Information
Technologies, Inc.

Net Profit Up 149%
Number of Recurring
Clients Up 74%
MRR Up 62%

"Wow...what a year we have had! Not only did we see amazing results with our sales, we have completely reinvented our business!"

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Brendan Howe

Gross Sales Up 28%
Net Profit Up 173%
MRR Up 90%

"In two years we've grown like gangbusters! I wish I could say there was one magic bullet - one campaign that brought us new clients and an endless flow of money...the truth is, there wasn't! it was blood, sweat and tears. We worked our @$$es off!"

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