The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For MSPs And IT Services Firms

Robin Robins’ Google Adwords For MSPs

This Training Gives You The Exact Same Formula Other MSPs Have Used To Generate Millions In Brand-New Managed Services Using Google AdWords

About This Program

  • This program takes time, patience, persistence and WORK. It is NOT an easy, “set it and forget it” marketing strategy. It will require you to log into your Google Account daily to tweak and shape your AdWords for maximum success.
  • You will NOT become a millionaire overnight. We cannot guarantee any income or any results. Be prepared to wait 3-5 months before you start seeing any returns; it will take that long to shape your account with daily tweaking.
  • This program is NOT cheap on purpose. If you cannot afford the tuition and a monthly ad spend of at least $1,000 a month for AdWords, then it’s probably not the right program for you.
  • This program will work best for MSPs who are in larger metropolitan areas with at least a population of a million plus. It CAN and does work in smaller markets, but you won’t get the same results as quickly as other MSPs in bigger markets.

What Other IT Business Owners Are Saying About This Class

“Thanks to Google AdWords I Just Closed An $850/Month, 36 Month Contract, And A $1,000 Project While On My Way To A Different Google AdWords Lead!”

“Thanks to Google AdWords I just closed an $850/month, 36 month contract, and a $1,000 project for 6 desktops and a new HaaS server. This lead was all Google. Good thing I answer my phones live or I may have missed this opportunity: I picked up this call on my way to another Google lead appointment during a time that I thought would be slow because of the holidays. I’m very excited with my Google AdWords success and motivated to sticking with the program.”
– Femi DadaSmarthost Design Technologies

“I Closed $3,900 In MRR From My First Google Adwords Inquiry In Less Than 2 Weeks Of Starting The Program!”

“I got 4 sales calls in only 3 days of being active on Google. And only 12 days after attending the Google AdWords For MSPs class, we have already acquired a new customer worth $3,900 in Monthly Recurring Revenue. That’s $46,800 in annual revenue generated by the targeted Google ads we just put in place. I guess your plan works! LOL! Thanks!”
– James KudlaTarrytech Computer Consultants

“A few minutes after launching my campaign, I had already gotten one click and a number of impressions.”

– Aaron Hartland, Sentinel IT Solutions

“We’ve tried a lot of different ad campaigns. The course with Robin made it incredibly easy for us.”

– Amy Rutt, Ciracom

“I came into this thinking it was very complicated and after the class it all seems clear and I feel confident I can conquer it!”

– Alistair Wilson, The IT Guys

“I learned more in two days than I have in the last two years!”

– Darren Patoni, The IT Workshop

“I was losing a lot of money on Google and after only one day in this class, my ads are already at the top of the page.”

– Curt Miller, Anexeon

“I am very confident I’ll get a huge return on investment for this program.”

– Jon Schram, The Purple Guys

“I learned more in one day of this class than I ever knew about Google.”

– Gary Jacobson, JCI Group

“I’m #1 in my area… it’s worth every penny.”

– Chris Wiser, TechSquad

“We thought we were hot stuff with organic Google, but this class opened my eyes to a much better way to do Google marketing.”

– Mike Weaner, Comprehensive Data Services

“It’s changed my perspective…before, I had no idea what I was doing whatsoever.”

– Scott Spiro, Computer Solutions Group, Inc.

“This class has transformed my thinking.”

– Frank Ballatore, New England Computer Group

“Be scientific about it, stick to the process… we just have to go in and close the deals.”

– Debi Bush, CMIT Solutions of Denver

“This is another avenue to get prospects banging on our door instead of going outbound.”

– Dave Mulvey, Advanced Network Products

“This was an incredible opportunity for us as a company. I really understand now how (Google) Adwords works.”

– George Makaye, GXA Network Solutions

“It is an extremely powerful lead source… go through this training and learn how to do it.”

– Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions