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Help John Motazedi, SNC Squared Recover From The Tornado That Flattened His Office In Joplin, MO

On Sunday, May 22nd, a massive tornado ripped through downtown Joplin, MO destroying 80% of the city. One of our Producers Club Members, John Motazedi, had his office reduced to a pile of rubble (see picture above). Fortunately, John, his family and employees are all okay. However, he is faced with a massive cleanup effort and will need man power to help 20 of his clients (all physician’s offices) to get back up and running fast – approximately 300 workstations.

When I spoke to John, he said that the best way to help him would be to organize a list of resources (and people) he can call on for man power, skill sets and other technical resources to help them get their clients back to full working order. Right now, he doesn’t know what he needs because it’s changing from one hour to the next depending on what phone calls he’s getting.

If you want to donate resources, please complete the form below. We are helping to organize this for John so he doesn’t get overwhelmed with e-mails and phone calls from well-meaning folks while he’s triaging his client’s situation. If you have questions regarding this, please call our office at 615-790-5011.

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