Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Box Service

Introducing ONE Marketing Promotion That Does The Work Of MANY… All While Delivering A Spectacular, Unforgettable Impression!

It takes multiple “touch points” or impressions to get your prospects’ attention. OR it takes ONE Shock-And-Awe Box! For years, this fully-packed box has been that go-to marketing piece that helps turn warm prospects into paying clients.

The only problem: It takes considerable time, effort and expense to create your own Shock-And-Awe Box. NOT ANYMORE! With our Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Box service, we will design, print and produce 25 total boxes and help create all the components inside. With our proven templates and access to expert copywriters on staff, everything is customized to YOUR business… for YOUR prospects and clients.

Benefits of Our Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Box

For this service, we will create 25 total Shock-And-Awe Boxes as well as all of the components inside. From the design and production to the writing and creativity, your boxes will be 100% customized and 100% ready to send to your best hot prospects.

  • Use your Shock And Awe Box when you must make that extraordinary impression, such as:
    • Prior to a sales meeting with a new prospect
    • As a follow-up campaign to a prospect you’ve met
  • Create a POSITIVE ANTICIPATION of meeting with you
  • Position yourself as a CREDIBLE AUTHORITY
  • DIFFERENTIATE your business in a meaningful way — Your competitors’ will simply send an email or show up with a brochure
  • Overcome any DOUBTS and OBJECTIONS — Provide solutions and confidence instead
  • Pre-frame the sale by having them buy into certain “agreements”

Your Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Box Contents

Think of your Shock-And-Awe Box like a 550-Horsepower engine. Alone, each component is critical to your overall goal. But when ALL parts are working simultaneously for you, that’s when you achieve maximum engagement and your prospect is most likely to say, “YES!”

  • The Shock-And-Awe Box Itself — This is the Million Dollar First Impression you want to make. Upon delivery, your prospect or client thinks: “If they go THIS FAR just to get an appointment, imagine what they’ll do when we say, ‘YES!’” EVERYONE opens it and most KEEP it!
  • Cover Letter — This is what your prospects read FIRST, so make it count!
  • Testimonial / Case Study Book — Your prospects want to know that similar businesses have benefitted from your IT services. Flipping through page after page of happy clients, they’ll be SOLD on your company.
  • Free Report, Articles And Other Content — The more content you have RELEVANT to your prospects’ goals, the more you pique their interest.
  • Overview Of Relevant Services — Focus on those few select services that fit your prospect’s specific needs. With each service, highlight the BENEFIT they receive.
  • Audio Business Card Or Interview With You — Before your prospect can LIKE and TRUST you, they must KNOW you. They are much more likely to LISTEN to an audio interview.
  • Client “Bill Of Rights” And “Guarantee Certificate” — These offer peace-of-mind that your service is second-to-none.
  • Awards You’ve Won — Include awards, accomplishments, certifications and education that make you stand out among your competitors.
  • Copies Of Your Newsletter — Include one or two of your recent print newsletters. Even better, include a newsletter that features their industry.
  • Logo Items — Include promotional items with your branding.  Every time they use it, they’ll remember your Shock And Awe Box!

Get Started Today With A $500 Refundable Down Payment!

Because this is the FIRST time we are offering Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Boxes, you can take advantage of our low introductory rate. You get 25 completely Done-For-You Shock And Awe Boxes and all of the customized contents inside for the low, one-time fee of $4,500 after your $500 refundable down payment.

Yes, I Want To Deliver An Unforgettable Impression To My Prospects And WIN More Appointments And Business!

“When We Send Our Shock-And-Awe Boxes, Their Opinion Of Us Is Instantly PRIMED And ELEVATED Over Competitors”

Tim NybergI don’t know what we would do without our Shock-And-Awe Boxes! We really saw the value after we sent out the first few boxes. Holy cow, it was like magic! Having the Shock-And-Awe Boxes go out to prospects before our first meeting made our job a lot easier, their opinion of us was already primed and elevated over competitors and they were a lot easier to talk with vs. sales calls in the past without the box. They are now part of our process for every new business prospect.

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