What Our Clients In The U.S.A. Have To Say

What Our Clients In The U.S.A. Have To Say

Robin’s Marketing Has Added $2 Million in New Sales To My Business Over The Last 2 Years
I can directly attribute a $2 million+ increase in gross sales as well as a 200% net profit increase to utilizing Robin’s marketing campaigns and techniques. They have enabled us to generate five times more leads for our business than we’ve ever had before and have enabled our sales team to convert these leads into huge sales.

Ikram Massabini

MVP Network Consulting

We Have More Than Doubled Our Annual Sales From $1.6 Million To $3.6 Million
Our marketing has gone from simply ‘looking good and not performing’ to delivering consistent, predictable RESULTS and ROI. Thanks to using Robin’s marketing approach, sales skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $3.6 million. Robin’s Marketing Roadmap has given us a solid plan for implementation and the confidence to reach our goal of $4.3 million this year.

Michele Ringelberg

NeXt I.T.

Robin Re-Energized Our 10-Year Business So We Can Generate Sales At Will, Starting With $37,500 In MRR
Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit have done wonders in re-energizing our 10-year business. Among our eye-opening results in these past 90 days, we have initiated five quarterly business reviews as well as marketing that have resulted in $37,500 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Plus, we have generated $58,515 in projects! Because we have the tools to actually drive sales, by the end of next quarter we expect to be able to generate sales at will!

Melanie Pare

KSP Technology

We Added Over $1 Million In Revenue This Past Year
Before Robin, saying we were struggling to get new clients was an understatement. We were losing money…Not good. But after we started using her materials, leads started to pour in! The marketing was working, as evidenced by the fact that revenue grew a solid 40% that year—but more importantly, it was the first year we actually generated a profit!

Mike Clemmons

ByteCafe Consulting

Today We Are In A Much Better Place For GROWTH And SCALE Than We’ve Ever Been Before

Of all of Robin’s marketing, the Aspirin Campaign has been one of our best-executed campaigns. With a newly scrubbed list, we generated eight leads, four appointments, one closed deal and one pending contract. From our online marketing, which includes Google AdWords, search engine optimization and LinkedIn prospecting, we’ve sat 10 appointments, from which we closed three deals!

We are now in a much better place for growth and scale than we have ever been before. Since attending Robin’s workshop and focusing more time on executing, we’ve hit our monthly recurring revenue goals that we were just NEVER hitting before. Our old target was typically $4,000 to $5,000 in additional MRR. Wanting to challenge our results, we shot for $7,500 in MRR and were able to achieve this!

Brandon Bowers

ZenTek Data Systems

Even After Following Robin’s Marketing For 4 Years, Attending Her Workshop Helped Us Close $205,776 In New Projects Plus Land Our Biggest Client Ever!

While we have been actively implementing Robin’s marketing for four years now, we recently attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop to discover NEW strategies that lead to even MORE sales and recurring revenue. During the 12 weeks following the training, we’ve closed $205,776 in new projects and have $135,547 out in proposals!

After improving our unique selling proposition by adding meaningful specifics that separate Computerease from our competitors, we should soon be closing a contract with a total value of $417,000 over 36 months! Who knew a simple USP could help us land our BIGGEST CLIENT ever?!

Larissa Finley


Once My Mindset And Confidence Transformed, I Saw IMMEDIATE Results, Including DOUBLING My Monthly Recurring Revenue!

By going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, shifting my mindset and improving my confidence, I started seeing results IMMEDIATELY. By implementing monthly newsletters, monthly webinars, weekly TechTips e-mails and weekly direct mail campaigns during the 90 days following the workshop, my monthly recurring revenue more than DOUBLED – from $7,000 to over $15,000! Plus, we added $37,867 in new client project work!

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot put a price on how much this opportunity has improved my life. I’m not only a better business owner today, I’m also a better father and husband. For that alone, I will be forever grateful. While at the workshop, I closed a deal. While at Robin’s DC Roadshow, I closed a deal. Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team have the secret sauce.

Matt Jones

Geek iT, iNC.

We Keep Attending Robin’s Workshops Because We KEEP GETTING RESULTS!

My husband/business partner and I have attended several of Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshops. Why? Because each time we go through this program, we learn even more about business and marketing and we grow as a company.

During the 12 weeks following this most recent workshop, we conducted multiple quarterly business reviews. One resulted in a client project for $1,511. Another one was a six-system upgrade for $16,142. And for another client, we upgraded two systems worth $2,860!

We also received two referrals from this workshop experience. One referral brought in $714 for a new computer. And the other referral was an office-move project valued at $2,960 as well as a data backup project for $496 and $158 in monthly recurring revenue. This client also purchased a new computer and setup for $2,124! That’s a total of $26,807 in project work plus $158 in new MRR in just 90 days! Thank you, Robin and Technology Marketing Toolkit, for letting us be a part of your workshop.

Stefanie and David Groot

Windstar Technologies, Inc.

INSTANT RESULTS From Robin’s Workshop! In The 25 Years Since I Started My Business, Our Monthly Recurring Revenue Is At An All-Time High!
In the 90-day period of the Rapid Implementation Program, Natural Networks increased our net new MRR by $12,369.46 by adding EIGHT new clients and upselling nine existing clients. Our total project revenue in these 90 days was $60,850, and we added $114,230 in hardware and software sales, plus we have a few potential clients in the pipeline. Our MRR is higher than it has ever been in the 25 years I have been in business! It’s invaluable to any business owner because it’s cost-effective, time-saving and has been proven time and again to absolutely WORK!

Anthony Polselli

Natural Networks

While At Robin’s 2-Day Workshop, We Sent A Few E-mails That Turned Into 13 Appointments, $7,966 In New Monthly Recurring Revenue And $62,796 In Projects!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was a complete whirlwind of activity. We learned a lot and made great connections with other IT business owners. The best part? While at the two-day workshop, we sent a simple e-mail to 70 of our clients, which turned into 13 appointments and $7,966 in increased monthly recurring revenue with an additional $62,796 in projects!

Ashley and Jeremy Valverde

Affinity Tech Solutions, LLC

Teaming Up With Robin Is The Best Business Decision We’ve Made – In Just 90 Days, We Added $3,409 In MRR And $42,411 In Project Revenue!

I feel that joining Accelerators Club, adding Infusionsoft and attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop are the best business decisions we have made. During the 90 days of Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program, we grew our monthly recurring revenue from $28,156 to $31,565 and had a large project that brought in $42,411 in revenue. We are in a much better place today than we were any day before because we are armed with the tools, processes and support we need to reach our goals!

Emily Monroy

Monroy IT Services

Either This Chick Has Brainwashed Everyone Or Her Stuff WORKS!’ I’m Choosing The Latter Since Just 2 Of Robin’s Campaigns Added $46,118 In Sales!

After watching Robin’s videos and reading through tons of testimonials, I thought, ‘Either this chick has brainwashed everyone…or this stuff WORKS!’ The very first of Robin’s campaigns that we sent out resulted in $13,718.56 in sales! For our next campaign success, we provided dark-web scans and monitoring for five clients for a total contract value of $32,400! Plus, we received 18 wonderful testimonials, created a new website that directly targets our niche, sent out newsletters, established a quarterly marketing plan and we are now finalizing our referral campaign. We are certain that the Technology Marketing Toolkit will generate massive growth for our company and put ITG at the forefront of IT in central Virginia!

Laci Jones

Integrated Technology Group

Robin Changed Our Mindset Toward Marketing, Resulting In 2 New Clients, 5 New Hires And $73,359 In Monthly Recurring Revenue – All In 90 Days!

After implementing Robin’s marketing, in just three months we have added $73,359 in new monthly recurring revenue and $281,807 in new project revenue! We’ve received 11 new inbound leads, sat 10 appointments and onboarded two new clients! To keep up with expected growth, in the past 90 days we hired a Director of Sales and Marketing, three engineers and a dispatcher.

Mike Ritsema

i3 Business Solutions

My Business Is Now Operating With A Higher Level Of Confidence And Service Delivery, Plus $17,400 In New MRR!

Our goal of adding $45K in monthly recurring revenue in Q3 is looking very realistic with our current sales funnel. Simply by using Robin’s quick shot email templates to request quarterly business reviews, we gained $2,400 in MRR. Then we added 5 new clients representing an increase of over $15,000 in MRR to our sales playbook.

Today, my business is operating at a higher level of confidence with a higher level of service delivery, and with a vision of things to come that have not only defined goals, but a clear path of HOW to achieve those goals. Robin’s team and members are a big part of this quality increase!

Caleb Brown

JS Computek, LLC

Lightning Struck! Our Very FIRST Marketing Campaign DOUBLED The Size Of Our Business!

Healthcare Technology Advisors entered the market in 2015 with some clear goals in mind: exclusively serve the health care market, deliver the best customer service in the business and beat the competition on every front. To help us to meet those goals, we chose to buy the Technology Marketing Toolkit because we knew nobody else in our market was marketing to our prospects. This would put us ahead! Of course, we do nothing by half-measures, so we also joined Producers Club and added Infusionsoft.

We made a simple choice: DO EVERYTHING! We were essentially changing every tire on a moving car. We hired an admin to compile our data, imported it into Infusionsoft and ran our first Aspirin campaign. Simple, right? To our surprise, it absolutely was! (Or maybe it just seemed that way.)

On the third round of follow-up calls, lightning struck! We got an appointment from a large prospect and then the contract. Yes, from our very first campaign, we DOUBLED the size of our business! In just the short time we have been utilizing Robin’s marketing, we added $163,422 in gross revenue, $11,292 in net profit, $2,682 in monthly recurring revenue and four new clients!

Derrick Weisbrod

Healthcare Technology Advisors

My Boss Now Calls Me Their Marketing Maestro! By Following Robin’s Strategies, We Added $15,385 In Revenue In Just 12 Weeks!

We ran one direct mail campaign so far which resulted in four solid leads and one new client that generated $5,385 in revenue and $217 in monthly recurring revenue. Using Robin’s strategies, we also formed a JV partnership that generated over $10,000 in revenue in VoIP opportunities. Plus, through cross-sell opportunities, we have quotes expected to close for $1,320 in MRR and $5,466 in MRR. So far, the Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Program have made this new employee with NO applicable experience look like a marketing and sales guru to my boss and co-workers. They now call me their Marketing Maestro.

Angela Birchfield

Data-Link Associates, Inc.

Not Only Did We Grow As A Company, We Grew As Individuals

Everyone at Kincaid is ecstatic with our decision to join the Robin Robins team. The motivation and energy we continue to gain from this team, as well as the tactics for goal setting, have helped us grow not only as a company, but also as individuals. The community we gained from the workshop, the peers we met at Robin’s shows and, most of all, the Accountability Group that is part of the Producers Club have all left a lasting impression on us!

Bob Priest

Kincaid Network Solutions

Could We Afford Robin’s Accelerators Club? Her Team Showed Me How To Easily Convert A Break-Fix Client To $2,700 A Month In Recurring Revenue – Now I’m A MEMBER!

At Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow, one of her teammates asked if I wanted to join Accelerators Club. I told her “Yes,” but needed to first make a sale before I could afford it. She told me exactly how to convert a loyal break-fix client into a managed services client. I followed her instructions and scored $2,700 in monthly recurring revenue. That MORE than paid for Accelerators! In just 90 days following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we performed six HIPAA reports for clients at $1,500 each, added 203 managed antivirus clients and one managed services client at $2,700 a month. We have one additional managed services client for $2,700 we expect to add any day now.

Brian Frost

EdgeWire Digital Services

I Accomplished MORE Than I Ever Imagined FASTER Than I Imagined, Including $13,000 From A Current Client And $24,016 From A New Client!

Robin’s Boot Camp and Rapid Implementation Workshop became a turning point in my mindset about how to finally start marketing my business. During the workshop, I scheduled quarterly business review appointments right there in class, which led to $13,000 in project work! After learning how to more effectively close sales, I closed $24,016.14 with a new client! We have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined in such a short time.

Erik Grewe


Our FIRST 2 Marketing Campaigns Generated 4 Appointments, $1,000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue And $10,000 In MRR In The Sales Pipeline!

In the 90 days that followed Robin’s marketing training, we have been very active with our marketing. First, we scrubbed our list to generate 500 very qualified contacts. Next, we sent Robin’s Bad Date letter to architects and engineers and generated nine new leads and two appointments for $10K in potential MRR in the pipeline. Next, we mailed the campaign to 252 CPA firms and received eight leads, two appointments and one new client at $1,000 in MRR and $500 potential MRR!

Maegen Cordero

Windward Technology

EVERYTHING We Put Into Play Has Garnered MEASURABLE Results – And We’re Just Getting Started!

From Robin’s 9-Word E-mail, we proposed an all-you-can-eat managed plan and WON that deal for $4,500 MRR and a $1,500 setup fee! We ran a cross-sell campaign for VoIP resulting in $1,315 in monthly recurring revenue and we are about to close another deal estimated at $4,000 in MRR. We scheduled and performed quarterly business reviews, which added $2,699 in MRR and $500 in setup fees! Plus, we scored an additional $300 MRR from one client and $159 from another client. So far, EVERYTHING we have put into play has garnered results of some MEASURABLE quantity. If these results don’t make someone a believer in this process, I’m not sure what will.

Mike Millhouse

BridgePoint Technologies

Robin Showed Us How To Increase Our Price Per Client – That ONE Action Added $4,875 In MRR!

It was no secret that our clients enjoyed rock-bottom pricing from us for years. That became our first order of business after attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Our plan was to meet with each client, show them how their credentials could be compromised and offer to upgrade their security. They gained more peace of mind, and we gained more revenue per month. It WORKED! We added $4,875 in monthly recurring revenue! Each client we spoke to also signed a three-year contract valued at $180,000. Our total MRR went from $12,350 to $17,225!

Victor Magan

Network Brainiacs

Robin’s Toolkit Has Been My Company’s Defining Moment – There’s Simply Nothing Else On The Market Remotely Comparable For IT Professionals. Period.

In just three short months, our team reformulated our marketing strategy and aligned our approach to the core principles from Robin’s Toolkit. When I reviewed our financial results at year’s end, we saw a dramatic increase as a result of our services offering. We have increased the average revenue of our clients from $46 to $52 per month, adding up to $104,400 per year in incremental revenue! The Toolkit is a viable marketing blueprint for selling just about any technology service. There is simply NOTHING ELSE on the market that even remotely compares for technology professionals.

Mitch Romm

Dr. Backup, LLC

Thanks To Implementing Robin’s Sales Process And Marketing Automation, We Are Having Our BIGGEST QUARTER In 15 Years!

In the 12 weeks of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we landed two new clients as a result of implementing Robin’s marketing strategies. One of these clients is expected to become our SECOND-LARGEST client! In addition to bringing on new clients, we used Robin’s e-mail templates to cross-sell three existing clients. Each of these clients purchased a $2,000 product from us, for $6,000 total! In addition, three clients said “Yes!” to our SentinelOne campaign, which will be bringing in about $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Very excited! This should be our BIGGEST QUARTER in nearly 15 years!

RJ Karam

ISSI Net, Inc.

Before Robin’s Workshop, We Were In The RED. Just 12 Weeks Later, We Are Back In The BLACK With 3 New Clients And $6,700 In MRR!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was the MAGIC we needed to start growing and get out of the red! It WORKED! Before the 12 weeks of the Rapid Implementation Training were up, we added three new clients. With $23,500 in onboarding fees and a total of $6,700 in monthly recurring revenue, we were back in the BLACK!

Phillip Chandy


We Are Adding 4 New Employees Just To Keep Up With The New Business Demand!

I’ve recently landed a $200K project plus six months of post-implementation support. To keep up with the demand of new business, I have added a full-time consultant and full-time contractor to my team this month. Plus, I have a marketing person starting next week and another full-time consultant starting next month. I am finally shifting my focus from working IN the business to working ON the business and making the leap from tech work to business development. I feel like I just started my business this month, and I was suffering an entrepreneurial seizure for years before!

By joining Robin, we have gained substantial confidence, tools, techniques, mentors, as well as people around me who are willing to help us. It is very difficult to find this type of selfless group who are motivated to grow and help one another. I feel I am blessed that I found Robin and her team. This is the best thing to happen to us this year!

Devinder Sohi

Astral Tech

We Gained Profits In Just One Quarter That We Hadn’t Seen In 20 YEARS In Business!

As far as the wins we’ve experienced in the past 90 days thanks to Robin’s proven marketing strategies and initiatives, we’ve added $19,657.82 in monthly recurring revenue thanks to cross-sell opportunities. Using the strategies and campaigns in Robin’s Toolkit, along with consistency and a new commitment to marketing, we have grown considerably in profits. In fact, we have gained profits in these 90 days that we hadn’t seen in the past 20 years of doing business.

Amy James


Beyond Impacting Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By $12,360, Robin’s Marketing Has Had Such A Positive Impact On Our Office Culture

From all of Robin’s marketing, we used the quarterly business review requests and cross-sell activities first since they were easy to implement and cost us nothing. As a result, three of our break-fix customers upgraded to our monthly recurring revenue MSP category. Now that we have focused our plan, begun to consistently create touchpoints with our customers and placed marketing as a necessary and prominent part of our workforce, the results are both STAGGERING and exciting, including $12,360 in monthly recurring revenue and $53,035 in project revenue! The positive impact on our office culture has been the most surprising aspect of the program for me.

Plus, our customer satisfaction rating has greatly improved, as is evidenced by:

  1. Paying on Time – Our aging payables have decreased from $50,000 to under $5K!
  2. Fewer Complaints – I used to spend one to two days per month explaining and adjusting billing for unhappy clients. That rarely happens now.
  3. Quick Response from Clients – When e-mails go out, clients are quick to comment, thank us and engage.

Kimberly Cooper

Northern Summit Technology

Without Going To Robin’s Workshop And Boot Camp, We Would NOT Have Made $12,932 In Gross Profits!

My entire sales team is on board with running Robin’s campaigns and growing our client base. Rolling into Boot Camp shortly after attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop was a great way to keep the mojo moving forward. We have had success in so many different areas from our time with Technology Marketing Toolkit.

Thanks, Robin, for building a sales and marketing machine that is blessing so many IT services companies and providing for so many families. This year, we will make $12,932 in gross profits, and that’s before closing any campaign opportunities.

Kyle Batts

Batts Business Technology

I Always Thought Marketing Was Too Expensive, Too Time-Consuming And Didn’t Work. Robin Proved The Opposite To Me: I Spent $0 To Make $1,600 In MRR In Just Minutes!

Things finally clicked for me when I went to Nashville to attend Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. While at the training, we sent out a simple e-mail to prospects that resulted in $1,600 in monthly recurring revenue. Next, we delivered cross-sell e-mails that will add $800 in new MRR. We also made subtle changes to our website. Shortly after, we landed a new client who searched for Office 365 migration online. The project is $2,000 with $1,000 in onboarding and MRR starting at $1,950! This is the first lead and client we got from our website in FIVE YEARS!

This truly has been an energizing 90 days! It’s hard to imagine the cruise control we had on our business with a semi-sense of urgency but no real understanding of how to do better. I always thought marketing didn’t work, took too much time and was too expensive. Thanks to Robin and her team, I now understand. I am a business owner. An entrepreneur. It is my job to grow the business and surround myself with great talent to achieve my goals. I will continue to train and educate myself. There are too many people depending on me and a legacy to be built.

Mauricio Bayon

Bayon Technologies Group

Robin’s Marketing Transformed My Business Not Once, But 3 Times! From Rock Bottom To $800K, Then To $1.3M, And Now We Are On Track To Make $1.9M!

After the economy tanked in 2008, I lost 80% of my income from my break-fix business. Trying to survive for a year, I got the news that changed my life forever. I was going to be the father of TRIPLETS! Trying to figure out how I’d make things work, I was looking online to figure out my next move. I came across the testimonial of a company that sold $3 million in antivirus software and attributed their success to Robin Robins. So, I knew what I had to do… I launched IT Management Solutions and used her Toolkit to grow the business to $800K.

Then I saw another ad from Robin about Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and I decided to go for it. That changed my entire company, and I grew the business from $800K to $1.3 million in revenue! While that’s a huge improvement, I plateaued at $1.3M for two years. Needing more Robin firepower, I joined the Accelerators Club and attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop. Due to everything I learned at the workshop and the 12 weeks that followed, I increased my monthly recurring revenue from $83K to $107K! That’s the push I needed to grow the business to $1.6M! And today, we are on track to do $1.9 million! By implementing Robin’s marketing campaigns in those three months, I grew the company over $500K.

Pedro Nunez

IT Management Solutions

I’m Making Strides In My Business I Haven’t Made In 24 Years – INVALUABLE!

Since implementing Robin Robins’ plan for just 12 weeks, my monthly recurring revenue sales have increased by $2,751 per month! I am looking forward to moving on through the Technology Marketing Toolkit campaigns and will definitely be spending more time in Infusionsoft since the money is in the list. I learned quite a bit about myself and my business throughout this journey.

One of the best experiences throughout this process has been the weekly accountability calls. I have learned quite a lot from my peers through their shared experiences. The connections made throughout this program, as well as the information accessed, have been INVALUABLE!

Tom McIntyre

TAG Computer Services

Robin’s Team Ignited A Fire Within Me… Booking More Appointments In 90 Days Than In The Past 5 Years Combined, Plus A Record-Setting Month!

I knew that what I’d been doing had been stopping our company’s growth. So, I signed up for everything Technology Marketing Toolkit had to offer, and we got to work. Not only are we making massive strides with our marketing efforts, we’ve booked more appointments with new prospects in the last 90 days than in the past FIVE YEARS COMBINED!

After launching these campaigns, our monthly recurring revenue is now about $3K…and we are just getting started! Our team sees the fire within me, which has inspired confidence within themselves. The results are simply outstanding. We just had our highest sales month on record and have set a big, hairy, audacious goal for Q1!

Walter Contreras


We THOUGHT We Were Doing It Right – But Just By Adding Robin’s Techniques, My Sales Have Increased By An Average Of 37% Per Month!

Robin’s specific and proven quarterly business review technique WORKS! Now I have a reason to actually review their technology with them and point out new technologies they are missing out on. Plus, it set an ongoing strategy for keeping them informed on what’s new. Of our clients who we conducted QBRs with, ALL of them bought at least one of our suggestions, and many bought EVERYTHING we suggested. My sales have increased by an average of 37% per month. If this continues, I’ll be well above $500K in revenue, a place I haven’t been at in about eight years!

William O’Neal

Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions

We’ve Added Over $20,000 in NEW Monthly Recurring Revenue So Far This Year!

We took Robin’s advice and decided to focus on a niche. We chose the medical industry, as we had already experienced success there. We marketed to our list with a multipronged, multimedia approach of direct mail, telemarketing follow-up and canvassing. We are diligent with our marketing touches, using the templates Robin provides us, including monthly newsletters, Shock and Awe packages, TechTip e-mails, and our newly published book, Keeping I.T. Simple.

Using one particular marketing strategy, we added almost $12,000 in new MRR (over $430,000 total life of contracts) with a monthly spend of $3,000.

This year alone our revenue is up over 50%, and we’ve added over $20,000 per month in brand-new MRR. And now that our marketing is consistently bringing in two to three brand-new, highly qualified leads per week, I have no doubt this growth trend will continue at the same pace (or faster!).

Chris Traxler


We Finally Broke The $2 Million Mark AND Secured A 101% Increase In Net Profits

I have been a client of Technology Marketing Toolkit for over five years and have had nothing but great results from the material! If you are ready to change your IT business for the better, then this product is for you. Using Robin’s strategies, we finally broke the $2 million mark and secured a 101% increase in net profits! What she teaches and provides will truly make an impact IF you implement it. It’s like a paint-by-numbers system that allows you to market to prospects, whether you have a background in marketing or not. The Producers Club is invaluable to me, and the guest speakers she brings into these events are people I would not have been able to meet, nor hear speak, at any other event that would be IT-related. Being in Producers Club has allowed me to grow my peer network of IT professionals and business owners from around the globe, and these are people who understand my business issues and can give guidance without being my competitor. Hands down, this has guided my personal growth and my company’s success to where we are today and will continue to impact the growth of tomorrow and the years to come!

Charles Henson

Nashville Computer

I’ve Gone From $1,000 In MRR To $30,000 In The 3 Years I Used Robin’s Strategies And Marketing!

Like many MSPs, I found marketing to be a completely foreign concept. Initially all of my clients came from word of mouth and I never had to go out and get the business. So bit by bit I learned marketing and implemented the tools and strategies Robin had given me.

I took Robin’s advice and transitioned all of my clients from a break-fix to a managed model. That has been a huge success and now, three years later, I’m up to $30,000 in MRR with just 2.5 people, plus project work, plus hardware and software sales. Bottom line has been solid black for the last two years and we paid off the $100,000 in debt we had accumulated in the leaner years.

I also systematized my referral program and I’m now reaching new clients by delivering seminars promoted through JV partners. By reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and setting one goal a week to further my marketing, I was able to succeed step by step in adding new marketing strategies to my business.

I wish I could take back the years I wasn’t attending events or using Robin’s methods. My advice for any new member is: don’t do like most people and let these strategies accumulate dust on the shelf, they really DO work. Also, get in a peer group (for me it was Robin’s Producers Club). With Robin’s strategies and the support of my accountability group, I have built a solid business and a confidence in the future success of things to come.

John Rutkowski

BOLDER Designs

I Generated 19 Sales Totaling $156,450 Using Just One Of Robin’s Strategies!

Before I found Robin and joined the Producers Club, I ‘thought’ I knew a thing or two about marketing. It turns out that what I knew a thing or two about was sales (and I knew a little bit about marketing).

I didn’t quite know at the beginning if the program would be worth the money. But I put her campaigns to work and from January through April, we received 57 referrals. So far those referrals have converted into 19 sales totaling $156,450 and we still have more deals to close. WOW! At this rate, I will have 171 referrals and 55 new clients by the end of the year.

I just can’t say enough good things about Robin. Now I know a thing or two about marketing thanks to her!

Tom Malesic

EZ Solution

We have steadily increased our profits using Robin’s marketing strategies. Last quarter alone our revenues shot up by 38% and our gross margin has increased by 12%

In our second year of business, we won a big account with 450 users. We were heavily reliant on this one major account. Then, the bad news came…that account closed their business and with one month’s notice they informed us they wouldn’t be needing our services anymore.

I searched the Internet for help with marketing. I was so desperate that I just wanted ANY help I could get. This is when I came across Robin.

Robin has changed my life. For starters, she helped me turn my business around and has given me the confidence and the tools to start ANY business and be successful in it. I know we have a fair way to go, but I know we have the tools, the know-how and the confidence to get there.

Maria Padisetti

Digital Armour

Once I Understood That We Are As Much A Marketing Company As We Are A Technology Company, We Grew Our Net Income Over 307%!

We have been followers of Robin for five years. Aside from the marketing campaigns and loads of information that we get from the program, the most valuable thing that Robin and her team has provided me with is the ability to be totally clear and honest about my business.

I never internalized the idea that we are as much a marketing company as we are a technology company. Once I made that realization and, as a result, started to become a better entrepreneur, we experienced exponential growth. The numbers simply speak for themselves. In the course of one year, our managed services revenue increased 76.8% and, more importantly, our net income increased 307%!

Would I have been able to get where I am today without Robin and the program? No way. Would I like to be the person who tells the world about how they can change their lives using Robin’s program…most definitely!

Dave Johnson

Netropole, Inc.

In One Year We Generated Over $231,000 In NEW Business, While Only Investing $16,886 In Marketing – That’s A More Than 1,300% Return On Investment

I started InnoTek in 1999 with the mission of helping business owners run their businesses more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Every year I was growing InnoTek, and we were good at what we did.

Ironically, InnoTek was able to accomplish the goal of efficiency and profitability for our clients, but I was not able to do this for InnoTek.

After years of struggling I decided this needed to change so I began a mission to save my business, improve my quality of life and create success, with a focus on efficiency and profitability for InnoTek.

This all started when I found Robin and enrolled in her programs. She taught me that an entrepreneur needs structure, support groups and real training in order to run and grow a successful business. Her leadership, direction and of course, marketing paid off big for InnoTek. In one year, we generated over $231,000 in NEW business while investing $16,886 in marketing efforts. That’s more than a 1,300% return on our investment. My mission was accomplished… We made InnoTek efficient and profitable and continue to do so.

Fred Reck


Consistently Utilizing Robin’s Campaigns, We Are On Pace To Increase Gross Revenue 30% And Increase Our Net Profits By A Whopping 250%!

Before finding Robin, our sales were just hovering. We were making a profit, but I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of growth. It seemed as though we were stuck and needed to figure out how to get over the hump to bring more new customers in the door.

Shortly after signing up with Robin, we had two catastrophic events happen that had the potential to put us out of business. Those events included losing two clients along with over 20% of our revenues immediately, leaving a big, gaping hole in our profitability. Leveraging Robin’s strategies, we were able to sign 26 new accounts that same year and re-sign one of those lost accounts a few months later.

Generating results requires more than just the occasional campaign – it takes a serious effort and focus. It’s hard to say which particular campaign gave us the best results overall, but it IS working. With this consistent focus and effort, we are experiencing amazing growth…I am on pace to increase gross revenues 30% this year and net profits are up 250%!

Tim Shea

Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.

Our Numbers Speak Louder Than Words! Sales Topped $1.39 Million, But Most Importantly, Our Net Profit Was Up Over 575% In One Year!

I was introduced to Robin and enrolled in her program several years ago. Like many newbies, I faced the challenge of not knowing how to really get started, but I took a stab, dove in and began implementing Robin’s strategies. As my momentum was gearing up, I had a serious accident that laid me up for months. I made the decision to not let this down-time go to waste. During my recovery, I decided to work ON my business. I read the Toolkit cover to cover, I set up a web cam to conduct sales appointments and I did anything that I could to keep my business running smoothly and maintain the progress I had gained.

Just as I started to get back on my feet, literally and figuratively, another disaster hit. Our office was flooded and in just a few hours we lost over $150,000 as well as our forward momentum that had taken us years to build.

Thanks to my marketing know-how, I was able to drive much-needed revenue to rebuild our business. We rebuilt beyond what we had ever achieved. Our sales last year topped $1.39 million, but most importantly, our net profit was up over 575% in one year! The key lesson I have learned is that you never know when a disaster could strike, and if you don’t have sufficient business coming in or retained earnings to overcome life’s hiccups, you could lose everything. I am especially thankful to Robin and her team for showing me how to rise above hard times to even greater success.

Dave Wolf

Just Solutions, Inc.

We Love The Newfound Success From Our Marketing. In Fact, Our Revenues Are Up 71% And Profits Are Up 85%

When we found Robin and the Toolkit, we knew we had found something that would force us to stop working ‘in’ our business and start working ‘on’ our company.

To really capitalize on what our marketing could do, we had to be comfortable that we could properly service clients the way we promised we would. We wanted to walk the talk of our new marketing materials, so we used the Toolkit as a measuring stick to take a hard look at our company, our market and even our competition. Now, we’re no longer just the ‘computer repair guy,’ we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to experts in technology, and it shows.

There are two things we learned: the Toolkit materials always yield a response, and you have to be prepared.

Our revenues are on track for a 65% increase over last year, and with just a quarter left in the year, we’re right on target to top $500,000 in revenues for the first time ever! After a 71% revenue increase and an 85% increase in profits, we are feeling the growing pains from our newfound success, and we love it!

Matt & Andry Jurcich

Invisik Corporation

Our Bottom Line Profits Are Up 120%

Robin’s approach is perfect for a computer service firm on a small budget. I signed up for her program and she has consistently delivered more than she promised. After using her tools and advice, our top line revenue is up 18% and bottom line profits are up 120%. I’m 100% convinced that anyone who signs up for this program and takes Robin’s advice will experience the same results. I’m very happy with the results and the services she provides, and will remain a client forever.

Kenny Lance

President, NetBase Technologies

From Just TWO Of Robin’s Campaigns, We Landed TWO New Clients And A Possible $79,200 Opportunity!

As a small, two-person company, we were able to fill up our sales funnel in a hurry just by implementing two easy campaigns Robin taught us. During the past 12 weeks, these two campaigns alone have resulted in two new clients, four appointments and two reopened opportunities that we had previously GIVEN UP ON! In fact, any day now, we are expecting to learn that we won a $79,200 opportunity that, without a doubt, would have NEVER happened without Robin’s coaching.

Bryan Morris

Proven Technology Group

My Business Is Now Operating With A Higher Level Of Confidence And Service Delivery, Plus $17,400 In New MRR!

Our goal of adding $45K in monthly recurring revenue in Q3 is looking very realistic with our current sales funnel. Simply by using Robin’s quick shot email templates to request quarterly business reviews, we gained $2,400 in MRR. Then we added 5 new clients representing an increase of over $15,000 in MRR to our sales playbook.

Today, my business is operating at a higher level of confidence with a higher level of service delivery, and with a vision of things to come that have not only defined goals, but a clear path of HOW to achieve those goals. Robin’s team and members are a big part of this quality increase!

Caleb Brown

JS Computek, LLC

SUPER-EASY MONEY! We Are Expecting $270,000 In Revenue From Just 10 MINUTES Of Work!

By doing more with the Technology Marketing Toolkit, I was beginning to see results roll in. First, we ran a VoIP cross-sell campaign to our existing clients. To date, we have closed one deal that represents $60,000 in project revenue as well as $6,000 in recurring revenues. SUPER-EASY MONEY! We have two additional opportunities from this venture that should bring in $70,000 in gross revenues.

Next, we sent out referral request e-mails to our client base. We got a great response that represents $270,000 in revenue over a three-year term! Well worth the 10 minutes it took me to send the referral e-mail template, don’t you think? In total, we’re now up to over $400,000 in projected revenue from JUST 90 DAYS of guidance, support and a little diligence on the part of NetProtect (i.e., ME!).

Cindy Kelly

NetProtect, Inc.

Robin SHOWED ME THE MONEY! In 3 Months, Her Campaigns Generated 16 Appointments, 5 New Clients, $20,200 In Onetime Revenue And $1,170 In Monthly Recurring Revenue

We wasted no time at Robin’s workshop in implementing activities and generating results. In just 20 minutes, I sent out a handful of e-mails, generated four leads and sold two of them. It cost me nothing, and I made $1,200 in project revenue and $200 a month in recurring revenue!

After attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop and doing the work Robin recommends, we’ve achieved impressive results in just three months, including 16 new appointments, five jobs sold, $20,200 in project revenue and $1,170 in monthly recurring revenue. And I know this is just the tip of the iceberg! Robin, you are a true inspiration and hold the bar higher for yourself than you do for others. Thank you for everything

Dan Fusco

InnerPC Computer Solutions

More Than Marketing, Robin Helped Me To Gain Self-Worth And Find My Backbone

Years ago, my business was stagnant and slowly dying. My daughter, aka Office Manager, and I were working 60+ hours a week. Even putting in that many hours, we were not always able to cash our paychecks. By implementing the campaigns and strategies found within the Toolkit, I transitioned from a break-fix business to an MSP. I was thrilled with the results, able to pay my bills and even cut my hours down!

So when I found myself in a dark place personally, I turned to her for help again. I went to Boot Camp and met so many wonderful people and learned a lot. I returned to my office and started telling my team all about the wonderful ideas I had learned and my hopes and expectations for the company. Shortly after, I joined Accelerators Club and attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Surprisingly, what I learned the most from Robin had nothing to do with marketing my business. After listening to and absorbing Robin’s insights and perspective for two days, I suddenly realized I was in a very unhealthy relationship. Thanks to Robin, I had enough backbone for the FIRST time in my 33 years to turn my back and walk away. I cannot thank Robin and her team enough for their assistance in helping me to finally open my eyes so I could start living the life I deserve both personally and professionally!

Dawn Mooney

PC Paladins

With $15,000 In PROFIT From Implementing A Single Strategy, My Mindset On Marketing Has Changed

I thought I was doing quarterly business reviews for our clients correctly. But they were more like, ‘You had this many tickets this year, and here is a report on your backups.’ These client reviews rarely produced sales. But after Robin taught us her QBR strategy that we implemented in her workshop, we grossed $23,000, with a profit of over $15,000 – all from this single initiative. To say I was stunned is an understatement!

Eric Hall


Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop Was The Wake-Up Call I Needed To Change My Mindset And Add $16,669 In Projects And $1,329 In MRR

My story begins with the amazing wake-up call I experienced called the Rapid Implementation Workshop, which was the single most pivotal realization that my business was about to change. The most transformational point for me was taking a good hard look in the mirror and realizing that the answer to building a sustainable, lucrative business model started with CHANGING MY MINDSET.

For me, it was my change in mindset, attitude and accountability that is bringing and will continue to bring success well into our future. From Robin’s marketing strategies, I’ve prioritized my position as marketer and now delegate tech-related tasks. I’ve also significantly cut future expenses and discovered how to overcome objections when meeting with clients and prospects. As a result, in the past 90 days we have added one client at $984.20 in new monthly recurring revenue and $10,308.49 in project revenue and another client worth $345.01 in MRR and $6,360.61 in project revenue!

Robert Crossland

Absolute Central Technologies

We Watched A Competitor Grow And Grow With Robin’s Marketing – Now It’s OUR Turn: $2K In MRR And $3K In Project Work!

If our competitors could grow using Robin’s marketing, so could WE! Off to Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop I went! I was surprised, but nothing during the workshop was complicated. I could do this! I COULD DO THIS! After day one, I was fired up and ready to go after it. Throughout the 12 weeks, we learned consistent, targeted messaging to get clients and prospects to better understand what we do and how we can truly make a difference in their company.

So far, we have scheduled QBRs with 50% of our clients. Through the ones we’ve booked, we have added $1K in monthly recurring revenue! And our Shock-And-Awe box paid for itself in just two appointments. Before, we would close about one in 10 appointments, but since Robin’s marketing, we are confident about closing most EVERY appointment. From a simple e-mail campaign, we added a $1K a month client, and our new website brought us $3K in project work!

Will MacFee

System Support

A One-In-A-Million Experience! One Simple $2.85 Letter Created $27,000 In Recurring Revenue!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation training was AMAZING and UNEXPECTED! One simple letter with a little packet of aspirin attached not only won us a $1,926 project, but also a $9K a year managed services account. That means, for a mere $2.85, we scored $27,000 in recurring revenue over the next three years! The magic didn’t stop there. Through Robin’s training, we did something we had never done before – quarterly business reviews with current customers. We have met with 10 customers and quoted out $63K in projects and $10,000 in managed services agreements!

In just three short months, we closed $83K in new project revenue and added $83K in project revenue, and now we have more in the pipeline! This has been a one-in-a-million experience! I would tell anyone that even if you’re at your breaking point, just do it because the results don’t lie, and you will not regret it!

Carrie Anne Roethler

Client Relations Manager, Accram, Inc

Massive Wins! Just Halfway Through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Training, We Increased Our Yearly Revenue By $96,000

Isn’t it ironic: as IT services providers, we have to convince our clients to take the leap and invest with us. Then, our clients’ feedback regularly says that working with us has been a wise investment that jump-started their business growth. This is EXACTLY what Robin Robins’ team and the Rapid Implementation Workshop have done for our business. We had neglected marketing for as long as our business existed (30+ years!). Now, in just the past 12 weeks with Robin’s program, we have seen a major and continuous ROI!

By making simple changes to our website, we gained one of our largest clients to date – $8K in monthly recurring revenue! Halfway through the marketing training, we already increased our yearly revenue by $96K! Also, from one mailing campaign, we signed a 30-user contract that will bring in $3,600 monthly – that’s $139K in just 12 weeks!

Joan Haworth

Binatech System Solutions

Follow Our Lessons And You Too Can Slingshot Your Business To $432,078 In Project Revenue And $240,432 In Annual Recurring Revenue

From Boot Camp and Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we gained valuable lessons. First lesson: You cannot do it all yourself. Technology Marketing Toolkit offers multiple Done-For-You services that deliver quality results without involving your time. Second lesson: You should narrow your target market. By narrowing our target, we started producing quality marketing that better attracts our ideal clients. Third lesson: Screw it and just press Send. Anytime I’m fearful of implementing any marketing, I simply send the e-mails or send out the campaigns.

In the past 90 days, most of our successes have come from selling to our existing clients through quarterly business reviews. We have conducted a total of 25 QBRs, which have resulted in $320,491 in projects and $43,776 in annual recurring revenue. Also, by adding a bonus to our referral program, we have added a total of five new managed services clients for $111,587 in projects and $196,656 in annual recurring revenue! If you’re like so many of us…fighting to meet payroll…slowly adding more debt…barely making ends meet…and you’re looking to slingshot your business to the next level, Technology Marketing Toolkit is your ticket to happiness and peace.

Brandis Kelly

The Technology Specialist, Inc.

By Following Robin’s Blueprint, Today We Have More In The Sales Pipeline Than We’ve Ever Had In 16+ Years!

With Robin’s help, I have added $875 of new monthly recurring revenue and over $9,650 in setup fees in just 60 days. Plus, we have the very real potential of adding another $2,995 in MRR and $14,100 in fees in the next 30 days. We have more in the sales pipeline than I have ever had since opening my business 16 years ago!

Beyond the financial wins, there are good signs of greater things to come. I received over 200 testimonials while attending Robin’s two-day workshop. Plus, I am seeing new business come from our drip campaigns, our end-of-life campaigns, our Aspirin Campaign, our SEO optimization from our new website and our improved referral program. And when the leads come in, our ability to close that business has increased substantially with our new unique selling proposition, X Reasons, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Client Bill of Rights and our customer testimonial booklet.

Fred Robinson

Waterdog Computer Works

I’ve Done More For My Company In 3 MONTHS Than I Have In The Last 15 Years!

These last 90 days of working with Technology Marketing Toolkit has made me really open my eyes. I have done more for my company these last three months than I have in the last 15 years. I have completely changed the entire company around, including moving from my home office to a real office, hiring a new admin and technician, raising my hourly rate for the first time in 15 years and I started offering managed services!

Our first Robin campaign was a letter sent to my clients that announced my new rate increase and introduced my managed services model. As a result, I closed 53% of my clients to managed services and the rest accepted my higher rate — SUCCESS! Next, I sent the Windows 7 and Server 2008 EOL campaign which closed 76%! Then, with our quarterly business reviews, we increased our monthly recurring revenue by $18,875 and our net new revenue by $46,275! Plus, in just two months we received six referrals, including one WHALE for $11,400 in MRR!

Mario Zaki

Mazteck IT

Now That I Can Attract Top Quality MSP Clients, I Can Finally FIRE My BROKE And WHINEY Clients

My goals for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program: first, to learn how to get new leads and find GOOD clients. Second, I wanted to change my business model from break-fix to a fully managed MSP. Not only did I accomplish those goals, within the next 90 DAYS, I would literally change my life forever! Yes, through her sales and marketing training, I finally had a proven way to get NEW leads and NEW clients on a REGULAR basis and get enough GOOD clients so I could fire my BAD clients. How I dreamed of that day!

We have not only accomplished ALL of our goals, but we have even started accomplishing our dreams! During the 90 days of Robin’s program, we converted 18 break-fix clients to managed services, onboarded 12 new clients, sold $14,722 in new MRR, generated $12,334 in projects, sold $467,893 in new contracts and even have $14,305 in MRR in our sales pipeline right now.

Adam Spencer

911 IT

So Much MORE Than Marketing, Robin’s Team Helped Us To Create A Winning Sales Team AND $762,508 In New Sales!

A year ago, we had no sales team (other than me!). Today, thanks to Robin’s team helping us to better manage a sales team, we now have a Director of Sales, an Inside Sales Person and a part-time Appointment Setter. Thanks to this newfound sales focus and powerful marketing campaigns, we have seen significant results during the 90 days of the Rapid Implementation Training Program, including $640,214.59 from client quarterly business reviews and $122,293.80 from opportunities with JV partners. Total new sales as a result: $762,508.39 with an additional MRR of $8,499!

Paul Cleary

Horn IT Solutions, Inc.

FEAR Prevented Me From Growing My Business… Robin Pushed Me Beyond My Fear

We went all-in with Robin Robins, including becoming Accelerators Club Members, scheduling her Rapid Implementation Workshop and going to both Sales-A-Palooza and Boot Camp! From Robin’s Rapid Implementation training, we initiated many sales and marketing campaigns. My favorite campaign was the 9-word email we sent out during the two-day workshop. We got a response rate of 61.5%, sat nine appointments and closed $1,776 in monthly recurring revenue and $1,231 in projects. Plus, we have $4,357 in MRR and $27,909 still in the pipeline!

This has been an incredible experience for me as it has forced me to transform into an eager sales and marketing student. I now have a clarified vision and understanding of what we come here to do. We are just scratching the surface of our full potential. I want to thank Robin and the entire Technology Marketing Toolkit team for the value you have brought to me and my entire team.

Tim Conrad

Conrad Technology Solutions, Inc.

For 26 Years, I Simply Created A “Job” For Myself. With Robin’s Marketing, I’m FINALLY Running A BUSINESS With $118,200 In New Revenue!

All told, we have added $118,200 in both recurring revenue and projects in our 90 days in Robin’s program! Beyond the financial gains, we have seen a marked improvement in our client relations, incoming business and overall confidence when presenting to clients. Thanks to Robin and the whole gang at Technology Marketing Toolkit, I have re-structured the business so I am no longer forced to wear the hats of Appointment Setter, Account Manager and Sales Manager. Today, I don’t just “have a job”… now I RUN a successful company!

Greg Durnan

Acacia IT

I Increased Revenue 16X! It’s The BEST Thing I’ve Done For My Business!

Prior to working with Robin, I had a whopping $3K in annual recurring revenue. During these 90 days in Robin’s training, I’m at an increase of $48,000 in recurring revenue — a 16X increase! I’m not sure I’m even seeing the tip of the iceberg yet! I’m not sure I’m even to the ocean yet. This is the best thing I’ve done for my business!

Dave Stahr

Virtual Impressions

Our Marketing NEVER Worked, But With Robin’s Marketing, We Achieved 62% GROWTH Over Last Year In Just 90 Days!

Today we believe that marketing is the only way to grow our business, and the direction we’ve been given from Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop has transformed our thought process and the way we do business. Our team has done every single thing asked of us and we have realized UNBELIEVABLE results. First, we’ve had a record-setting first quarter with a 50% GAIN over last year. Second, we enjoyed an additional $37,354 in upsold revenue. Third, we’ve added $5,819 in monthly recurring revenue totaling $209,487 over the three-year contract. Fourth, we have another $127,800 in MRR in the pipeline. Fifth, we have $75,885 in accepted and signed bids for upcoming projects. If we do nothing else this year and just maintain our clients and fulfill our contracted work, we will have 62% GROWTH year over year!

Financially speaking, this is a game-changer. But it pales in comparison to the change in our approach and the growth in our mindset. Today we have more warm non-referral leads from the first 90 days of Robin’s program than we’ve had in the last 15 years! This. Is. HUGE!

Betty Jock

DenBe Computer Consulting

Our Turning Point: From DREADING Our JOBS To Getting EXCITED About Our Growth-Focused Business!

In just a few months, we have climbed out of the rut of ZERO monthly recurring revenue to $10,000 in MRR! That extra revenue will pay for a new tech, which will give us more time to implement proven marketing campaigns and RUN our business instead of ‘just being techs.’

We now wake up every morning EXCITED to get to work. That’s because we have the stable marketing and sales foundation we needed in order to get out from underneath desks and in front of other CEOs. There’s no doubt our business will now flourish, and we look forward to a long, fruitful partnership with Technology Marketing Toolkit for many years to come.

Brian Butterfield

Microtech Computer Systems, LLC

My Mindset Completely Transformed After 20 Years In Business

Sure, I KNEW I should be doing quarterly business reviews, but I couldn’t ever seem to get around to doing them. Then, at the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin laid out a simple way to confidently get them done. During my first client QBR, I easily closed an additional $200 in monthly recurring revenue. WIN! I repeated this process for nine clients to increase my recurring annual income by $14,840 as well as $1,250 in project income.

While the increase in revenue is great, the transformation of MY MINDSET was by far the most valuable result of this workshop experience. After 20 years of ONLY doing things my way and being a “tech who solves problems,” I now have a sales and marketing viewpoint of how to successfully run my business. This transformation sets me up to really move my business forward.

Brian Mehl

The Brain Mill, Inc.

We DOUBLED Our Close Rate And Had A Record-Breaking Month!

In a very short 12-week period following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have implemented multiple marketing campaigns that delivered off-the-charts ROI. First, we set a single-month gross revenue RECORD of $273,422! Plus, we increased our monthly gross revenue by $118,241. Yes, we landed eight first-time appointments, from which we closed three monthly recurring revenue contracts, with two more about to close. Finally, we added $73,044 in annual recurring revenue!

Just by implementing our Testimonial Booklet and our Shock-And-Awe box, we have DOUBLED our close rate! While experiencing all of these ‘firsts’ and record-breaking months, we know we have not yet begun to achieve our full potential. I am projecting a 25% increase in gross revenue over the next 12 months!

Herb Miner

Complete Technology Solutions, LLC

Outsourcing Marketing NEVER Works! By Implementing Robin’s Marketing, We Added $41K In New MRR

What did we do for 14 years in business? Nothing…just crappy marketing! During these years, my company constantly battled the wrong systems and wrong hires and basically wasted resources on marketing people with zero understanding of the MSP business. So, we did what too many IT services firms do – we OUTSOURCED our marketing. Soon we realized marketing is not a spectator sport.

So, we made the commitment to outsource ONLY the marketing strategy to Robin Robins. We set an aggressive goal of increasing our monthly recurring revenue by $220K per month. As a result of our marketing efforts, we are ON TRACK to meet our goal in Q1 with an additional $41K in MRR! In Q1, our goal was 20 appointments and five new clients; we sat 52 appointments and landed seven new clients!

Mike McWilliams

Reliable IT

The Best Investment We've EVER Made!

From where we were before we started Robin Robins’ program, we have had HUGE gains in every possible area, including financially, mentally and efficiency-wise. For us, the Technology Marketing Toolkit has been the best investment we’ve ever made because it was an investment in educating ourselves with a tried-and-true system of success in our specific industry.

Thanks to Robin and our new dedication to marketing, we have increased revenue by 30% – $500,000! – over last year! This has been the kick-start to a complete transformation of our business. We cannot wait to really be a well-oiled machine and watch the ROI in dollars continue to stream in.

Sheryl Wilson

Bay Pointe Technology

Finally Focused On GROWTH, We Added $6,917 In MRR In Just 65 Days!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was our first major step toward emptying my ‘head trash,’ transforming my mindset and creating a growth-focused business. At the beginning of the workshop, we hired a systems engineer. Then it hit me – oh, crap! – now we have to sell something! So we did…

We immediately started reaching out to our existing clients and setting quarterly business reviews. In JUST 65 DAYS, we had sat nine appointments, performed two network audits, submitted six proposals and had FOUR NEW SALES to increase our monthly recurring revenue by $6,917. Even better, we have four NEW promising appointments in the pipeline. How’s that for growth!

Steve Miller

Foothills NetCom, Inc.

As A One-Person Shop, I Made 61% Of My Yearly Revenue In 2 Usually Slow MONTHS!

After I’d searched the web for marketing ideas, Robin Robins’ videos connected with me. Soon after, I joined her Accelerators Club because it had a 30-day and 90-day implementation program that included all the things I knew I needed to do. Throughout the 90 days, I completed a crazy large amount of marketing.

Among my FAVORITE marketing campaigns were direct mail and telemarketing. And beyond the process, I especially LOVE the RESULTS! We mailed the Godfather Letter, Bad Date Letter and Aspirin Letter to a list of 220 names. From these mailings, we landed 11 appointments and scored EIGHT NEW SALES! All told, I added 61% of my annual revenue – $51,625 – in just TWO MONTHS! And the revenue for the next two months looks even stronger – so far, $149,677!

Susan Fahrenkrug

Advanced IT, LLC

We Accomplished More Marketing In 3 MONTHS Than In My Previous 3330 MONTHS In Business!

Thank God I signed up for Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow! Everything fell into place. I knew I had to take responsibility for SNC’s sales and marketing once and for all, so I signed up for Robin’s Accelerators Club and the Rapid Implementation Workshop. In the past three months, SNC has accomplished more marketing milestones than in ANY YEAR in the past 27 years!

While our marketing goals and objectives were impressive, our FINANCIAL WINS were jaw-dropping! Since initiating quarterly business reviews and cross-selling clients to new services, we have already added $5,600 in MRR or $67,200 over the life of the contract…and we’re just getting started! We have also booked additional project revenue worth $18,000 and we are projecting at least another $100K in upgrades. Beyond additional revenue, greater profits and improved cash flow, we are also saving $56,400 in annual expenses, including our previous marketing consultants that never delivered results.

Dave Broeckelmann

Strategic Network Consulting

In Just 90 Days, I’ve Already Increased Revenue By 25% Over Last Year

In the last 90 days following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, by implementing Robin’s material and methodology, I have TRANSFORMED my business and added roughly $9K in new monthly recurring revenue! Plus, I’m adding even MORE in the next few weeks! When I look at my last year’s revenue, I see an increase by 25% in that short period of time!

Farshid Hashemipour

Pinnacle Access, Inc.

Doing It All Myself Produced ZERO Results; In 12 Weeks, Robin’s Marketing Delivered $6,556 In MRR And $23,440 In Project Revenue!

Before Robin, I committed myself to ‘doing it all.’ So I tried running Facebook Ads…no results. I dabbled with Google AdWords, and not a single call. I created a funnel and landing page; nobody filled out the form or called! Since my own marketing was floundering, I decided to go all in with Technology Marketing Toolkit. I joined the Accelerators Club and went to the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Since the workshop, we have implemented six campaigns over the last 12 weeks that have been successful in both growing our prospect database and dramatically increasing our number of qualified leads! In just 12 short weeks, we have added $3,973 in existing customer MRR and $2,583 in NEW customer MRR, for a total of $6,556 in monthly recurring revenue. Plus, we added $23,440 in customer projects! Even better, we expect to win over a new customer soon that is worth $8,284 in MRR!

Neal Juern

Juern Technology

Robin’s Program Was The PUSH We Needed To Increase Our Business By $10K A Month

All because of Robin’s training, here is a list of our accomplishments in just 90 days: We sent our first newsletter out this month, sent an e-mail campaign as well as a direct mail campaign. We upgraded our website, defined our market focus and are finalizing our Shock-And-Awe box. We have done several quarterly business reviews, of which $10K has closed, with the potential for $60K more in upgrade hardware. Just today, I had a customer call after reading our newsletter and place a $6K order! All I can say is, ‘Amazing! Why didn’t I do this sooner!

Our overall numbers for the past three months have shown a modest increase of about $10K in sales a month! Frankly, we have just begun to scratch the surface. Utilizing Robin’s program, we have a new level of engagement with our customers. Thanks for showing me the light and leading me down the path to prosperity and success.

Paul Marchese

Marchese Computer Products

When We Invested In Robin’s Program, We Quickly Went From ‘Oh $H!T! What Were We Thinking?’ To $329,701 In Added Revenue!

With our new marketing initiative from Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have seen positive results in EVERY part of our business. In a mere 12 weeks, while still fully engaged in the daily operations of our business, we have accomplished a ton of marketing, including running e-mail campaigns and direct mail campaigns, conducting quarterly business reviews, defining our target market, creating and mailing our print newsletter, building our Shock-And-Awe box, improving our website and so much more!

Finally, we are now investing our time and money into marketing, and it is paying us back in spades…and IMMEDIATELY! Providing a prospect with our booklet of customer testimonials gave them the confidence to commit to us – a $34,032 managed services agreement plus $5,233 in project revenue! What an adrenaline rush! Next, we scheduled quarterly business reviews while at the workshop. Our FIRST QBR brought in an annual increase of $72,092, and it just got better from there:

  • Client A: Previously Break/Fix – Now $7,816 MRR – Equals new revenue of $93,792
  • Client B: Previously Break/Fix – Now $5,535 MRR – Equals new revenue of $66,420
  • Client C: Mostly Break/Fix – Now $1,903 MRR – Equals new revenue of $21,252
  • Client D: Mostly Break/Fix – Now $2,794 MRR – Equals new revenue of $31,872
  • Client E: Physical Office Relocation and Equipment Upgrade – $8,000; GSuite to Office 365 Migration – $3,500
  • Client F: Windows 7 to Windows 10 Workstation Replacement – $24,000; Plus Quarterly Network Admin Visits – $2,100
  • Client G: Windows 7 and Small Server Upgrade – $16,000
  • Client H: Windows 7 Replacement Upgrade – $12,000
  • Client I: New Server Upgrade – $6,500
  • Client J: New VoIP System – $5,000

Ray and Tammy Coffin

All-Access Infotech, LLC

I’m Now Saving 8+ HOURS Per Week And Implementing MORE Marketing, Including A 12,589% ROI!

I learned more than I could have ever imagined from Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop! Our first ‘Robin campaign’ was the Aspirin campaign, which netted $14,666.73 in project work and $2,349 in MRR on a 36-month contract! Investing only $788.22 in the whole campaign, that was a 12,589% ROI – an amazing result for our FIRST CAMPAIGN! Our quick-shot e-mails generated eight responses and one new client worth $617.95 in MRR and $3,053 in project work! Our next wins were with quarterly business reviews: five QBRs scheduled, and we cross-sold one of our clients on our VoIP system for $3,181.70 in project work and $269.40 in MRR!

Since I’m a one-man marketing department, I desperately need multiple timesavers. Getting Robin’s Infusionsoft CRM was one of the best decisions I could have made since it has saved me considerable time and frustration. In addition, Robin’s Done-For-You Website and Done-For-You Monthly E-mail Newsletter have saved me FOUR HOURS per week! Finally, switching to the cyber security tips e-mails took me from spending four hours per week to ZERO hours! Thanks, Robin, for saving me eight-plus hours per week!

Tito Huynh


The $123,400 In Revenue We Added Simply By Participating In Robin’s Workshop FAR EXCEEDED My Expectations!

We implemented many marketing initiatives that generated significant monetary results as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Robin’s Cross-Sell campaign enabled us to close a long-term deal with the Department of Justice valued at $72K! Plus, the 9-Word E-mail campaign to cold leads restarted lucrative conversations. One conversation resulted in $19,500 in revenue. A second conversation generated $10,300. Also, by creating pages of quality testimonials, we scored a $1,200 per month deal and a $7,200 annual project!

The revenue directly resulting from our participation in the Rapid Implementation classes FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. The revenue total is $123,400, which includes one year of recurring revenue!

Gary Habel

DIS Technologies

The $123,400 In Revenue We Added Simply By Participating In Robin’s Workshop FAR EXCEEDED My Expectations!

By implementing the Technology Marketing Toolkit plan, I am more confident than ever we will reach our goals. We recently attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, executed numerous marketing campaigns and have enjoyed the following wins:

  • We sent out a direct mail piece promoting Windows 7/Server 2008 End of Life and received four leads, which resulted in four sat appointments. Three of these leads closed and one is now pending. Total MRR sales: $11,400 in MRR, plus an additional $5,750 in MRR pending. Total project sales: $7,000.
  • Our new website upgrade has brought us a new client who was sold on our testimonials. Total MRR sales: $650 per month.
  • Robin’s Tracking Tool has made it far easier to set a goal, track it and then debrief if the goal was missed. The EOL Win7/Server 2008 campaign has brought in a new client for a project worth $1,000 and $650 in MRR.

Keith Carrizosa

Azure Horizons, Inc.

I Had Major Doubts About Robin’s Program, But The ACCOUNTABILITY Helped Me To Achieve $5,300 In MRR

When I first heard of the success other IT services owners were having with Robin’s program, I had major doubts. I thought, ‘How can all of these companies grow so much simply by following her marketing steps?’ I figured it must be their markets. Because my market of Miami has thousands of MSPs, which makes it impossible to compete. Despite my doubts, my business partner convinced me to sign up for Robin’s program.

As we completed each week of Robin’s Rapid Implementation program, and I started to implement all of these different sales and marketing tools, I saw an IMMEDIATE INCREASE in our company growth and MRR! The pre-written QBR e-mail formats that make it easy to essentially ask for more money have increased our monthly recurring revenue by $5,300 per month! Also, since I’ve already received three leads, I will definitely start to use the referral e-mail at least twice a year.

Mark Banens

Business IT Support and Security (BIZITSS)

Robin’s Marketing Is Responsible For At Least 8 NEW ACCOUNTS For Us And Helped Us To Raise Our Rates!

I can count a minimum of EIGHT ACCOUNTS we would have NEVER had if it wasn’t for our team implementing Robin’s marketing. Plus, we gained a lot of cross-sales from existing clients that boosted our monthly recurring revenue.

The greater results come from the maturity I’ve developed individually and professionally as a result of continuously engaging with the program. Everything I’m learning is reflected in the product we put out at Titan Technologies. Thanks to Robin, we have been able to INCREASE our rates, ATTRACT better clients and IMPROVE our sales process!

Paul Nebb

Titan Technologies, Inc.

As A ‘One-Man Band,’ I Achieved ROI On DAY ONE And A 90-Day Return Of 911.39%!

Within the first couple of hours of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we were sending out marketing e-mails. I received 10 responses, set five appointments and closed two deals. Before the end of the day, I had already paid for the class! With that success rate, I sent four more easy done-for-you e-mail templates to prospects and clients. The results: $884.30 in monthly recurring revenue, with a total contract value of $7,832.30, plus $15,907.55 in project revenue!

From the information I gained from Robin and her team and the ongoing mentorship through weekly calls and e-mails, here’s what I accomplished in just 90 days: implemented a Q1 and Q2 marketing strategy, set up a marketing plan for the year, created two target markets and lists, improved my sales process and implemented lots of marketing. Because of the lessons learned and the work initiated, I have seen a verifiable increase in MRR of $3,824.30 and total onetime contracted revenue of $143,982.35, representing a 911.39% ROI in just 90 days. Not too shabby for a one-man band!

Michael Wayland


We Had A Record-Breaking Month In Top-Line Revenue!

My first month as the marketing assistant for InTech Solutions took me to Nashville for Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop. It was a whirlwind, to say the least! Inspired and encouraged, we used Robin’s teachings to run her Poker Chip direct mail campaign. Sending it out to prospects and following up with phone calls, we got six hot leads, three first-time appointments and one sale for $1,000 in new MRR!

Thanks to Robin’s SEO plan that my team implemented, we also received a new lead from our website who ended up becoming our LARGEST CLIENT – $14K in MRR and $46K in new equipment helped us to achieve a record-breaking month in top-line revenue!

I’m still getting the hang of Robin’s marketing style, but I can tell you IT WORKS! Excited to see the growth within Intech Solutions and within myself, I’ve learned so much with the help of the Robin Robins Team and my fearless leader.

Rebecca Gruss

InTech Solutions

Growing My Business More In 90 Days Than In The Previous 6 Years Combined, I Increased My Monthly Recurring Revenue By 44%!

The numbers still blow my mind. In just 90 days, I increased my MRR by $21,551. That’s a 44% GROWTH over where my business was before I attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. The growth associated with Robin’s marketing and strategies added $258,612 to my top line.

In spite of all the other priorities in my life and my complete lack of sleep, we have increased our bottom-line revenue by $57,520 (a 310% increase)! Plus, we roll into this next year with $770K ALREADY BOOKED in monthly recurring revenue. That’s a 79% growth over where we started last year! Thanks to Robin’s team for holding my feet to the fire!

Tom Glover


Robin’s “Warp-Speed Marketing” Was The Fuel That Rocketed Us To $8,200 In NEW Recurring Revenue!

Living in the heart of the space program in Houston, Texas, we are no strangers to speed. And Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop is basically marketing at warp speed. After only 90 days in Robin’s program, we have completed quarterly business reviews for one half of our clients. In that time, we have added $3,200 in MRR from NEW clients and approximately $5,000 in MRR from existing clients who have signed up for additional services.

Richard Wingfield

Envision Design

Screw It! Let’s Do It!” We’ve Done More Marketing In 4 Months Than In The Past 20 Years!

Before I met Robin, my little business needed some help to grow or it was going to wither and die on the vine. When I started Robin’s program, all that came to mind was, “I don’t want to be a flat squirrel.” So we jumped in and went to work. We’ve done more for sales and marketing in the last four months than I have done in the last 20 years!

The icing on the cake is Infusionsoft. Of all the things in Robin’s basket of marketing magic, the thought of having a cleaned and focused marketing list may be the best of all. A scrubbed list is clearly the cornerstone to making all of this marketing work!

Tim Nyberg

The MacGuys+

We Tested Robin’s Marketing In A Brand-New Location And It Worked! $2,400 In MRR And $7,700 In Projects!

Capstone IT’s main office has always been in Rochester, NY, which posed an interesting question. What would happen if we opened a new office 1,367 miles away, in Palm Beach, Florida? Not only was it far away, we had ZERO connections there! The first step to duplicate the success of our NY office in Florida was attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Robin’s workshop and the 90 days that followed have been such an incredibly fun challenge. And the outcome of our work still blows my mind! We closed three new customers totaling $2,400 per month, are anticipating approximately $15,000 potential MRR in the sales funnel and have invoiced $7,700 in projects. Attending this single workshop has launched Florida Capstone so far forward in 90 days in a way that we could never have accomplished alone in one full year!

Sara Borlaug

Capstone IT

In Just One Month, It Felt Like Our Whole Company Changed For The Better

Unlike before Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we now have results to show! We received 12 first-time appointments from the direct mail campaign, one inbound lead FTA from our drip marketing and three appointments from our referral campaign. Our QBRs resulted in $223,224 in proposed and completed project work and $1,254 in new MRR.

Attending this workshop and participating in the accountability calls gave us the push we needed to tighten our message and focus on the nuts and bolts we needed to project sales. Looking at the pipeline of what we believe will advance to the proposal stage, we have $18,474 in potential project work and $16,360 in potential NEW MRR!

Abigail Kern

Healthcare Technology Advisors, LLC

Other Marketing Companies: High Expense, Zero Results; Robin’s Marketing: $1,449 In MRR And $58,001!

I invested in marketing from different companies that stressed they could create a sales pipeline. We tried, I got frustrated, we failed, they never delivered. IT services is just a different animal, and most marketing firms have no clue what they need to say and what they need to do. The expense was high. The return was ZERO.

In the 90 days following Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have added $1,449.92 in monthly recurring revenue – that’s an increase of 22.5% in MRR for us! The additional sales that have come from our quarterly business reviews total $33,001.15. In the next month, I have a server project and two phone systems that are booked for a total of $48,000! Not only are we getting results from these QBRs, direct mail is working too. From our first mailing, we achieved sales for $25,000, and we have proposals for $12,500 and $91,000!

Ian Pollard

ChoiceCom Network & Communications Limited

By Changing My Mindset About Marketing, I Accomplished More In 3 Months Than In The Past 3 Years!

As a result of Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, I accomplished more in marketing in three months than in the past three years, including: completed an SEO plan for our website, defined our referral reward program, started a weekly blog and e-mail drip campaign, created and mailed our first newsletter, completed our Shock-And-Awe box and so much more.

All of this new marketing resulted in some impressive wins. First, the Client Testimonial Campaign netted great testimonials as well as an unexpected additional $2,970 in monthly recurring revenue from one of our clients. After the workshop, we immediately launched into Cross-Sell Campaigns for our new firewall solution, totaling $14,000 in MRR and $19,300 in project work! These results would never have happened if I hadn’t changed my mindset that there’s ALWAYS time for marketing – you just have to make the time!

Scott Minke

iTrust IT, LLC

90 Days Of Actionable Marketing Steps Brought In 3 New Clients And 3 New Hires

In the 90 days following Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have seen considerable growth in our business. We have added three new clients totaling $5,600 in monthly recurring revenue. We also conducted 19 client business reviews, which generated $253,020 in new sales! As a result of the new business generated from our marketing, we recently hired an operations manager, full-time tech and part-time tech. Beyond the strategies and instruction, we couldn’t have asked for a better group to go through this process with.

Jill Greenlaw

Marketing Manager, Protek

Our Results Have Been Off-The-Charts Amazing!

Call it luck, but I’ve always paid myself well and never really struggled to make ends meet in the business. However, my checkbook did not justify the long hours I was working and I wanted to make more money. So I decided to change my fate and joined Robin’s Producers Club. With the guidance of Robin’s team and my peers, I designed, refined and executed a marketing strategy that has changed the trajectory of the company – and my life.

Since joining, we’ve generated 258 leads and our top-line revenues have increased 66% over the last two years. I’ve added $69,000 per month in recurring revenue and, best of all, our profitability has simultaneously increased by 104%. This year, we are already on track to close an additional $48,000 in new MRR and grow another 20% to our top line.

Not only have I achieved financial gain, but also (and more importantly) I’ve gained confidence and security in my future. Thank you, Robin, Jeff and my fellow Producers Club members.

James Kudla

Tarrytech Computer Consultants

I Wouldn’t Hesitate To Recommend Robin Robins Wholeheartedly

We have been clients of Technology Marketing Toolkit for almost two years. We started slowly, as we were skeptical of all the changes we’d have to make to our business. Over time, though, each change we made brought us new results. We were delighted and finally decided to go all in and just trust and follow. That was a great decision for us and we are not looking back. Each month we are more and more convinced that this was the right thing for us to do to help us grow our business. We are happier and our customers are happier. We have met the most amazing business owners and have learned from them too. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this organization wholeheartedly.

Barbara Dawson


We Have Improved Our Processes, Put New Specific Plans In Place, Turned Unconverted Leads Into Clients And Increased Our Profitability In The Few Short Months We Have Worked With Technology Marketing Toolkit

We’ve worked with a lot of other marketing ‘experts’ in the past, many of whom have proven to be all ‘smoke and mirrors’ when it came time to really providing us with what we needed to be successful. Working with Robin Robins at Technology Marketing Toolkit has been totally the opposite! No ‘smoke and mirrors’ with Technology Marketing Toolkit, but rather, tangible resources, effective marketing campaign ideas, solid advice and guidance based on years of proven experience in marketing. Robin’s direct, no-nonsense approach, backed by the effectiveness of her ideas and suggestions, has been life-changing for me personally as well as for our company. Robin and her amazing team have been the best find, EVER.

The content, process and easy-to-follow marketing strategies have totally changed our approach and success. Working with Technology Marketing Toolkit has been extremely energizing and beneficial for our company, and I would HIGHLY recommend working with Robin and her team. Every step of the way you will feel they are 100% invested in your success, if you are committed and do your part. There is no need to pursue them if you are not a ‘get ’er done’ kind of person. You have to put in the work! Winners, people who will put in the blood, sweat and tears and work with Robin, will only grow and become more successful. We have improved our processes, put new specific plans in place, turned unconverted leads into clients and increased our profitability in the few short months we have worked with Technology Marketing Toolkit.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience and the results we’ve seen since hiring Robin and her team to help us with our marketing initiatives. We love the step-by-step, fully created marketing campaigns provided by Robin. Everything you need is at your fingertips! They are easy to understand and implement. Investing in becoming a member of Robin’s Producer’s Club, and the accountability that comes along with that group, is what really has made all the difference.

We are so thankful to have put in all that we have over the last several months, following many of Robin’s marketing campaigns to the letter. Our investment of time and money has proven to produce results beyond our expectations and has set us up for an even more successful future.

Leesa Richardson

Keller Schroeder

Our Growth And Profit Is Directly Tied To The Marketing Methods Of Robin Robins

I’ve been with Technology Marketing Toolkit for about a year, and my business partner has been with Technology Marketing Toolkit for years and years. I was skeptical at first, but as I became involved, I saw the positive results and how it has positively impacted my business. Our growth and profit is directly tied to the marketing methods of Robin Robins and her TMT plan. Quite literally, it changes my outlook and view on how I approach clients and customers as well as prospective clients. I highly recommend this program and process to anyone who owns any kind of IT business!

Nick Espinosa


If You Are An MSP That Is Looking For A Way To Boost Your Sales And Marketing With An Organization That Is No-Fluff, High Integrity, Focused On Your Results And Success, I Would Highly Recommend The Technology Marketing Toolkit

I have been in the Technology Marketing Toolkit Producer’s Club for four years now. I have been in several other coaching/performance-type organizations, though this one has stuck for me. Robin Robins is the leader and she is a very driven force who really cares to deliver great value to her customers, which are SMB IT companies. She is also approachable and makes herself available if you need to get her input. She really cares a great deal about the people that are in her program and she really knows her stuff when it comes to sales and marketing. The accountability group experience that is part of the Producer’s Club program is also one I greatly enjoy. So, bottom line, if you are an MSP that is looking for a way to boost your sales and marketing with an organization that is no-fluff, high integrity, focused on your results and success, I would highly recommend the Technology Marketing Toolkit.

Wayne Chapin

Xerillion Corp.

If You Have An IT Business And A Willingness To Follow Her Instructions, Robin’s Program Can Improve Your Income

After hearing Robin speak this morning, it was obvious that she is passionate about what she does and has experience to back her advice. In four days of feeding, rewarding, training, entertaining and encouraging 800 attendees, she and her staff delivered an excellent program that have I already paid to attend again next year. I’m a cheap skeptic and I haven’t quite bought into her upper-tier marketing packages, but most everything she offers comes with a money-back guarantee. The one time I tried to take her up on the guarantee, her staff worked to get me happy while making it clear that they would refund all my money if that was what I wanted.

After talking with a dozen or so random attendees this week at her event who had bought full-service packages, I became confident that if you have an IT business, a willingness to follow her instructions and enough money to afford her services, Robin’s program can improve your income. I didn’t meet a single person who was unhappy with their arrangement with TMT and I was looking hard.

Cameron Stokes

ProComp Networking Solutions

I Can’t Believe How Far Our Marketing Efforts Have Come In A Short Amount Of Time

Working with Robin Robins and the Technology Marketing Toolkit is amazing. Robin has inspired me to grow my business. She provides outstanding processes and materials to help me improve my IT business. The best part is being exposed to all the talented members of her Producers Club. Everyone is willing to share best practices so we can all learn from each other. I can’t believe how far our marketing efforts have come in a short amount of time.

Eric Shorr

Secure Future Tech Solutions

$290K In Sales In 18 Months

I got the attention of two really great clients using Robin’s ad. Thanks to Robin’s marketing, I’ve been able to cash in sales of $290K in the last 18 months ALONE.

Rob McDaniel

President, Atlantec LLC

Big Numbers Are No Longer Out Of Reach

I have to say without a doubt that meeting you and signing on with your program is the best decision I have made for our company. After using your methods for the last six months and sticking to our marketing program, we have been able to close an additional $357,000 in managed services revenue this year. This is definitely exciting for us as most of our clients sign three-year contracts, so quite honestly that is about $1.1 million in additional revenue that we would not have had if you did not get me to finally take that plunge! Thank you for helping to restructure our company into a moneymaking machine!

Robert Marhamat

CEO, ServerPlex Networks

Achieved A Solid 25% Increase In Sales

Before joining Robin’s Master Mind Group, I was completely relying on word-of-mouth advertising and sales from existing clients to generate revenue; and while that grows a little bit, it’s difficult to scale sales fast that way. I knew I needed a better marketing plan and that’s why I decided to join Robin’s coaching program. Now I’ve got a very professional-looking website, brochure, lead generation offers and marketing materials that really sell. I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of new leads and interest from our partners, and have achieved a solid 25% increase in sales. Obviously I’m very happy with the return and the results I’ve received from the program.

John H. Johns

President, Direct Link

My Revenue Has Increased By 35%

Since obtaining Robin’s Kit, I’ve converted all but two customers to a managed services plan, which has increased my revenues by approximately 35%. I’ve made a significant investment in Kaseya and have 25% of my customers on Silver, 40% on Gold, 20% on Platinum and 15% on All-Inclusive. My monthly credit-card receipts are more than triple what they were when I was selling block time. Overall, I’ve increased my business last quarter (compared to last year’s first quarter) by more than 100% with Robin’s help.

James Sanford

President, e-Tech Software

Marketing Is Your Business!

I have learned through Robin that marketing is what is important to make your business grow. To be able to service your clients correctly, your business has to be healthy. I highly recommend that anyone who is not using Robin’s programs get into it with both feet and just take everything and move your business in the right direction.

Michael Wolinski

MRW Systems, Inc.

In The First 5 Months We’ve Doubled Our Revenues

Since we came on board in November, in the five months that we’ve been doing this we have doubled our revenues. We have better contacts. We’ve raised our prices to our customers. It truly is an amazing thing, and I recommend this to everybody. Thank you.

Richard Galganov

Mentis Group, Inc.

Much Of The Work In Selling Is Done Before I Even Meet With My Prospects!

Robin, when you tell us it’s important to deliver ‘extreme value’ to our clients, you lead by example – and I want to thank you SO much for all you’ve done for IT guys like us.

I’ve been in the IT industry a long time, taking care of networks and selling IT services, but I can honestly say that I have learned more in these seven weeks in your program about marketing than over my entire career. My head is ready to explode, and I mean that as a compliment to you. I find myself listening to your programs multiple times in order to soak it all in; and every time I listen, I find a new idea or a key point that I missed before.

But most importantly, you’re 100% authentic. Some people might think you’re too direct, but I appreciate your candor and telling it like it is. There is so much value in what you do that I wanted to let you know and give you encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you!

Wally Moore

DTS InfoTech

Not only have we recession-proofed our business, but we’ve also increased sales by 40% without a dedicated sales team!

Prior to getting involved with Robin, we never were consistent with our marketing. We didn’t like doing it, didn’t have a background in it and, therefore, we weren’t good at it. With just one of Robin’s campaigns, we tripled the number of managed services clients we had, and we’re still finishing up some of those meetings and closing sales!

Has all this hard work paid off? You bet! We had less staff, we were refocused, tripled our managed services revenue and our sales are up 40% – even though we let our one and only full-time sales rep go!

Val Aubry

Main Street Software

With Robin’s Marketing, Our Total Revenue Is Up By 56.9%, And We’re On Track To Have Our Best Year Ever!

When implementing Robin’s marketing, one thing I learned was NOT to change the recipe but to follow her strategies to the letter. When I first saw the campaigns she gave us, I didn’t trust they would work so I changed them. Big mistake! That didn’t work. Then I was reminded of some advice a self-made millionaire gave me once: ‘If you meet someone and their pile of money is bigger than YOUR pile of money, you need to listen to them.’ So I regrouped and stopped trying to second-guess the campaigns. The next campaign I mailed out was exactly as Robin directed. And guess what? That one campaign brought in $146,186 in sales AND we got four clients under a managed services contract.

Thanks to Robin’s coaching and guidance, we continue to grow by taking action. We are no longer sitting on our butts worrying about the next gadget or technical gizmo that we have no control over. This marketing works if you are willing to do the work to make it happen!

Walt Ely

System Care, Inc.

We’ve Already Generated Over $44,000 In New Sales Thanks To Robin’s Marketing

We’ve already generated over $44,000 in new sales thanks to Robin’s marketing!

We have $9,900 per month in recurring revenue from our managed services program we launched in May.

All this is to a tough market – home users!

Mark Stevenson and Daniel Wang

Chicago Computer Club

We Generated $39,000 In Sales In Just 2 Hours. You Truly Inspire And Motivate Us To Be Our Best

Robin, thank you for sharing your years of marketing experience, organization, growth, successes and failures with us! You motivate us every time. You have taught us how to literally go out and get new sales systematically and reliably.

I know without a doubt that if we keep going and make marketing as consistent as computers breaking– then we will be able to realize the dream of having new clients flooding in every month!

Lliam and Jennifer Holmes

Owners, MIS Solutions, Inc

Robin, thanks to your marketing, I was able to get on the front cover of “Custom Solutions Magazine” and land a $200,000 sale!

I listened to one of the teleseminars you held awhile back on getting free PR, and the guy you interviewed talked about how you can use a free report to get published in a magazine and how to position yourself as a resource for reporters.

I started using some of the techniques he recommended – and the fact that we landed on the front cover of Custom Systems magazine is proof positive that this works! And in addition to this article, I’ve also been quoted and referenced in many other articles.

David Stinner

President, US itek, Inc.

In just over a year of implementing the TMT, my revenue surged from $13,000 per month to $82,000 a month…and we’ll wind up at the end of this year doing about $580,000!

When CMIT brought in Robin to help the franchisees with our marketing, I was skeptical. After all, I was facing a monthly deficit of $17,000 and was considering closing up shop and getting a job.

In just over a year of implementing the TMT, my revenue surged from $13,000 per month to $82,000 a month. I ended 2007 with about $265,000 in revenue and we’ll wind up at the end of 2008 doing about $580,000.

Scott Brennan

CMIT Solutions Of Fox Valley North

Thanks To Robin, We Increased Profits By 292% And NEW Clients By 72% In A TOUGH Economy

Using Robin’s campaigns, we not only survived but grew an additional 10% in gross sales ($495,524), increased profits by 292%, added to our total number of clients (54) and increased our monthly managed services income to $31,698. We accomplished all of this by redoubling our marketing efforts using Robin’s strategies. I would strongly recommend that anyone needing more clients and more revenue enroll in Robin’s program – and use it! We are proof positive that you don’t need to be marketing rock stars or super-salespeople to get results.

Brad & Victoria Myers

Myers Network Solutions

Robin’s Marketing Generated Well Over $140,000 In New Revenue In A Short Period Of Time

With Robin’s marketing program, my company saw results fast! Right away we closed one deal resulting in approximately $50,000 a year in recurring revenue! I can confidently say Robin’s marketing has generated well over $140,000 in new recurring revenue in a very short period of time. The progress we made over a 10-week period using Robin’s marketing was more than we accomplished in all of last year.

I’m a pretty big skeptic and I looked long and hard on the Internet for somebody saying something negative to confirm my skepticism in regards to Robin’s program. I came up empty-handed and I am so glad I did. I must admit the fire hose of information Robin turns on at first is a bit overwhelming, but my continual plugging away at that checklist day by day started to give me confidence and help me see I was making real progress. I want to thank Robin a million times over!

Matthew Palmer

Technology Practice Manager, ISH

We Went From Selling Break-Fix Services To Over $19,237 Per Month In Profitable Managed Contracts. By May Of This Year, We Had Already Generated MORE Revenue Than We Did In All Of Last Year

We started Spectrum Technology Solutions in April of 2009 and ran it part-time for a few months until a friend of mine who ran a small IT support company as well happily gave us his 10 break/fix clients when he decided to move away from Phoenix. At first we thought this would be our ticket to build some quick monthly revenue, but we soon learned that there was a reason why he was so willing to give away his clients. They were demanding, cheap and had zero interest in managed services.

We were making money, but just enough to pay the bills, and we knew we needed better marketing to attract a higher-quality client. Fortunately a Google search led us to Robin and her marketing materials. We dove in and invested in the Technology Marketing Toolkit and ultimately the Producers Club.

After a few starts and stops, we now have finally built up our marketing engine to include newsletters, direct mail campaigns, free reports and canvassing. Each time we do another campaign, the results are incredible. By May of 2012 we already had more YTD revenue than we had all of last year, and we are on track to grow our total revenue by 120% this year. Our MRR has already increased by 75% YTD and will likely more than double by the end of this year.

In the beginning, it took some time to get started and get on track. We would tell anyone who is at this point to just get moving. An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion continues to stay in motion. Make the choice to be the object that propels your business toward growth and profit. Get the momentum started with canvassing and newsletters, and make a commitment to cultivate the relationship that you have with your existing clients to build trust (and wow them) so that they will refer their friends. We are so thankful we have learned this and now know how to market our business successfully!

Wayne & Gloria Klug

Spectrum Technology Solutions

Implementing Robin’s Marketing Strategies Has Allowed Me To Sleep Better At Night, Knowing I Have The Revenue I Need To Keep My Business Going

The first year we were a total break-fix business. With that model, we had to sit around until someone had a problem then jump to get their issue resolved. We weren’t profitable, didn’t have a steady stream of income and didn’t have any reliable ways to generate new clients outside of referrals. It didn’t take long to figure out ‘I didn’t like this’ so I decided to try Robin’s strategies.

Implementing Robin’s marketing strategies has allowed me to sleep better at night and not have to worry about where the next check to make payroll will come from. It’s also comforting to know each month starts with revenue. Our number of clients increased by 49% the first year and by 38% the following year.

To summarize the Robin experience I would say it’s made me aware that you need to show up every day. All the tools in the world look nice in the box, but to be successful they need to be put to use.

Peter Verlezza

SMB Networks, LLC

Total Revenue Up 57.1%!

Although money was tight, I knew I needed to invest in learning how to market my business – and I needed to learn fast. So when I heard about Robin, I jumped in with both feet and purchased both the Toolkit and Managed Services Blueprint, an investment that has really paid off. I have begun to make better use of CRM and practice management tools based on some of Robin’s recommendations and the experiences of the other partners and vendors on the Q&A/Guest Calls. My results have been incredible. The year-over-year growth is as follows:

Total Revenue: +57.1%
Gross Profit: +27.1%
Total Income: +26.3%

However, there are other lessons that I have learned. One is that it really doesn’t start with a particular letter series, postcard, website modification or Google Ad. You just have to start somewhere.

Malcolm McGee

CMIT Solutions Of San Antonio

Not Only Are We On Track To Hit The $1 Million Mark, But For The First Time In The History Of Our Company We Are Actually Profitable, Adding Over 19% To The Bottom Line This Year

We bought the Toolkit and Blueprint, but it wasn’t until we really started IMPLEMENTING multiple campaigns that things really started to click. We took a step back and developed a 90-day marketing plan. We decided to focus on a few key things that would help us become profitable, rather than doing 1,000 things halfway. Developing a JV strategy, creating a monthly newsletter and perfecting our sales process has made this year our best revenue year ever! Our goal is to hit the $1 million mark this year, and bring our MRR up to $75,000/ month. But, MORE importantly, for the FIRST TIME in the history of our company we are actually profitable – over 19% to the bottom line so far this year. Robin provides us with truly unbelievable tools and great value. She’s helped us begin the process of learning how to grow our business and become profitable business owners.

Nate Viveiros

ThinkTech Computers, Inc.

Consistently Utilizing Robin’s Campaigns, We Are On Pace To Increase Gross Revenue 30% And Increase Our Net Profits By A Whopping 250%!

Before finding Robin, our sales were just hovering. We were making a profit, but I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of growth. It seemed as though we were stuck and needed to figure out how to get over the hump to bring more new customers in the door.

Shortly after signing up with Robin, we had two catastrophic events happen that had the potential to put us out of business. Those events included losing two clients along with over 20% of our revenues immediately, leaving a big, gaping hole in our profitability. Leveraging Robin’s strategies, we were able to sign 26 new accounts that same year and re-sign one of those lost accounts a few months later.

Generating results requires more than just the occasional campaign – it takes a serious effort and focus. It’s hard to say which particular campaign gave us the best results overall, but it IS working. With this consistent focus and effort, we are experiencing amazing growth…I am on pace to increase gross revenues 30% this year and net profits are up 250%!

Tim Shea

Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.

Prospects Now Approach ME, And Customers Think Of Me As Their Trusted Technology Advisor, Not Just Some IT Guy.

Before working with Robin, Jeff and the Producers Club, my business was only growing through referrals and networking. Unfortunately the referrals and new clients I was getting were not my target. They were break/fix, low-profit and generally clients that didn’t ‘get it.’ They mostly viewed me as just another tech guy. I really struggled to differentiate myself and attract quality prospects.

Now that I have learned Robin’s marketing systems and implemented her campaigns, I have positioned myself as a Trusted Technology Advisor in my community. By differentiating myself through marketing, I now have people I want as clients coming up to me at Chamber events, handing me their business card and asking me to call them. People recognize me and see me as a trusted advisor rather than just another IT guy. This positioning has made a huge difference in the success of my business.

David Carattini

Arizona Tech Works

In just a year’s time, we secured a 46% increase in sales at a whopping 37% profit margin – and thanks to our HaaS offering, that’s going to increase even more

We’ve implemented a lot of campaigns and as a result, we’ve seen a 46% increase in sales over just a one-year period. The campaigns are great, but above all, the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve made through Robin’s Producers Club have been worth the price of admission.

Thanks to all the encouragement and support, sales are up, profits are up and our average contract price point is up as well. There’s a real positive ‘can-do’ attitude at the office and a feeling that there’s no goal we can’t accomplish.

John Motazedi

SNC Squared, Inc.

During The First Year Since Implementing Robin’s Campaigns, I Obtained 10 New Clients Reactivated 4 Former Clients, And Signed Up 17 Managed Services Clients

Like a lot of Robin’s clients, I bought the Toolkit, but didn’t actually crack it open until much later. I was looking for that quick-fix to get me going. What I have learned is that it’s not about a ‘shot in the arm,’ but it’s all about following the recipe, staying the course and going through the process.

With Robin’s help, I have implemented multiple campaigns, all resulting in huge gains for me and my company. I have obtained 10 new clients, reactivated four former clients who were in the ‘gone or forgotten’ category and recently launched my monthly managed services offering, signing up 17 clients.

One thing for sure is that this is all a constant learning experience. Most of all, I know that with Robin’s outlines and my own initiative and style I’ll be able to take my company into the rest of this decade with the knowledge that growth is inevitable, that having a successful business is based on how my clients appreciate the work I do on their behalf and how satisfied they are with the results.

Larry Kahm

Heliotropic Systems, Inc.

We Have Been In Business For Over 15 Years, And I Had Never Cracked The Million-Dollar Revenue Barrier. Thanks To Consistent Marketing, In Our 16th Year, We Shattered That Number – Nearly Doubling Our Revenue Numbers From Last Year!

Today we are a very organized and profitable company with monthly recurring revenue covering our expenses by the first of every month – but it wasn’t always this way. At one time, I was extended beyond my means, so I did things I promised myself I would never do. Extended credit lines, reached into savings…I felt violated and taken advantage of, and I had done it to myself.

We slowly grew to a point where I was comfortable and we were surviving, but I knew I needed to do more. I finally caved in and bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit and joined the Producer’s Club. Robin’s support plus that of our Accountability Group helped me to finally start executing on marketing. Progress was slow at first with several hurdles along the way, but by the fifth month, we had processes in place and started to experience real results!

We have been in business for over 15 years, and I had never cracked the million-dollar revenue barrier. I had knocked on the door, but never any further. In our 16th year, we finally managed to shatter that number, nearly doubling our previous year’s revenue numbers! For the first time I finally feel balance in both my family and business life. I am truly grateful to Robin and the amazing quality of business owners she has attracted to this group which has enabled me to create a better life by building and better a business.

Jeff Brodie

CodeFusion Communications

In One Year We Generated Over $231,000 In NEW Business, While Only Investing $16,886 In Marketing – That’s A More Than 1,300% Return On Investment

I started InnoTek in 1999 with the mission of helping business owners run their businesses more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Every year I was growing InnoTek, and we were good at what we did.

Ironically, InnoTek was able to accomplish the goal of efficiency and profitability for our clients, but I was not able to do this for InnoTek.

After years of struggling I decided this needed to change so I began a mission to save my business, improve my quality of life and create success, with a focus on efficiency and profitability for InnoTek.

This all started when I found Robin and enrolled in her programs. She taught me that an entrepreneur needs structure, support groups and real training in order to run and grow a successful business. Her leadership, direction and of course, marketing paid off big for InnoTek. In one year, we generated over $231,000 in NEW business while investing $16,886 in marketing efforts. That’s more than a 1,300% return on our investment. My mission was accomplished… We made InnoTek efficient and profitable and continue to do so.

Fred Reck


During a tough economic time, our gross sales are now up 45.6%, our recurring income has climbed to 41.7% and last year was a banner year for us with sales up 25.8%

We weren’t making a lot of money and were just plodding along at a snail’s pace and knew it was because we were in complete reaction mode. But we plugged along, not getting anywhere until a few years ago, when we met Robin Robins. We started using Robin’s information to send out a monthly newsletter. It was great! Robin has also helped us realize that our natural vertical was dental offices since David and I have direct, hands-on experience working in those businesses.

The results overall have been stellar. During a tough economic time, our gross sales are now up 45.6% since we started, our recurring income has climbed to 41.7% and last year was a banner year for us with sales up 25.8%. When you consider there are a lot of businesses closing their doors this is a pretty amazing bump. This year we raised our goal to almost double what we did last year, and I feel confident I can hit this goal because Robin’s marketing is working.

Pam Snell

ACT Smart

We Have Grown Our Managed Services MRR From $5,000 A Month To $311,000 A Month

One of my fondest memories as a teenager was going to McDonald’s, where our family of four where we would share a single small bag of fries. One day, I noticed a man eating a LARGE box of fries all by himself. I realized right then that there is a big, abundant world out there, and I was determined to be a part of it.

In 2003, my husband, Mike, started Capstone IT. For three years, my six-figure income as an engineer for General Motors supported the family until I took the plunge and quit my job! I hold a master’s in engineering and own six US patents, yet I didn’t know the first thing about how to sell or market a business and couldn’t get the phones to ring at all.

In 2006, we attended our first Boot Camp. I watched in amazement as other MSPs shared their success stories. So I went up to Robin and expressed to her, “I’m an introverted engineer, Robin. I don’t know anything about sales and marketing. It’s so out of my comfort zone.” I’ll never forget what she told me: “I can teach you the sales process and the marketing. But you must FIRST change your mindset.

That was a pivotal moment. In just nine years, we have grown our managed services MRR from $5,000 a month to $311,000 a month!

Which brings us to 2018. My team implemented 192 marketing campaigns! From those campaigns, we got 118 leads and $58,051 in NEW MRR. We grew our top-line revenue by 34% in 2018. Our $200 Club Referral Program brought in 16 leads and $14,000 in MRR. Our website design team, blog writers and SEO report generator, Pronto, produce our #1 lead generator. In 2018, our website brought in 34 leads and $8,500 MRR.

By joining committees and boards, we invest time that might otherwise be spent on traditional sales and marketing. We gain trust and friendship from decision makers who consider Capstone first when they’re ready to buy, which resulted in 17 leads and over $20,000 in MRR.

Everything I do in my business, my family my life or just ordering fries, I always THINK BIGGER! Maybe that’s how I’m honored to be the 2019 Spokesperson and Ambassador To The Industry.

Sitima Fowler


Using The KLAMP Method,I Sent Out ONE E-mail Campaign, Which Secured $29,700 In Annual, Recurring Revenue Right Away And Eventually Got Me To A Total Revenue Increase Of $88,548!

After letting the Toolkit sit on the shelf in my office for quite some time, I finally kicked off my marketing plan using Robin’s materials and strategies. I sent out the BDR e-mail campaign to existing clients and generated a 32% response rate and an increase of $29,700 in annual, recurring revenue. That represents a monthly increase of approximately 6% in our world.

Overall, I secured an additional $88,548 in revenue due to this ONE campaign! What can I say but ‘WOW’ and ‘Woohoo!!!’ This was an awesome jumpstart for us – something I wish I had done when I first got the Toolkit!

Diana Spurgus

Business Systems Solutions, Inc.

Gross Sales Up 28% / Net Profit Up 173% / MRR Up 90%

In two years we’ve grown like gangbusters! I wish I could say there was one magic bullet – one campaign that brought us new clients and an endless flow of money…The truth is, there wasn’t! It was blood, sweat and tears. We worked our @$$es off!

Brendan Howe


My Net Profit Is Up 250% And I Now Have $43,515 In MRR

We grew in 2010 because we made some consistent marketing habits, dedicated resources to tasks, took care of current clients and made those things parts of our job.

Michael Mandato

System Care, Inc.

Using A Consistent Combination Of Robin’s Marketing Strategies, I Have Grown My Business 47% Over The Last Year

When I first started my business I was always looking for that one marketing ‘magic bullet’ I could use to repeatedly get new customers. What I have come to learn is that there is no one ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to being successful with marketing. Over the years, through much trial and error, I have discovered it takes multiple activities, working together consistently toward specific goals, and then measuring the results.

Using a consistent combination of canvassing office buildings, attending key business trade shows, networking, joint ventures, webinars, seminars, organic SEO, a monthly newsletter and Google AdWords, my business has grown 47%, breaking the $1 million barrier in revenue! This year we are shooting for $2 million and I feel confident we will get there.

Robin has taught me to track everything in our marketing. This actually allows for decisions based on real data and not based on emotions. Robin always says, until someone buys your service, they don’t know how good you are. They only know how good your MARKETING is. With that in mind, I know I am on the right track since one of my prospective customers told me how good my marketing is, and that he would like ME to handle HIS marketing along with their technology.

Scott Spiro

Computer Solutions Group, Inc.

We Grew Organically From $1.7 Million to $3.9 Million In 12 Months

Using Robin’s marketing strategies, net profits went up by 231% during this same period. Having an effective marketing plan not only allowed me to get more clients, but also more PROFITABLE ones; further, it allowed my sales team to be far more effective at closing new managed recurring revenue contracts.

Tom Andrulis

Intelligent Technical Solutions

A Joint Venture Strategy We Learned From Robin Brought Us A 4,674% Return On Our Investment

With the help of Robin’s joint venture strategy, we invested just over $2,000 in an event and closed over $100,000 in total sales – that’s a 4,674% return on investment! We also increased our prospect list through this JV partnership and added good, qualified prospects. We closed two large deals, both of which offer recurring revenue for years to come.

By focusing on only our clients who were truly profitable and aligned with our managed services model, we experienced a 51% increase in monthly recurring revenue. Our gross profit has increased by 21% and our net profit has increased by a whopping 85%; all by focusing on getting more of the right customers and using the right campaigns that Robin has provided us.

Karen Bowling


We Obtained 5 New Customers For A Total Of $9,790 A Month In Recurring Revenue Through Just One Canvassing Campaign

Over the past year we have obtained five new customers with managed recurring revenue of $9,790 per month, strictly by using one of Robin’s marketing campaigns. We have also been able to upsell these clients monthly with an average of $1,000 per month of extra services and products. Ultimately, the value of these five clients is nearly $11,500 per month in recurring revenue!

Robin has definitely taught me that I can sell anything. Thankfully, we’re now a profitable, stable company with both a marketing plan and growth strategy in place!

Dawn Wilson

Tec Works

Using Robin’s Marketing, We’re Bringing In $62,720 In Monthly Recurring Revenue (Up From $21,451), And That’s AFTER Firing 13 Low-Profit Clients

Before working with Robin, we were only generating $21,541 in monthly recurring revenue. One year later, we’re up to $62,720 in MRR. This is AFTER firing 13 low-profit clients. That means our profitability is up dramatically and our entire team is a LOT happier now that we’re delivering our services to NEW clients who genuinely appreciate us and don’t beat us up on price. I’ve never done marketing before and I’m definitely not a savvy salesperson so naturally I was skeptical of Robin’s program at first. But sales are up and we’re winning clients away from cheaper competitors on a regular basis. If that won’t make you a believer that Robin’s marketing works, I don’t know what will!

Joanna Sobran


Thanks To Great Marketing, We Surpassed Our $3.6 Million Revenue Goal While Maintaining Our Profitability

The past year was a challenge for me personally in many different ways, but thanks to Robin’s marketing, I now have the marketing systems in place that can help to make my company the best computer-support company in the world. Even through the troubles, we surpassed our $3.6 million goal this year!

Bruce McCully

Dynamic Edge

I Am So Glad We FINALLY Decided To Buy The Toolkit

We have been dancing around buying your marketing system for years and we finally took the plunge. I LOVE everything I have seen so far and your staff has been very helpful. The content and program are great! I am so glad we finally dove in!

Ann Lewis

Computer Care

I Have Learned More From You In The Last 24 Hours About My Own Industry, Let Alone Marketing, Than I Have In Months Using Any Other Source

I am brand-new to your program and I’m going through it for the first time. I have to say I am very, very impressed with your presentations, your materials on the web site – all of it is great. I am overwhelmed right now, but the stuff seems really, really good. It has already given my crew all kinds of new ideas. You have been very helpful and I have learned more from you, your materials and organization in the last 24 hours about my own industry, let alone marketing, than I have in months using any other source. I am very grateful for you and thank you for doing such a good job in presenting this!

John Elston

Elston Technology Services, LLC

All Of The Campaigns We Implemented Added Over $200,000 To Our Business And Boosted Our Profits By Over 52%

When I came upon the Technology Marketing Toolkit, it was a rough time for my company; we only had about $300,000 in revenue with no marketing or sales systems in place. I sent out our first marketing campaign, and in four months had six managed services clients and $8,700 in monthly recurring revenue! I was hooked and started reading, learning and paying attention to everything Robin had to say, which helped us grow to $653,000 and then to $753,000 in the following year. Technology Marketing Toolkit has brought me rock-solid marketing and provided great peer group support. Thank you, Robin!

Bill Ooms


We Had NOTHING In Place For Marketing And Were Completely Flat With Growth – And Now We’ll Easily Hit $1 Million In Revenue This Year

When we first found Robin, we were truly starting from scratch when it came to marketing. We lacked everything: a target market, a USP, a list, testimonials, brochures, and didn’t have a SINGLE working marketing campaign. Even our website was mediocre at best (as I said, NOTHING). With Robin’s help, we now have all of that in place and are seeing the results. Just one of her direct mail campaigns generated $217,277 in total contracts (over three years), giving us an ROI of 4,484%!

As a result of implementing Robin’s campaigns, our revenues are up 25% over last year, our financials are looking great and I know we’re just getting rolling. Now we’re on a trajectory to surpass the $1 million mark this year—and I’m confident we’ll hit it!

Sue Brumm

Owner, CE-Technologies, Inc.

Robin’s Marketing Has Tripled Our MSP Business!

Using Robin’s marketing over the past five years, we’ve experienced incredible growth, tripling our business. With that success came the need to move into a larger office space with more room for not only staff, but bigger and better in-house events.

I decided to use this relocation to hold an “Open House & Technical Showcase.” As a serious student of Robin’s, I implemented many of her campaigns to increase registrations, gain vendor participation and generate sales leads. As a result, we ended up with nearly 150 attendees and 41 leads for various services we offer. Within one month of this event, we had already sold over $43,000 in projects and closed two managed service sales, totaling $5,750 in monthly MRR. That’s $207,000 over the next three years with a ton of potential still in the sales funnel!

Maureen O’Neil

Capstone IT

In One Year, We Grew Top Line Revenue By $920,489 And Net Profits By 57%!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a single year if you wake up every day focused on marketing and growth. In addition to adding nearly $1 million in revenue and slightly over 57% more net profit to our bottom line, we also increased MRR by 42.3% and increased our product margins from 10% to 30% this past year by using Robin’s marketing campaigns and strategies. Stagnation in our business is now a thing of the past. Today, the outlook for my business is better than ever: my goal is to reach $5 million by next year and $10 million by 2020 (which we’re on track to do). The secret to our success? We developed systems to get Robin’s marketing campaigns consistently implemented.

Ilan Sredni

CEO, Palindrome Consulting

I Added $720,000 In New Revenue From One Campaign I Got From Robin!

I’m proof that Robin’s marketing just plain works. Believe me, I was skeptical. The first time I laid my eyes on the campaigns, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m NOT going to send this!” Now I can’t even imagine that I thought that. I can honestly say I would never be where I am today in my business if it wasn’t for Robin’s marketing. From just a single cybersecurity seminar that was 100% Robin’s materials, I generated 9 leads, which resulted in $720,000 in revenue! I am now determined to figure out how I can do these every single week and improve the process. After all, if it worked that good for a newbie to marketing like me, I’m sure I can continue to improve it the more I do.

Rosebell Murigu

Fedcom Technology

After Working With Robin For One Year, My Company Grew From $100,000 To $250,000 – And Today We’re In Easy Reach Of $1 Million!

When Trinity Networx was founded in 2008, we didn’t have a marketing plan and all clients were obtained through ‘word of mouth.’ This worked great for a while, and I thought we were doing the right thing to build the business, but as time went on, I realized that relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising would not deliver the strong, continuous growth I wanted, nor was it a good way to get the high-profile clients I wanted.

When I look back on my business just a few short years ago, it’s hard to fathom the impact Robin’s company has had. Essentially, I felt like I was drowning. I was a floundering $100,000-per-year, one-man band just scratching to get by, relying solely on sporadic referrals that came in to keep me afloat. Thanks to Robin, I’ve now got $1.1 million in managed recurring revenue over the next 36 months with real marketing systems and processes in place to continue that growth. I’m getting larger clients as well, which is allowing me to invest in hiring new technicians, sales and marketing staff so I can start building the business. Today, I pay myself a consistent salary instead of grabbing money out of the business bank account when I need some. Now I have a R.E.A.L. business!

Lance Reichenberger

Trinity Networx

In Just 90 Days, Robin’s Marketing Has Delivered Over $100,000 In Sales And A 500%+ ROI!

After nearly 50 years in business, our company finally decided to get serious about marketing and joined up with Robin and the Producers Club. Little did we know what this decision really meant. Sure, we had all of Robin’s materials, but we still hadn’t really put them to use. We certainly hadn’t done any campaigns (my regrettable loss).

This decision has proven to be the best decision we’ve made for the business. Now I’m implementing marketing instead of trolling networking events hoping for someone to do business with me, and I actually feel excited to do this marketing thing! Why? Because I see it working! I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is easier than I expected. In just 90 days, our company’s ROI for everything that we’ve done with Robin is over 500%. I’ll make that kind of investment every day, all day long!

Mike & Fusun Bubernack

Owner, ET&T

In Just 3 Months, We Closed $732,892 In NEW Business!

Robin, I would truly like to say THANK YOU for sticking with us. We started with you so many years ago and I thought I was putting in the work needed to succeed, but last year’s Boot Camp finally brought it into focus for me. From that point forward, instead of quitting when I hit some roadblocks, I recommitted myself that it was my time to make things work.

But going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop was just what I needed to nail down things like our USP, our niche market and other marketing fundamentals, and it was the kick in the butt that got us DOING the marketing. Since the workshop, we have completed 15 campaigns and marketing initiatives, produced 22 leads and won three new MRR agreements totaling $660,892 over three years, $27,000 in off-site added to existing clients and new projects totaling $45,000, with many more to come.

The lesson learned from all of this? It takes massive, simultaneous action to generate the results we need in business. I’m making things happen now and I’m never going to quit on marketing again!

Raquel Chappell

CFO, Divergys, LLC

After Finally DOING The Campaigns In The Toolkit, We Generated 51 New Leads And Added $37,500 In NEW Monthly Recurring Revenue!

We had survived on referrals from day one, and not “asked-for” referrals, but referrals that basically fell into our laps. Sure, I tried some marketing over the years, but it only brought in a few tire kickers and price shoppers. So I sprung for Robin’s program. Wow, what a difference! We now have a defined target market, a solid USP, numerous raving-fan testimonials from clients and MULTIPLE Marketing Oil Wells, and have increased our monthly recurring revenue from $15,000 per month to $52,500 and growing! I am now completely reengaged and reinvigorated with my company and am seeing results from marketing, which I used to think was a complete waste of time, effort and money. This has been a game-changer!

Michael Marlow

Information Systems of Montana

After Working With Robin For 3 Months, We’ve Added 37 NEW Leads And Jumped Our MRR From $500 Per Month To $9,830 Per Month!

Steady Networks was in a downward spiral. I thought I had a sales ‘process’ in place until it all caved in when I lost three big accounts and, at the same time, lost my inside sales telemarketer of two years. By the end of the year, we were starting to eat into our savings and I realized I had a big problem on my hands.

So, after ignoring Robin’s e-mails for YEARS, I finally decided to give her system a chance and signed up for the Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Workshop. It was there I learned how to build a foundation for marketing and sales that will allow us to add clients profitably and consistently, fuel referrals and ultimately double our customer base. If these first 90 days of implementation after the workshop are any indication, it’s going to be a VERY good year!

Jonathan Sandmel

Steady Networks

Robin’s 12-Month Marketing Plan Added $25,650 Of New MRR To My Business And Saved Me From Failure

Two years ago, I was broken. Nothing was working the way I envisioned it would when I first started my managed services business. I couldn’t win a single new client, sales were nonexistent and I was stuck doing low-paying menial work for the few clients I did have. I was seriously burnt-out from working so many long days with nothing to show for it. I knew that if something didn’t change soon, I was going to quit, which meant I would have failed – and THAT was scary. So I gave myself one more year to make it work before giving up.

I had heard of Robin before but dismissed the Toolkit as hokey and unprofessional; I mean, come on! Who would respond to THOSE campaigns? But now, humbled by my failures and desperate for some success, I decided to purchase the Toolkit. But I told myself one thing: If I enroll, I’m going to keep a very open mind about her methods and follow exactly what Robin is telling me to do in this Toolkit. And I did just that.

Fast-forward to my one-year deadline for calling it quits, and my business has completely turned around. After following Robin’s 12-month Marketing Plan in the Toolkit, we almost doubled our revenue, added $25,650 in new MRR and tripled my company’s size; and I’m confident that we can do that again this year! Best of all, I had fun while doing it!

Ahsun Saleem

Simplegrid Technology, Inc.

I’m A Totally Different Person – A True LEADER That Is Confident, Happy And Humble

I started my company in my college dorm room over 20 years ago. At that time, my dreams were lofty, and I was certain it would be a success. Fast-forward 18 years, and I learned that sometimes dreams can become nightmares. Less than five years ago, our company finished off the year at nearly $8 million in annual revenue. We were flying high, but I no idea how to run or lead a company. The next few years were a downward spiral with tons of debt and a rapidly declining client base. I hit rock bottom and felt like it was the end of the road.

Insert Robin. I’ll never forget the day I discovered the Technology Marketing Toolkit. After quickly purchasing the Toolkit and becoming an Apprentice member, I booked our trip for our first Boot Camp. While there, we were in awe of how many companies from around the globe were there and how Robin was guiding them all to success.

We spent the next six months after Boot Camp to get our house in order. We literally needed to overhaul every single part of the marketing in our business. By the end of the year, we had our “Robin-ized” website in place, new employees on board and we were finally ready to start adding back new business. We were implementing the Toolkit, and it was a miracle! Leads! LEADS CAME IN! In just one year of doing Robin’s marketing and being in her mastermind group, the Producers Club, we added over $1 MILLION in NEW revenue! I’m a totally different person. I’ve grown, matured and learned how to be a true leader in no small part due to being part of the Technology LIFE Toolkit,” and that personal growth has had a major positive impact on my company.

Jason Silverglate

Continuous Networks, LLC

Having A Solid Marketing Plan In Place Saved Me From Total Financial Devastation And Closing Our Doors When The Calgary Economy Tanked

I used to brag about how we ‘don’t need marketing’ because all our growth was organic through referrals; now I can see that attitude significantly limited our growth and earning potential. We would get 10 to 12 leads per year and close most of them; however, we weren’t acquiring enough new business to offset client churn, and our company was stagnant. Enter Robin…

We did so many campaigns in the first six months that it still astonishes me – and the positive change wasn’t just on the sales and marketing side. We made changes to the entire business, from operations to hiring to service delivery.

Then the Calgary economy suddenly crashed. We abruptly lost over $28,000 of MRR. It was a HUGE disaster for our local economy, and panic set in as many clients starting shrinking fast. One of our clients went from 125 employees to seven almost overnight. Other clients came to us begging for huge reductions in monthly spend. We even had a few clients give up and declare bankruptcy.

But thanks to the support of my accountability group and Robin pushing us, I continued to do marketing. We only implemented six Marketing Oil Wells, but those campaigns generated 125 leads and (to date) 25 new customers in just 12 months, with more projected to close. Thank goodness I had transformed into a sales-focused CEO rather than a tech- and operations-minded CEO; I know that change saved us from disaster when the economy tanked. While other IT firms were closing their doors, our revenues grew from $2.2 million to $2.9 million (a 33% increase) last year, and our net profit more than doubled. We got to work like never before, and it has paid off with huge dividends!

Vincent Fung

Debian IT

After Following Robin’s 12-Month Marketing Plan, We Eclipsed The Million-Dollar Mark In Just Our Second Year In Business!

It all started at Robin’s Boot Camp a couple of years ago. I saw what was happening with Robin’s top clients onstage and said to myself, “I want to be part of that!” – even though I had no clue how to get there. I realized that if I was ever going to talk about my company’s wins onstage with Robin, my team and I had some serious work ahead of us…

So we dove in and started following Robin’s 12-Month Marketing Plan, which walked us through the exact map of how and when to implement campaigns. Before we knew it, we had implemented dozens of campaigns right from the Toolkit that gave us 28 new MRR clients and $256,988 in NEW revenue!

One year later and I was standing on the Better Your Best stage as one of Robin’s top clients, telling other IT business owners how WE had used her materials to drive immense success in our business and how they can do it too. Robin, the Toolkit and her team has equipped us with the roadmap to success that has propelled us forward to eclipse the million-dollar mark in just our second year in business!

Matt Katzer


A 1,900% ROI In Just 90 Days

When we got a $12,060 bump in monthly recurring revenue just by sending out a single email campaign Robin gave us, I knew we were really onto something…

Before Robin, we had broken-down, deficient and non-existent marketing systems. Though I’d worked with a business coach for the past 4+ years, we were stuck in a lot of areas and we lacked a sales and marketing team whose sole role in the company is to grow sales.

In just 90 days of working with Robin, we were able to “Robin-ize” our website, nail down a strong and compelling unique selling proposition, implement multiple cross-sell and referral campaigns and get out a monthly newsletter. All of these activities added $131,730 in NEW revenue! Now I know that even the smallest of actions – done consistently – can yield big results. I highly recommend all MSPs to work with Robin because of the HUGE impact that it can have on your business.

Derek Anderson

BizTek Solutions

The Rapid Implementation Workshop Breathed New Life Into Our Business

The bottom line is, the TMT program and the Robin Robins team have improved our overall approach to business. Not only through the fantastic campaigns, strategies, calls and webinars that Robin provides, but also through the connections that we’ve made at the Boot Camp and Rapid Implementation Workshop. This experience has caused many positive changes in our organization and it will continue as we dive into more campaigns to grow our MRR. Jill and I now know Robin to be an amazing sales and marketing guru and she has much to teach this aged and jaded marketing geek. Thank you, Robin, for breathing new life into Intelli-Flex

Patty and Jill


Why Didn’t We Do This Earlier?

As a firm that has been in business for 25 years, we thought we were doing marketing right. When we sat down and reviewed the self-assessment prior to the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we were surprised at how low we actually scored ourselves. This was incentive enough to sit back and review what we were and were not doing.

Since returning in August we have cleaned up our list to ensure our marketing is reaching the proper audience. Immediately after my return from the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we started to implement monthly newsletters and postcard marketing. We made significant changes to our website as well, including adding our locations to the header of the site. Why didn’t we do this before? This was a no-brainer, but until the workshop, we had never given that much thought.

Overall, there are some very good marketing campaigns with the Toolkit that help us obtain more leads and consultations. However, I still go back to the statement from Robin that has helped us the most, “Don’t be the squirrel”. Had I not attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop, watched the videos and interacted with the weekly calls I believe our self-assessment score would remain low. Today I can be confident in the fact that we have improved our own self-assessment score and have generated new opportunities to our business.

Brian Clark

CCPlus, Inc.

My Confidence In Myself Has Never Been So High

I am grateful not only for the new business generated, but for the new perception I have on my business. I am pumped to go through the marketing campaigns and cannot wait to see what lies ahead. It has been so nice to exchange ideas and weekly “wins” amongst our group. My confidence in myself has never been so high and I credit Robin and the Accelerators Club for that drive. I feel for the last 6 months we’ve cleared the landscape, poured the foundation and put up the walls for my business. I can’t wait to fill it with new business and continue the cross‐selling process to our existing clients.

Brian Bratchie

B&L PC Solutions

After 12 Long Years Of Frustration And Failures, We Are Now On The Right Track With The Right Mindset And The Growth We Had Always Hoped To Achieve

We had been in business for 12 years, 12 long years of ups and downs, frustration, disappointment, failures, and a few small successes, but no amazing wins. Prior to Robin Robins, Technology Marketing Toolkit, and Rapid Implementation Workshop, we didn’t really know what marketing was. I am an engineer by trade with more than 20 years in the industry and limited our marketing to branding with shirts, vehicle wraps, and business cards. We lived on referrals but never made an effort to truly market our business.

Today we have a great website, email marketing system, letter campaigns, newsletters, Shock ‘n Awe Boxes, and we answer the phones live! This has given our business a new breath of life, legitimacy, and presence in the business community.

Even with all of the great marketing in place that has produced amazing results, the single biggest contributor to our growth is our mindset. Our mindset has changed from that of getting by and struggling daily to truly pursing and having the confidence to take our business to the next level. TMT and RIW helped change our mindset by showing us what was possible, this gave us confidence to take bigger risks and to try new things.

James & Alisha Langan

Emerald Technology Group

We Added $802,221 In New Revenue In Just 3 Months!

For the last 22 years, we’ve been successful selling IBM solutions and working with break-fix clients. With the advent of virtualization and cloud hosted applications and systems, we quickly realized hardware and maintenance sales/margins were declining and we would need a new way to do business. We never did much in the way of marketing, instead relying on “word of mouth” referrals and Market Development Funds with IBM and Cisco to drive any new client acquisition. We never had a consistent marketing approach, a targeted list or tracked ROI.

We were frustrated and knew this had to change so a few members of our leadership team attended Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow event. At that event, they were able to get a few minutes to discuss our struggles with Robin. Immediately, as a result of that conversation, we changed from a single managed services plan to having several MSP package options for our customers. That Roadshow set off a monumental turn of events for us. We immediately signed up for Accelerators Club, Infusionsoft, partnered with ID Agent and Carvir and changed our MSP packaging.

We attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop with Robin and her team. While in Nashville we discussed campaigns, sales process, telemarketing, goals, tracking ROI, target market, USP, scrubbing lists and, most importantly, mindset. Our team immediately dove into Robin’s 30-Day Implementation Checklist right from the start. I wanted to follow a marketing plan, and the group accountability calls and coaching helped me develop that plan and to stay with it. As a side note, I can honestly say that without the Rapid Implementation Workshop, weekly group accountability calls and coaching from Robin’s team, I would have strayed from the program and wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now. The 90-day rapid implementation training gave me an opportunity to try several different campaigns and strategies in an environment where I could get good feedback and support on a regular basis.

In addition to going back and selling our new managed services plans to existing clients, we’ve had the opportunity the last few months to run and execute on numerous marketing campaigns. In the last 90 days by implementing Robin’s methodology and advice, we have transformed our business and added $24,026.08 in new Monthly Recurring Revenue and another $208,808.87 in new sales. We also reworked four existing MSP contracts totaling $25,425.00 in Monthly Recurring Revenue. That totals $802,221.83 in revenue for the year on a $12,397.00 investment.

Prior to the Toolkit, our marketing efforts at Burk I.T. were disjointed and often one-off shots in the dark. The best tool that I’ve received so far from Robin is a true marketing methodology for our MSP that works. We have done EVERYTHING by the book, followed and implemented the checklists, watched the videos and done the work. We BELIEVE in this program and are 100% committed. It’s been amazing to see all the hard work come full circle and to see results from every feature implemented! Robin and her team have truly made our business Rewarding, Easy, Attractive and Lucrative!

April Painter

Burk I.T. Consulting

After Twelve Years In Business, We Were At $120,000 In Sales – Just Three Years With Robin And We’ve Reached Over $2.1 Million!

Over the first 12 years in business (we’ll call this “Pre-Robin”), my business partner, Igor, ran a pure break-fix firm. Just three years ago, Igor closed out the year with only $120,000 in sales for the year between projects and a bit of hardware sales. When I partnered with Igor, I learned he had been a member of Robin Robins, but not a monthly Master Mind member. He had bought the Toolkit and attended one of the LA Roadshow events, but like a lot of other members, hadn’t really implemented much…yet.

I decided it was time for us to use this resource we had so I signed up for two-day kick in the pants we needed. Over this two-day workshop, we learned how to do e-mail campaigns, “regular” campaigns, the importance of phone follow-ups on all campaigns, how to stay in touch with customers through newsletters and drip marketing. Most crucially, we learned how consistency is the most important part of any marketing campaign.

We got to work right away, pumping out campaign after campaign. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. In just 13 months, we managed to grow from $0 to $45,000+ per month in MRR ($1.36 million over three years) and sold a ton of hardware (one of our specialties) during that time as well. All in all, we closed the year out with $2.1 million in sales last year, were nominated to the Inc. 5000 list and had grown over 1,400% in just three years. We owe almost all of the growth to Robin’s marketing materials. We just follow the instructions to the letter and execute the best that we can!

We are now in a position to push ourselves and not have to take huge risks that could kill the company. Thank you to Robin for showing us the way. We will continue to do you proud!

Yuri Aberfeld

IT Support LA

We Added $485,000 To Our Sales Pipeline And Gained A New Sense Of Freedom

Like many of Robin’s clients, I didn’t want to read and implement the ENTIRE Toolkit, so I tried cherry-picking what I wanted to do. If only I’d listened sooner! It wasn’t until I made a commitment and began implementing exactly as the Redhead teaches, that I began to really see the results that have made a huge impact on my business, in my life and provided me a new sense of freedom like never before. Following the recipe, we added $26,000 Of MRR In Just 90 Days (And Added $485,000 To Our Sales Pipeline). Thank you, Robin and the rest of the TMT team! We are excited about the future of our company.

Ed Wenzel

RedEye, Inc.

In Just 90 Days, We Increased Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By Over 172%!

Using Robin’s program and the coaching provided during the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we took our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from $7,328 to $19,956. Not only did we experience a 172% increase in MRR over 90 days, we also created a very solid foundation for consistently generating leads, and developed the tools we need to demonstrate to those leads that we will deliver more than we promise. We are so happy that we chose to invest in the program, because this was the springboard we needed for our ultimate success.

Benson Bashford

AZCOMP Technologies

Thanks To All We Have Learned From Robin, We Went From Non-Existent To Cash-Flow Positive In 10 Months Flat!

Our company went from not existing; no website, no defined products or services, no customers, no anything; to being cash-flow positive in 10 months flat. That is a remarkable achievement, and we could not have done it without the guidance and training from Technology Marketing Toolkit.

Jason McNew

Stronghold Cyber Security

Learning To Work ON Our Business Rather Than Just IN Our Business Has Been A Huge Game-Changer

Technology Marketing Toolkit has completely changed the culture at Tier3MD. As a team, we are more engaged and involved in our business. We have learned how to become “business people” and have paid more attention to ways to increase revenue by implementing annual increases in our contracts, offering ancillary services, and initiating projects just by being attentive to our clients. We are true believers that this system works!

Sheryl J. Cherico


We’ve Grown $2.3 Million In The Last 2 Years Alone!

Through sheer hard work, I grew my IT services company to $323K in under two years – but my goal was to get to a million in revenue. So, I came to the conclusion that if I was going to get there, I’d have to buy revenue, and went into debt to fund a couple of acquisitions that I was certain would help us reach that million-dollar mark. After several we hit it, BUT all we had to show for it was a participation trophy. The ugly truth was that we were buying every customer. We had ZERO organic growth.

Then in November of the next year, the tide turned when we met a fiery redhead with everything Choose Networks needed to get people to listen to our managed services story – the Technology Marketing Toolkit.

It had taken us eight years to go from $300,000 to $2.3 million, but we had to buy all that growth through acquisitions that cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Yet after joining Producers Club just two years ago, we grew over $2 million in less than two years – with no new debt from an acquisition!

As of this January, we ONLY take clients under a managed services agreement and I’m beginning to see how Choose Networks will live on its own, without needing me for “parental support.” We’re projecting revenues of $4.8 million this year, and I think that’s conservative; we could easily hit $5 million. The real cost of my past excuses was huge.

Chris Hoose

Choose Networks

We Tripled Our Bottom Line In One Year!

During the first 15 years of business, we grew into a nearly $2 million per year company but after slow, consistent growth for years, it came to a screeching halt. We were stagnant… until we found Technology Marketing Toolkit and changed our mindset.

In the first three months, we generated over $37,000 in new revenue and made the jump to Robin’s Producers Club. After 11 months with Robin, we experienced 24.1% services growth. No doubt, we were finally sold on the value of marketing.

Over the last year alone, we’ve executed 130 marketing campaigns and have increased overall company revenues by $413,308.71. And it wasn’t just top-line revenue growth; our bottom line has grown even faster – more than tripling over the last year!

We are well on target to hit the $3 million revenue mark during the next year. With all the skills we’ve learned and support from our fellow Producers Club members, I’m certain we’ll top the $7 million mark within five years and be well on our way to a self-sustaining business that can run without us!

Lisa & Eric Shorr

Secure Future Tech Solutions

From Skeptic To 85% Growth In Sales In Under A Year

A crisp dollar bill in the mail led me to open the Toolkit I’d had sitting on my shelf for five years. Initially, I wanted nothing to do with this program and was confident the contents would not resonate with our clients. Fortunately, my analytical side urged me to dig deeper and my research turned up hundreds of stunning testimonials from other MSPs. Before I knew it, this skeptic was signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

The first campaign I sent after the Workshop brought a response within five minutes that led to $15,000 in one-time sales plus $780 in MRR. My second campaign brought a long-time break-fix client into our top-tier Gold Managed Services Plan. Two more clients soon followed, increasing our MRR by $1,246.

After only five months, we have already increased our MRR by 27% and sales by 85% compared to this time last year. With each new success, my mindset shifts. Big, positive changes have happened in my company and I’m grateful to Robin, my Accountability Groups and my staff for making it possible.

Tom Breuer

Computer Magic

After Just 12 Weeks, We Added 20 Clients And $24,924 In Monthly Recurring Revenue

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to run a technology company. I often joke that I must have missed the class in Computer Science School about how to actually run a business. I was practically forced to become a student of business through the school of hard knocks and by devouring tons of business books. Certain parts came easy to me, but not marketing and sales.

Like most every MSP on the planet, I was consistently receiving Robin’s marketing year after year. I’ll admit, I was initially turned off by her marketing and felt mine was working well enough…until I learned a new local competitor was cleaning my clock with the help of a certain redhead! So, I fired my current marketing firm, signed on with Technology Marketing Toolkit and headed to Boot Camp. I was so overwhelmingly impressed with everything I learned at Boot Camp, I decided to join the Accelerators Club and, shortly after, attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

In preparation for the workshop, we sent an e-mail blast for testimonials and received 35 responses. Immediately upon our arrival at the workshop, Robin asked us to send out a 9-word e-mail. We sent that e-mail to 82 lost or no-decision quotes from the prior year, so I expected crickets. I was shocked when we received nine replies, including one from a prospect we thought had moved on. That would equal $108,000 over their new three-year contract!

We closed 57 new customer agreements worth $24,924 in additional MRR. Our unique page views have increased 175% since April 2018. Plus, for the keywords ‘IT service Henderson,’ we are now ranked #1 on Google! Since implementing the new site, we have had three qualified leads come in through the contact form!

I feel like we are just getting below the tip of the iceberg. Over the last eight months, we have built a great team internally with training from Robin’s team. I am completely grateful for the depth of knowledge provided by Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team to help MSPs like me to grow.

Nathan Whittacre

Stimulus Technologies

From Marketing Newbies To $21,528 In MRR And 33 New Opportunities – All In Just 90 Days!

Most IT business owners unsuccessfully “dabble” in marketing. They send out a sales letter or postcard, get little or no results and then swear off direct mail. Later, they might test their luck with an ad in a trade publication or newspaper. Again, no results. Then they’re on to the next “shiny object” everyone is talking about… only to test it once and throw it away when the phones don’t ring. This was us…until we found Robin!

During the first 90 days of following Robin’s methodology and advice, we got 194 new leads and added $21,528. When all is said and done, those new contracts will equal $883,029 over 36 months! In addition, we’ve filled our pipeline with 33 opportunities that could produce an additional $38,699 in MRR!

A piece of advice from one IT guy to another…When it comes to Robin’s programs, take the leap and the net will appear. At first it really seems overwhelming, but once you dig in, suddenly your eyes open to things you never knew you could accomplish.

Mat Zoglio

Zog, Inc.

Thanks To Robin, We Are Now A True MSP!

I started Fusion Factor in 2005 with the mission to help small and medium-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments, confident that my IT business was destined for greatness. When the phones didn’t ring, I turned to peer conferences and ended up at the Technology Marketing Toolkit Booth. Robin was the lone salesperson, and without even selling me on marketing, I left that day with a Toolkit.

Turns out, I also needed the motivation, action and accountability to finally start implementing. It came in the form of attending both Robin’s IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp and Rapid Implementation Workshop in 2018.

Our participation in the Rapid Implementation Workshop helped us to better analyze our business needs and requirements. We started with Robin’s 9-Word E-mail which resulted in two closed deals worth $100,000 in project revenue and $24,000 in increased MRR! With that encouragement, we implemented the Aspirin campaign. This single direct mail campaign brought us 15 leads, 10 appointments and $120,000 in new business.

Thanks to Robin, we have a great platform to enhance our marketing ability, strategy and implementation process. We’ve added 20 employees, gone from virtually zero MRR to $61,000 and have transitioned to a true MSP!

Bhavin Mehta

Fusion Factor

For A Decade, I Was “Comfortable” With NOT Growing My MSP

Comfortable. That one word perfectly described my IT business for way too many years. It quickly changed when we suddenly lost two of our MRR customers.

After googling Robin Robins, I knew she was exactly what I needed. She reminded me of who I used to be but had lost over time. Bright-eyed. Bold. Smart. I realized I was just this body at work every day who’s getting everything done but getting nothing done that matters.

I signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop because I knew it was the boost I needed. At the Workshop, I sent e-mails to request quarterly business reviews with my customers. Three emails in 10 minutes led to three QBRs AND $7,100 in new MRR! I also learned some important lessons. Follow up with your customers or you’ll miss opportunities. Timing really is everything. And don’t let fear hold you back.

Beyond sending out the e-mails and conducting numerous QBRs, my team and I have been working tirelessly to implement marketing initiatives and complete Robin’s checklist. Even while splitting my time a hundred different ways, I still managed to increase my revenue more in ONE MONTH than I have ever done in 12 YEARS of business!

Jill Eaton

Sweetwater Technology

Robin’s Marketing Has Already Doubled Our Sales, Now We’re Using It To Triple Them!

In 2017, a wake-up call brought Debian IT owner Vincent Fung to the realization that in order to continue growing his company and avoid the looming plateau due to the declining economy, he needed a full-time, devoted sales manager.

Enter Jim Bryce (me). In my short tenure, I’ve focused on Robin’s marketing and achieved some amazing wins. One 9-Word E-mail alone sent from Rapid Implementation Workshop got us $3,200 in MRR. We successfully ran a Black Friday campaign resulting in $22,425 in project revenue and $133,476 in product sales. Over the fourth quarter of 2018, we increased our leads from 950 to over 2,500 and closed a number of exceptional deals with prospects, representing $27,510 in new MRR, which equates to $990,360 in revenues over their term. We’ve also expanded our target market, revamped our referral program and structured our phone-answering process. In addition to all of this, we opened a new office in Toronto, where we secured our first client, and we’re planning to use the same marketing to replicate our success.

While Vince successfully doubled his sales from 2014 to 2017, he did it WITHOUT a sales manager. Now we have a lofty goal to TRIPLE our sales by the end of 2021. And we are off to a great start. Debian IT has just wrapped up our most successful quarter in the history of the company!

Jim Bryce

Debian IT

Stuck At $340,000 After 10 Years In Business – Only 90 Days And A Few Campaigns Later And That’s More Than Doubled!

After 10 years in business, my break-fix IT business had peaked at $340,000 in gross revenue. Something had to change, so I made the shift to managed services, and launched a new company, eTrepid. I knew we still needed some help so I decided to finally give the Technology Marketing Toolkit and the Rapid Implementation Workshop a try.

I saw results right away. My first campaign resulted in eight testimonials. The second brought one referral, but, more importantly, I learned my oldest client was shopping for a new IT company. I was able to turn that around in what ended up being my first client QBR – what an eye-opener that was! We addressed the issues, saved the client and added $216,000 in revenue.

Knowing this was making a positive impact on my business, I was all in! I attended every weekly call, quickly completed the implementation checklists, launched our new Robinized website, started mailing our print newsletter, and utilized software to track and manage it all. With every campaign, we see more and better results. I am thankful for this incredible journey that has improved our business in every area!

Tom Blandford


In One Year, I Had Increased Our Service Revenue By 65% And More Than Quadrupled Our Recurring Revenue

I bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit in late summer, and by fall of the same year, it was like something ‘clicked.’ A prospect I had been working toward bringing on as a customer for almost a year became our first managed services client. That one client returned our investment in the Toolkit tenfold and more than covered our costs for our chosen RMM software.

Thanks to Robin’s material, I had converted several of my existing customers to our Managed Services Plan. I used the Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint materials to come up with the structure for our plans, and the Toolkit to help me roll out several marketing strategies and perform a more systemized network audit – all of which allowed me to close several more customers. By the end of the year, we had more than quadrupled our managed services revenue, increased our service revenue by 65% and had a 40% increase in total revenue over the last year.

In the early years of my business, before Robin, I had to always worry about whether we would have enough money to cover our payroll. This was always such a huge weight on my shoulders and a major stressor for me. Managed services and Robin’s marketing materials, coaching and Master Mind membership have given me the tools (and positive cash flow!) I need on a monthly basis to know that all my expenses are covered. Working with her and her programs has been a huge stress reliever for me. I have no debt other than a mortgage on a home my family loves, mortgage on my office and a mortgage on a rental property I own, and my family and I now have the time and freedom to go on seven to 10 camping trips a year together.

With all the incredible resources Robin provides, I expect to increase our revenue by another 20% to 40% by the end of next year, despite these crazy economic times. And where will I be five years from now? We’ll have a bigger family, an operations manager, and I expect to be generating at least $2 million of revenue.

I believe that it is very important to reinvest in your company and not spend all your extra money on non-business items. If I hadn’t taken the leap to invest in Robin’s material, I don’t know where my business…or my family…would be right now.

Dan Izydorek

PC Miracles, Inc.

Our Multimillion-Dollar IT Business Has Enjoyed Growth Of Over 15% Per Year Since We Started With The Program!

I can honestly say that integrating Robin’s content and campaigns with Infusionsoft is a marketer’s and salesperson’s dream and a great win for any IT business. As a result of incorporating her strategies, we have experienced 15%+ growth in our managed services EVERY year since we started with the program. Not only have we grown our Office 365 business, we’ve successfully driven more business through better sales management.

I highly recommend Robin’s sales and marketing program to any IT business that has eclipsed the $5 million mark. Even beyond her proven marketing campaigns, Robin is very helpful at reestablishing your mind-set toward what you are truly capable of achieving. This mind-set shift becomes the foundation that makes aggressive goals a reality.

Mike Moran

Affiliated Resource Group

We Have Grown From $0 To $62,165 In Monthly Recurring Revenue In Under A Year!

My twin brother Kevin and I started our IT services company because we saw an opportunity to help our fellow CPAs with technology. We were both working at the same CPA firm and both had a knack for IT; so, from that simple idea, Tech Advisors was born.

Over the first 10 years, we grew from two guys to 14 and from zero clients to over 80. Revenues were increasing every year, and we were profitable. HOWEVER, there were problems. First, we couldn’t work any harder. After putting in long nights, early mornings and long weekends, we were still limited and unable to scale the model easily. Second, because we didn’t understand managed recurring revenue or managed IT contracts, we were constantly in a cycle of feast or famine with IT projects and work. And last but not least, we had no reliable way to bring in clients predictably.

That’s when we found Robin and joined her peer group, the Producers Club. Robin and my fellow members helped us to not only switch to a managed services model, but enabled us to go from a referral-only standstill with zero marketing to implementing over half a dozen solid marketing oil wells that generated 70 new leads and thousands of dollars in sales and profits. Twelve months later, we’ve got 16 clients under a monthly services agreement and over $62,165 in MRR coming in every month – and that’s growing. In fact, with the solid base of marketing and the momentum, we should add another $100,000 of MRR before the end of year.

Konrad Martin

Tech Advisors, Inc.

19% Response Rate On Our First Campaign

Right away when I started with Robin, I had a 19% response rate to our first campaign. Our sales team is really enthusiastic because of how much easier it is to call a new prospect since implementing some of the direct mail campaigns. Instead of just calling to introduce ourselves, we have given them a reason for our call and ‘greased the skids.’ Now we start the conversation with ‘Did you receive our letter and FREE offer?’ It is amazing to think that our marketing before was nonexistent or consisted of sales efforts that have existed in our industry for 20 or more years. Now we have a process and a focus that is truly adding value to our customers and prospects.

Jason Cowan

Spark Solutions

After Losing A $400,000-A-Month Client, We Increased Net Profits By 2,968% In One Year, On Our Way To $9.5 Million Today!

I built my IT business on telemarketing. It worked great for a while, but when the competitive landscape shifted, business through telemarketing dried up. To make matters worse, our largest client, who we counted on for $400K a month in revenue, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Most businesses would have shut their doors.

Not us! I took action by flying to Tennessee for Robin’s 2-Day Rapid Implementation Workshop and joining Producers Club shortly after. Because marketing was a whole new world to me, I took five weeks off to REALLY understand how Robin’s program could impact my business. My first marketing actions were WINS. I immediately implemented a referral program and got incredible results from it. In fact, the first time we dropped direct mail on a cold list, we picked up $300K in business from a new health-care client. Marketing works! Through Robin’s sound sales strategies, we also learned how to close more managed services opportunities. Then we jumped into direct response campaigns. Today, we send out 1,000+ pieces of direct mail and always follow up with telemarketing.

Before Robin, we were a jack-of-all-trades. We serviced anyone who could write a check. I’ll never forget Robin’s lesson about specialization. She asked, ‘Who makes more money: a general practitioner or a surgeon?’ The surgeon, of course, because it’s a specialty. As a result, all of our business is in one lucrative vertical: health-care businesses focused on compliance.

Thanks to implementing Robin’s marketing and introducing her sales strategies throughout 3i, we have quickly replaced our previously lost revenue. In fact, I can confidently attribute $1 million in new hardware sales gross profit and $2,951,000 in contracts to Robin’s program!

Mark Elliott

3i International

One Marketing Strategy Allowed Me To Fire Over 1,000 Of My Clients And Simultaneously Increase My Profitability by 520%!

After hearing Mike Michalowicz speak at Robin’s Boot Camp, I knew, without a doubt, that I needed to ‘Pumpkin Plan’ my business – and therefore eliminate the unprofitable clients to focus on the profitable ones. After 12 years in business, I had 1,235 clients in my accounting system. My team and I graded every client on Mike’s factor and some surprising results unfolded. The exercise revealed that our clients followed the 80/20 rule, which showed that 20% of our clients were generating 88% of our total revenue!

Of the 61 clients we identified as ‘A’ clients, we focused on giving them more time, attention and ‘love.’ By reducing the ‘noise’ from the clients that we terminated, our service delivery improved. Now our goal is to duplicate these clients and get more of them! We finished by terminating over 1,000 clients that we had in our accounting system, and in turn, increased our profitability by 520% over last year, and our margins are 11.4 points higher than they were in the past!

Ryan Giles

AGJ Systems & Networks

Robin’s Marketing Strategies Helped Us Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue By 81% In Just 9 Months, Despite The Many Challenges We Faced

Tim, a healthy 41-year-old, the owner and lead computer engineer of Holston IT, was suddenly and completely unavailable. In the wee hours of December 5th, 2011, Dr. Ben Scharfstein, who had just performed emergency surgery, gave us his summary statement: “Now I’ve seen a lot of miracles, but I just need to be straight with you. He’s probably not going to make it.” Five things helped us through this crisis:

  • Our faith in God. We knew that God had a plan, for our good and His glory. We weren’t holding onto our faith; our faith was holding onto us.
  • Family and friends. We were shocked and humbled by the outpouring of generosity toward us. We’ll spend the rest of our lives “paying it forward.”
  • A great team. Extreme commitment from Andy and Logan, and plain hard work from everyone on our team, led one client to say that his support from Holston IT was “seamless” during Tim’s absence. That is amazing.
  • Disability Insurance. If you don’t have this, you’re nuts. Call your financial advisor today. This is not a cost, it’s an investment that takes certain risks off the table. Our company could not have survived Tim’s absence without this support.
  • Robin’s Marketing Strategies. We had been fans of Robin Robins for years, but not until after this crisis did we commit to joining her coaching group. We knew that aligning ourselves alongside 300 of the world’s most successful IT business owners would pay off. Wow, were we right.

Right away, I saw that I had a lot of head trash to clear out. I had such a negative perception of who a salesman is—and of course I didn’t want to become that! But I didn’t have to. I learned the key: When meeting with a potential client, I needed to focus on questions like “How can we best serve you? How can the skillset of our technical team help you achieve your business goals?”

As I focused on those questions, I realized that we had to shift our focus away from “break/fix” work toward monthly proactive service. Following Robin’s recipe, in just 9 months I grew the total of our monthly contracts from $3700 to $6700. Such contracts create happier clients—because now we are catching and fixing little problems before they become big problems which disrupt business flow. Thank you, Robin! Your guidance helped us steer our ship through this storm!

Alison Meredith

Holston IT

I Added $290,074 In Sales In Under 6 Months!

My biggest win – and likely the turning point in my business – came when I lost a big client and suddenly was in dire need of replacing that income fast. So instead of freaking out, I called Robin. I knew she would have a plan for what to do and would force me into high gear to actually DO something.

She gave me a plan and I implemented it – and that plan ended up generating $290,000 in sales, with more coming in. That allowed me to finally fire myself as the main tech. It was difficult at first, but thanks to the help of my fellow Producers Club members, I have set up a help desk and technical structure that works, which has freed me up to focus on marketing and growing my business.

I still find myself falling back on old techie habits, but when you’re getting results from marketing, it’s a whole lot easier to work ON the business, not IN it.

Bob Michie


From NEGATIVE Profits To Exploding Our Revenue By 59% In Just ONE YEAR!

A few years back, I was overwhelmed and overworked, running a business that wasn’t even profitable. I’ll never forget my wife informing me over FaceTime that we were expecting our second child – @#$% just got real! I jumped into Robin’s program with both feet, and it was worth every penny. We grew our revenue NEARLY 60% in just one year — from $256K to $406K! We even went from NEGATIVE profits to $25,154 in profit!

One of the BIGGEST benefits I find from joining Producers Club is the accountability. A group of like-minded IT business owners working together to push each other forward … PRICELESS! I know I wouldn’t be here today without the leadership and guidance from Robin and her team.

Chavous Camp

Carolina Innovative Research, Ltd. Co

Producers Club Peer Group Helped Revenue Catapult 67% In Just 2 Years!

I remember (not too long ago) when the hours I invested into the business were 65+ per week and my salary was similar to that of a recent high school graduate. We struggled for years with low-margin, break-fix clients who demanded long hours. We saw the need for something to change and stepped up our game, which for us started by joining the Robin Robins’ Producers Club.

We quickly saw things in a new perspective and became HUNGRY to get to the next levels. And we absolutely did … In just two years, we realized a 67% GROWTH in revenue! Since joining Robin’s program, the marketing materials, events, motivational speakers and most importantly our accountability peer group have been instrumental to keeping our heads in the right space so we can CRUSH through the new ceilings that come with growth.

Andy Strouse

Chief Operating Officer, IntermixIT

Robin Gave Us The Tools And Confidence To Transform Our Business Model, Pinpoint Ideal Clients And Embrace Sales And Marketing

Before signing up with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we were a break-fix company struggling for several years to grow. We had been considering moving toward an MSP model but didn’t know where to start.

After signing up with TMT and attending their Rapid Implementation Workshop, we’ve benefited from the following lessons and improvements:

  • A clearer focus on the type of client we’re looking for. Through Robin’s lessons, we’ve learned to concentrate our marketing efforts, hone our message, become experts in a smaller niche and custom-build our service offerings so our target-market client is left with only one decision – that working with us is their best choice.
  • We have implemented a CRM for the first time. Today we are able to effectively run campaigns with automated messaging that target different groups inside our contact database.
  • By answering our phones live, we have a new degree of polish and professionalism. We realized how sloppy we were being with our phone answering before Robin.
  • >Our website has a much clearer message and easier-to-find contact information.
  • Great peer support: being involved in TMT has given us access to a great peer group that offers unique perspectives and experiences.

All the groundwork has been laid, and we’re excited to see what happens throughout the year as we launch our campaigns and begin to attack our target market with new focus and highly targeted messaging. Thanks to Robin, Debi, Ryan, Rick, Jeff, Jessica and everyone else for all the help!

Chad Manion

Southeastern Computer Associates

From Uncommitted To Marketing To Landing $6,480 In Recurring Revenue And $77,476 In New Project Revenue – A Great Program!

We used to be completely unorganized and frankly uncommitted to marketing. Just one little workshop – Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop – gave us the tools we needed to:

  • set our business and marketing goals
  • get organized
  • identify key areas in the business to address

As a direct result of attending Robin’s workshop, we’ve achieved $6,480 in NEW monthly recurring revenue totaling $72,960 for the year! Plus, we also created $77,476 in NEW project revenue.

Now we are strategically working on automating our marketing and response through Infusionsoft, rolling out our first direct mail campaign and canvassing our target market. This is a great, great program!

Clint Brinkley

Your Business Solutions

Robin Flipped Our World Upside Down, Going From Just $6,800 To $15,233 In Monthly Recurring Revenue In Only Two And A Half Months!

We experienced a 96% GROWTH in our numbers – revenue and profits! That includes growing Smart Guys from $81,600 per year to $182,796 per year in under three months! Our goal is $350,000 this year – almost DOUBLE our previous best – and I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting to that point.

We did things a little bit backwards. We signed up for the Toolkit and then immediately went to Robin’s Boot Camp. The Boot Camp was just phenomenal, though it really bothered me that I wasn’t able to go up front and speak. That’s just the kind of person I am. So I quickly joined Producers Club so I could transform my IT business just like all of these top producers did and one day be able to stand onstage and speak.

After joining Producers Club, I went through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Immediately, we focused on cross-selling through quarterly business reviews (QBRs). From those initiatives, we started using marketing and sales tools we had never used before and went from $6,800 to $15,233 in MRR. Robin simply flipped our world upside down!

Not only did we double our MRR, we significantly increased our prices. Now, everything we do is at a $150 end point. No matter what we sell, there’s a 50% margin. That’s a 50% margin, not markup! So we essentially DOUBLED the price of everything yet didn’t lose a SINGLE customer! In fact, our customers thanked us, which was really bizarre yet really cool.

Robin’s campaigns are now giving us the EXPOSURE and the CREDIBILITY we need, and we’re providing the extraordinary SERVICE our customers need. It’s been fantastic. I LOVE this program! Robin even said, ‘Nobody knows you at the beginning. The only thing they know about you is how good you market.’ So if you can get your marketing moving forward, it’s going to be a fantastic day. For us, it’s going to be a fantastic year, with many, many more to come.

Jesse Castro

Smart Guys

A ‘Reset Button’ For My Business, Robin’s Program Has Catapulted Us From $1.2 Million In 2017 To Achieving Our Goal Of $2 Million In 2018!

I remember seeing Robin Robins speak for the first time in Dallas, Texas. I had been in business only about three years, struggling with cash flow and hanging in there week by week, paycheck to paycheck. Fast-forward 14 years and we are now 11 years into our second business. I was still struggling with cash flow but still hanging in there, paycheck to paycheck. Grit, brute force and “last-minute heroics” was how I was barely scraping by. I guess I enjoyed the thrill of investing every profit dollar back into the business, but never a single dollar into savings. A perfect picture of mediocrity.

In December of 2017, I was returning from a sales call that had gone okay, nothing special. Out of the usual, I was listening to my phone’s playlist. An interview with Robin came on. Immediately I thought back over the years to the events where I heard her speak and probably thousands of dollars in marketing materials that had been sent my way.

But something was different this time. I listened more intently and was moved to do something about my situation. The next day I made a choice to say ‘No!’ ‘No, I don’t want it to be like this anymore.’ I wanted BETTER for my family, BETTER for my team and most definitely BETTER for my customers. On that day, I made the commitment to myself and the program.

I joined the Rapid Implementation Workshop in Nashville. Mindset, mindset, mindset. That’s what I needed to hear. That’s what I needed to believe. That’s what I needed to change. I loved marketing and enjoyed sales; however, I lacked the encouragement and accountability to push myself in those areas. But with the support of Robin’s team behind me, it was time to forge ahead.

This experience has become the reset button for my business. I have closely identified the verticals and how to approach them more effectively. I can now better articulate why customers should do business with us. I now have evidence through testimonials of what our customers are saying. And we have significantly improved our web presence.

The result of the combined efforts of mindset, materials and team spirit is that we are now making two appointments per month and achieving great results and powerful, positive feedback from our efforts. Since the workshop, our monthly recurring revenue has increased almost $4,000 per month and we have landed an additional $35,000 in new project business.

Thanks to the Rapid Implementation Workshop, the accountability calls, the impetus for change and the access to wonderful and effective tools, we are now on track to meet our current sales goal of $2 million in revenue this year, up from $1.2 million in 2017.

Thank you to everyone on the team who has supported us through this process. This channeling of my excitement and energy has definitely helped the Technology Specialist and my self-confidence, and helped me build a much clearer vision of what lies ahead. Better Your Best 2020, here I come!

Shayne Yonce

The Technology Specialist

Half Considering Selling Our IT Business, We Invested In Robin’s Program Instead. The Result: $14,871 In Monthly Recurring Revenue In Just 90 Days!

After almost 30 years in business, and living off of referrals and a lot of hope, Invario was suddenly at a crossroads in 2017. Our flagship product, Worry-Free Server, was no longer relevant as customers raced to the cloud. At the same time, our customers were enduring serious and frequent cyber-attacks. They went from loving us to barely tolerating us. Something needed to change. And fast.

While at an ASCII event, we had a frank and honest internal discussion: should we sell our company ‘as is’ or go for it, revitalize and GROW the company? We met Robin Robins’ team at this event, and something about Technology Marketing Toolkit spoke to us. We chose growth and signed up that day for the Toolkit, Rapid Implementation Workshop (RIW) and Boot Camp. Of course, we immediately put the Toolkit on the shelf for a few months and went back to our old ways … ways that were NOT working.

Robin’s RIW was just what we needed to get out of our rut and start growing again. The experience was amazing, and we learned a ton! Without hesitation, we kick-started our marketing by getting quality testimonials from our clients. The heartening response really inspired the team. Next, we requested quarterly business reviews from our clients. The power of marketing was starting to take hold. Added bonus: we learned about Carvir at RIW, the answer to our cyber security woes. Shortly after RIW, we began selling our enhanced cyber security solutions.

In just three months following this workshop, we’ve traveled an enormous distance in a short time. Invario today acts and feels like a totally different company from where we were at the end of 2017. Over the course of the 90 days, we transformed our company through defining our target market, reconnecting with our customers, improving our website, adding a robust CRM solution, resurrecting our monthly blog, developing our Shock-And-Awe leave-behind package and sending out our first direct mail piece.

Most IT business owners don’t realize that marketing isn’t simply what you send to prospects and customers, it’s the heartbeat of your business. After RIW, we embarked on a major reengineering of our whole company, including better tracking of our revenue, costs and profits; updating products and services to include many cyber security products; pursuing joint ventures with insurance industry contacts; implementing structured weekly team meetings; developing customer score cards; and onboarding many promising vendors. The results: customer satisfaction is up, and there’s a new energy throughout Invario.

This is the third time Invario has worked with a marketing company, but the only time we’ve had marketing materials specific to our business. These are the results we’ve experienced to date through Robin’s program:

  • E-mail Campaign To Warm Leads: Meeting with a potential ‘whale’ customer ($10K MRR) next week.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews And Cyber Security Cross-sell Campaign: 11 QBRs completed to date, resulting in $5,000 in project revenue and $2,789 in MRR.
  • Shock-And-Awe Box Leave-Behind: Brought in two new customers, resulting in $1,845 project revenue and $2,082 in MRR. An additional $2K in MRR is in the sales pipeline.

In addition to the great results we’ve already described, we recently learned we’ve sold enough Datto products to reach Professional Partner tier. We may have completed the first 90 days, but this isn’t the end of our journey. We are just getting started and looking forward to seeing where this new path takes us.

Dave Wilson


Nashville Computer, Inc., Will Reap The Rewards Of Robin’s 2-Day Workshop For YEARS To Come!

As the Marketing Manager for Nashville Computer, Inc., my knowledge of how to properly conduct winning marketing strategies and campaigns has grown tremendously as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

From the two days at Robin Central to the weekly phone calls and the awesome knowledge shared, everything has inspired me to perfect what NCI is doing and even test new marketing tactics. After the workshop, my eyes were opened to the (seemingly) endless possibilities of how to transition prospects and leads into clients.

Since the workshop, my team has implemented numerous campaigns that have delivered new leads, new business and new revenue to NCI. Among our leading marketing strategies and campaigns implemented are:

  • Creating and delivering five direct mail campaigns
  • Sending a printed newsletter and e-newsletter to clients and prospects
  • Delivering a weekly TechTips postcard campaign to clients
  • Conducting quarterly business reviews throughout each quarter
  • Creating and sending Shock-And-Awe boxes to prospects who scheduled meetings
  • Receiving new and better testimonials from our client base
  • Improving our website by adding new videos and better messaging
  • Publishing a new press release
  • Sponsoring two trade shows
  • Updating and improving LinkedIn

I have also benefited greatly from every participant in the group. I don’t believe one week went by where I wasn’t inspired by at least one ‘win.’ A huge thank you, of course, to Robin and the entire team at Technology Marketing Toolkit. I’m sure Nashville Computer will be reaping the rewards of this workshop for years to come.

Sydney Robertson

Nashville Computer, Inc.

After Growth Of 28% And 17% The Past 2 Years, Current Gains Were In Hiring, Goal-Setting And Business Processes

We’ve been aggressively using Robin’s marketing for three years now. Year one = 28% growth. Year two = 17% growth. This year, we stayed about the same in terms of revenues, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and profits. We really spent this year stabilizing our business and preparing for next year. We personally grew a lot and actually made good progress in strengthening the foundation of LDD Consulting, Inc.

This year, I HAVE been able to achieve this personal growth, thanks to Robin’s first-class speakers who presented at quarterly functions. I’ve been able to persevere even when we felt like quitting, because Robin constantly puts high-quality entrepreneurs in front of us who are very encouraging and helpful. Speakers like Darren Hardy, Dave Ramsey and Andy Bailey have had the biggest impact on our business this year. We have implemented some of their programs and continue to grow personally and professionally with their training materials, which merge nicely with Robin’s marketing.

Our biggest gains this year have been in the form of hiring, goal-setting and focusing on a few key business elements, such as formalizing our processes and creating playbooks. Implementing goal-setting with our techs has been a game-changer, as I can see the positive impact it has on them. Plus, talking with other Producers Club members gave us great insights in how to continue building our business and stabilizing our staffing.

Of all the solid advice Robin has given, she said one thing this year that has always stuck in my mind: “Sales will resolve all issues.” It’s true. When you ramp up sales, you’re forced to fix operations. With more sales, company morale is high and employees are less likely to quit. This advice has spurred me on to be ready to grow again.

For two years now, even when we were struggling with turnover, we have been religiously sending out our quality printed newsletters on a monthly basis. They go out to prospects on our house list as well as clients and referral partners. As we meet with customers throughout the year, they always mention how much they appreciate our newsletter. They tell us it scares the heck out of them while also keeping them informed of today’s business opportunities and new technologies. Because our newsletter kept us top of mind, we won a large $5K a month account! We simply did a presentation, got them on our drip campaign and it worked out in our favor.

For two years now, even when we were struggling with turnover, we have been religiously sending out our quality printed newsletters on a monthly basis. They go out to prospects on our house list as well as clients and referral partners. As we meet with customers throughout the year, they always mention how much they appreciate our newsletter. They tell us it scares the heck out of them while also keeping them informed of today’s business opportunities and new technologies. Because our newsletter kept us top of mind, we won a large $5K a month account! We simply did a presentation, got them on our drip campaign and it worked out in our favor.

Our new book, Computers Should Just Work, has been a great marketing tool to gain credibility, impress prospects and also handle objections. It really has helped to set us apart and stand out to prospects. In addition, a book helps you to lower barriers to the close and price resistance while speeding up the sales process. We also utilize our online Shock-And-Awe presentation just like the book. Before a sales meeting, we send the prospect our presentation to increase our credibility and authority in their eyes while handling objections and lowering price barriers. Then, when they meet with us, the sales process is much easier and more effective.

We also upgraded to Robin’s proven website. It provides lead tracking, call tracking, visitor tracking as well as alerts to activity for unconverted visitors. It works with Infusionsoft, another powerful tool. We have all of our form fills on our website sync directly into Infusionsoft in addition to automated prospect communication, seamless onboarding, and we are actively communicating security threat alerts to our clients. Plus, we have several drip marketing campaigns running to our house list.

Our five-year BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) is 5 million and a nice retirement so we can spend time with our grandkids. Our goal is to build a business where the employees make a good living and enjoy great benefits while providing top-quality service.

David Luft

LDD Consulting, Inc

In 3 Years, I’ve Quadrupled MRR and Tripled Net Profits!

After 12 years in business, with 981 clients, I realized that both my business and my health were in bad shape.

I often recite the famous quote from the Apollo 13 mission: “Failure is not an option.” See, all four of our children have been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Chiari malformation. These incurable but manageable have required 87 surgeries over the past 12 years.

After attending Robin’s Roadshow in 2015, with encouragement from my wife, I signed up for Producers Club AND had gastric sleeve surgery to do something about my weight. And I am so proud of what I have achieved in those three years:

  • Total revenue grew from $869,515 to $1,403,968, all in managed services.
  • Revenue per tech went from $96,556 to $280,793.
  • MRR grew from $27,710 to $110,000 (with another $20,000 out in proposals)
  • And my weight dropped from 342 pounds to 239 pounds.

We’ve also been able to help employees through Hurricane Harvey, illness and increase their pay. The result: because we treat them like family, the average technician has been with us for over four years.

In the last three years, my business has TRANSFORMED. I’ve dramatically grown employee loyalty, transformed to 100% managed services, quadrupled monthly recurring revenue and tripled net profits.

Charles Swihart

Preactive IT Solutions

How I Became A Person Of Action And Grew My Business By $360K In One Year!

After years of doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting to see different results, I knew I needed a serious change. My business was hemorrhaging money, I owed $172,000 and “growth” was a word that wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I was finally ready to take action and do the work necessary to get it done.

Since joining Producers Club, I’ve become a person of action. After hearing Darren Hardy speak at one of Robin’s events, I’ve adopted his “Insane Productivity” ideas, as well as foundational marketing concepts from Robin to achieve this:

  • Creating several marketing oil wells that are producing on a regular basis.
  • Writing a book!
  • Becoming an expert on data breach notification laws.
  • Meeting with the Attorney General’s office and local legislators to successfully change state law in our favor!
  • Meeting with 60 clients in 60 days that resulted in $15,000 in new MRR!
  • Embracing the concept and even leveraging the benefits of accountability.

Oh, and I paid off ALL that debt! $172,000 ERASED!

About halfway through the year, I got some very frustrating news. I learned that we were going to lose our top customer and two other good clients due to acquisitions. Through Robin, I learned I had learned the key is to focus on what IS in your control, and that’s what we did.

I committed to my Accountability Group to have a new cyber security offering packaged and productized within 30 days. Not wanting to look like an idiot to the rest of my group, I completed the task, added a sales process, and our new Cyber CareTM solution was introduced.

By performing two seminars and 60 consultations, our Cyber CareTM solution has added 23,600 in MRR to our business!

We also started using Infusionsoft to regularly send out TechTips e-mails to over 3,000 targeted prospects. We carefully analyze those who faithfully open and read our e-mails and strategically target them for additional campaigns, resulting in a 50% increase in first-time appointments.

Our completely revamped and “Robinized” our website has also been a game-changer. We used strategic landing pages to post our Cyber Security Crisis reports and targeted prospects through Infusionsoft to download the report. Since revamping the website in June, we have closed six new clients from website leads. This adds $12,950 a month in new MRR and a total of $466,200 over the life of the contracts!

Truthful accountability can help you change poor habits and execute what needs to be done. But you have to be willing to do the work and receive the feedback. This single principle has changed my life.

My expectation for my business is that we will continue to grow our Manage IT and Cyber Security solutions at a 30% growth rate for next year. My plan is to maintain at least a 25% growth rate for the next five years to hit $4 million in revenue and $10 million by year 10.

Darren Patoni

The I.T. Workshop

After Investing Tons Of Money Into Marketing With Practically Zero Results, We Discovered Robin And Quickly Added $17,479 In MRR And $14,800 In Projects

At the beginning of 2018, STL created a new Sales and Marketing team that reinvested in the resources and knowledge provided to Robin Robins’ Producer’s Club members. Shortly after, we attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Our first marketing initiative at the workshop was to reconnect to prospective clients who ‘went dark’ secured three meetings resulting in one MRR account worth $5,414 with the potential to be $7,000 per month.

Because Robin always talks about ‘fattening the herd,’ we ran a cross-sell campaign to our current IT clients who didn’t have our VoIP service. From this single campaign, we secured seven meetings resulting in a pipeline of $7,350! We also launched multiple direct mail campaigns in the spring of 2018. One resulted in three meetings and an increase of $1,700 in MRR between two accounts. The second direct mail campaign landed five meetings and one small account of $615 in MRR and projects of $2,000.

We have recently documented the definition and process behind our quarterly business reviews to clearly demonstrate the value of our services and solutions. As a result, we have retained 100% of our clients that were up for renewal! Since we joined Robin’s program, the QBRs have calculated a total of $2,400 MRR in the pipeline, with an additional $12,800 in revenue/project work.

The single best component of Technology Marketing Toolkit is the community as a whole. There is not a question that can’t be answered by the accumulated knowledge of the community. There is always someone who has been there, done that before you. The attitudes and willingness to share gained knowledge is literally invaluable.

Todd Crull


After I Lost 60% Of My Revenue, Robin Helped Us Add $613,000 In Just 90 Days, Open 4 New Offices And Increase Incoming Leads By 712%!

When I lost 60% of my revenue by losing three clients, my company took a punch to the gut. But I kept fighting. In January 2016, I got a dollar bill in the mail that was stapled to a letter from some redheaded lady claiming she could turn my business around with her Toolkit. I bought it, but like so many others, I thumbed through it and put it on the shelf.

Shortly after meeting Robin Robins at my first Boot Camp, I knew joining Producers Club was the next step for us. And WOW, the journey over the past two years has been well worth every penny invested.

At the end of the 2016 year, I opened up offices in Baton Rouge, LA, and my hometown in eastern North Carolina, New Bern. We went from spending nothing on marketing to marketing being a driving factor in attaining and landing new clients.

Fast-forward to 2018: I decided to go through the Rapid Implementation Workshop steps again. With a new focus on marketing efforts, Vector Choice has continued to grow. In fact, we even recently purchased a fourth location in Washington, DC.

In February 2018, we ended the month at $132,000 gross. In May 2018, we ended the month at $194,000 gross – a 47% increase. We also increased our managed services package pricing by 40%, and shockingly, we are landing more deals with faster close times even after the increase! We have also started the process of increasing all our current client prices between 5% and 8%, and changing all our contracts to 36 months, which will bring in an additional $16K per month of MRR.

I would like to thank Robin and the team for helping me to build Vector Choice into a more strategic and successful company.

Will Nobles

Vector Choice Technology Solutions

We OVERSHOT Our Revenue Goal By $326K And Profits Jumped By 50%!

In 2005, I opened RedEye with my business partner, Andrea. Like most of Robin’s clients, we grew by waiting for referrals. This model allowed us to grow for the first eight or nine years. We got to the $1.5M mark in 2013. The next year, 2014, was a pivotal year with annual revenue eclipsing $1.9M.

Still, we had ZERO recurring revenue. We were doing ZERO marketing and had ZERO sales pipeline. This made me a bit nervous, but through it all, we still thought we were doing AWESOME!

Suddenly, we lost two of our largest clients, which made up 30% of our revenue. So I reached out to Robin (the redhead) and bought the Toolkit. Then I proceeded to cherry-pick and send out a single postcard campaign to prospects. ONLY ONCE. Obviously, I got no results from that campaign, and I shoved the Toolkit under my couch.

In November of 2015, I attended Robin’s Roadshow event in Newark, NJ. With a fire lit under my butt, I signed up for Producers Club! Now I HAD to be on Accountability Group calls, and I did NOT want to be that guy who shows up each week with an excuse as to why I did NOTHING.

Through LinkedIn prospecting, we landed a new client at $100K a year! We added value to our offerings by upselling most of our clients to higher-priced flat-fee contracts. This “low-hanging fruit” opportunity increased our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from under $50K a month to $125K every month! After attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we got very busy implementing tons of strategies and tactics. The results: we finally built a REAL pipeline just shy of $500K.

Our numbers exceeded our expectations. Our revenue goal for 2018 was $2.5M. We ended up at $2.826M, which is a 30% increase over our goal. Plus, our profitability was up over 50%! Thank you, Robin, Rich, Jeff, Debi, Alison and the rest of the team. We are excited about the future of RedEye!

Ed Wenzel

RedEye, Inc.

I’m FINALLY Executing Marketing And Getting Results: $3,250 From Just 13 E-mails And $1,000 MRR From One Call!

I founded Haycor Computer Solutions in 2006. Through personal relationships and referrals, I built my base up to 40 clients but I was overwhelmed, stressed and didn’t know how to manage or build my business. To escape the chaos, I sold our client base to another MSP in 2013.

Just two years later, I decided to get back into the IT business. Before I knew it, I was a one-man show operating my break-fix business AGAIN! The overwhelm and stress quickly returned and by 2018, I wanted out.

Then I came across Robin’s Technology Marketing Toolkit. I was VERY skeptical, but something had to change. So I joined in February 2018 and was all in – 100%! After working through the videos, worksheets and hours of brainstorming, I was able to start development of a new website, service offering, target market and unique selling proposition (USP).

I attended Robin’s Boot Camp in April 2018 and found it to be an incredible experience. I gathered a ton of information from amazing speakers and vendors, joined the Accelerators Club, upgraded to Infusionsoft and booked myself to attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

During the Workshop, I was able to send out a few campaigns and get a great head start on Robin’s checklist. Sending her simple 9-Word E-mail out to 13 clients resulted in two project sales worth $3,250!

I continuously send out weekly cyber security tip e-mails to all of my clients, which has already resulted in several inquiries and three meetings! I scored a $1,500 project sale plus $1,000 in MRR from a single call! In addition, I implemented the Top 10 Hackers campaign and ID Agent campaign using Infusionsoft. Plus, I hired a new technical specialist in May who enabled me to close over $140,000 in new project business with $4,000 in MRR.

I have found that the single best benefit from the workshop has been the weekly accountability calls. These calls allow us to provide our results from our efforts, hear other members’ experiences and get feedback for next steps toward our goals. I look forward to moving into the next stages of the Accelerators Program in the immediate future. The entire TMT team is dedicated and committed to seeing everyone succeed in the program.

Jason Wachtel

Haycor Computer Solutions

Robin’s Marketing And Accountability Helped Put Us On Pace To DOUBLE Last Year’s Revenue

We had Robin’s Toolkit for nine years and never put anything into action. Needing a spark to ignite our passion and implement marketing, we signed up for Robin’s Boot Camp and attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop.

After Robin’s workshop, we started to hammer out and radically change our service. Rather than being a “McDonald’s-type IT services provider,” where we had something for everyone and clients could customize their options, we wanted something MORE. We wanted to become a premium IT team that highlighted our strengths within our target market of manufacturers. By creating examples of why we were the best and proving it through client testimonials, we had a substantial sales and marketing advantage.

Here are some straight-up stats comparing life before Robin in 2017 with life after Robin in 2018. Before Robin, we averaged just one lead per month. After implementing Robin’s marketing, in JUST 90 DAYS we have received over 30 leads with 15 booked appointments! Since implementing Robin’s marketing in 2018, we are on pace to DOUBLE our overall revenue from 2017! We could not have done this if it weren’t for the accountability from Robin’s team, making sure the work gets done!

Rod Holum

Coulee Techlink, Inc

From No Consistent Marketing For 14 Years To Adding $349K In New Sales In ONLY 90 Days!

For 14 years, we didn’t have a profitable business model, a targeted list or a consistent marketing approach. That all changed this past year when we went to Robin’s Boot Camp. There, she gave us great advice about how to better position our MSP packages. We signed up for Accelerators Club and attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop, where we covered a ton, including marketing campaigns, sales processes, telemarketing, setting goals, tracking ROI, defining a target market, creating our USP and, of course, MINDSET.

Even the smallest actions have garnered great RESULTS for us! In just 90 days, we have transformed our business by implementing Robin’s methodology and advice. First, we added about $5K in new MRR and another $349K in new sales. Plus, we are in the process of reworking our existing MSP contracts, which will increase MRR another $5K! We believe in this program and are 100% committed. Robin and her team have truly made our business processes tighter and more laser-focused!

Ray Riddle

Beasley Technology

Robin’s Workshop Sparked $4,595 A Month And $70K In Project Work!

I was working 90 HOURS a week and making less than everyone on my team! When I finally bit the bullet and bought her Toolkit, I realized how much I needed it as I looked at the Service Provider Comparison Chart, we weren’t the option our prospects should choose. After seeing results from implementing parts of the Toolkit on my own, I signed up for her Rapid Implementation Workshop to hold my feet to the fire.

I recall showing up to the meeting after sending out our first Shock-And-Awe box to receive the warmest welcome I’d ever gotten because they already knew me! By reaching out to our clients to schedule quarterly business reviews, I was able to increase my rates, which will grow our monthly recurring revenue by $3,237 and our monthly T&M invoices by an average of $819 a month. These meetings also generated about $539 in NEW MRR and approximately $70K in project work!

Plus, our first direct mail campaign resulted in four sales meetings from former clients and unconverted leads. These managed services opportunities are worth a total of $100,315! Our biggest lesson from Robin: there is no one thing that makes marketing work. It’s the multiple pieces working together with constant improvement that deliver the results you want.

Eugene Hastey

CG Tech Services, Inc.

Growing Revenue Beyond $2M (Up $535K) And Net Profit By 2,100%… All In ONE YEAR!

Since I started Simplex-IT in 2007, it has increased revenue each year, always been profitable, and provided me a decent wage. At first glance, growing our profits 2,100% in one year sounds like a feat worthy of a parade. However, we made a meager $10K in profits for 2017 on purpose, as we focused on building the marketing and sales processes and the best customer-focused service delivery process.

We perfected our multi-step direct mail system, resulting in $15K in MRR. It gets a boost from our eNewsletter, which led to another $12K in MRR with organizations that have been receiving it for years and finally decided to work with us.

We have implemented the management framework that will take us from a $2M organization to the $5M organization we plan to be in 2024. We are calling this process “Simplex-IT 3.0.” My great team, starting with my wife, will help me achieve this. They are the reason I am able to be Better Than Yesterday.

Bob Coppedge

Simplex IT

Without Robin, We Would Not Have DOUBLED Our MRR And QUADRUPLED Our Gross Sales This Year

The biggest personal benefit is being part of a team that holds you accountable. First, we hold our teammates accountable. Second, our Technology Marketing Toolkit Accountability Group ‘All In’ keeps us ALL accountable. As a group, we grow and learn from each other about how to do things better.

In 2017, our MRR was $7,189, with no new clients and no new projects. In 2018, we have nearly DOUBLED our MRR to $14,197! Our gross sales from 2017 was only $62,753. In 2018, we increased our gross sales over 4X to $289,267! Finally, we increased our client size from 14 in 2017 to 20 in 2018!

Heather Hamby

McCartys IT

Adding $4,055 In MRR And $23,150 To Our Pipeline By Implementing Robin’s Marketing!

For 25 years, CTS Computers was primarily a break-fix business. Always trading time for dollars, we knew there was a better way and started shifting our business model to managed services. That led us to investing in Robin’s marketing and signing up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. In the 12 weeks (90 days) that followed, we implemented a considerable amount of marketing campaigns and strategies.

During the 90 days of Rapid Implementation, we have confirmed $4,055 in NEW Monthly Recurring Revenue and another $23,150 at various stages in the sales pipeline! Technology Marketing Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Workshop have changed CTS in a good way!

Brent Lacy

CTS Computers

Our BEST Year Ever, Thanks To Scoring 3-Year Contracts Totaling $264,346 From A Single Campaign!

As a result of both my Producers Club Accountability Group and my company team, I can honestly say that this year has been BETTER than my BEST YEAR EVER! In just that one year, we added $173,107 in gross sales, $95,585 in profit and 33 new clients to our business. Plus, with just one marketing strategy, we yielded a total in MRR of $220,221 over three years, plus projects and hardware of $44,125, for a total of $264,346!

Quick Compute isn’t a million-dollar company. YET! But I can tell you that my business is a REAL business today. One that can grow because it has a solid foundation.

Holly Fullingim

Quick Compute, Inc

Consistency In Marketing Boosted Our Sales By $100K With 860% Profit Growth In Just One Year!

Since we have been more consistent in implementing our “Robinized” marketing, we have increased our MRR from $12,434 per month to $18,263 per month in just one year! Plus, we closed $50,724 in new projects. Not only did we boost our revenue, our net profit increased 860% in that same year!

The support and input from the Producers Club weekly meetings just tie everything together for us. Here are some of the marketing campaigns and strategies that helped us achieve 53% growth in just one year:

  • Cyber Security TechTips Brings $17,280 In MRR – This campaign alone has solidified our relationship with our largest client because they have signed a three-year renewal, increasing our MRR by $17,280 and securing predictable income for the term!
  • A Better Quarterly Business Review Process Equates To $13,647 In MRR – By better answering needs and being there for our clients on a consistent basis, we have increased our MRR income to $13,647.
  • Referral E-mail Campaigns Net Two New Referrals – We acquired two referrals, adding $7,426 in monthly recurring revenue!
  • Aspirin Direct Mail Campaign – We received one lucrative lead that just closed!

Our marketing initiatives don’t stop there. Each month, we e-mail our Done-For-You Newsletter with an e-mail teaser. Before meeting with a prospective client, we always send out our Shock-And-Awe box and online presentations. We have fully executed Infusionsoft and utilize it to improve results from our direct mail campaigns. We look to improve our margins. to make Lotus Management & Services even more profitable in 2019!

Maria Partridge

Lotus Management & Services

Striving To Be A Residential MSP Example Through Robin’s Guidance

As a result of the business-growing tools Robin has shared with us, we learned I have three primary functions with my company: Leadership, Vision and Sales. We also discovered that we had the right people, but they just weren’t in the right seats on the bus. By reorganizing our people and processes, we began to find where we needed help and hired for those positions.

By implementing these organizational improvements this past year, we achieved 22% growth in sales and an incredible 64% GROWTH in total clients, including adding 151 NEW clients on recurring revenue contracts!

Our long-term goal is to build Tech Junkies into the example company for our Residential MSP program. We will prove how an IT company can find success and profit through servicing residential, small-office, medium-sized businesses and enterprise clients.

Jason Penka

President and CEO, Tech Junkies

25 Years Later, We Are Finally Working ON Our Business To The Tune Of $50,318 In MRR And New Projects!

Our most successful marketing initiative as a result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop has been the implementation of QBRs. These have driven the most sales in a short amount of time by taking care of our leaky bucket. We always assumed we needed more new customers. Wrong thinking! What we REALLY needed was to better take care of the clients we ALREADY had. We now know there is money on the table with every client, but we have to uncover it and go get it. With this shift in mindset, we scheduled eight meetings that netted $14,318 in new projects and $931 in monthly recurring revenue, which will amount to $36,000 over 36 months!

Our journey is just beginning, with a new attitude, a fresh set of tools and processes, and a vision for the future. But we could not have done this without the help of TMT and the Redhead who keeps pushing us to do better!

Steve and Donna Edrington

Service Solutions, Inc.

Just ONE Marketing Campaign At Robin’s Workshop Added $47,750 In Revenue This Year!

At an industry event, I agreed to a phone consultation at Robin’s both so I could I score a free Technology Marketing Toolkit T-shirt. But that call changed everything when I was asked if I was achieving my goals at the pace I wanted. I had to admit the answer was “No.” Determined to get the most from this experience, I signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

While at this workshop and during the 90 days that followed, I initiated several marketing campaigns and strategies that delivered impressive results. First, it helped me to change my mindset about my pricing plan. By DOUBLING my prices, just ONE SALE was worth over $19,000 this year.

Second, I admit that I’ve been deficient in my quarterly business reviews. While at the workshop, I sent out just a couple of requests for QBRs. The first request resulted in over $5K in project work and $300 in monthly recurring revenue. The second request will yield $19,600 in new hardware and project work. In just 90 days, we increased our MRR by 38%. To date, our QBRs will add $47,750 in revenue this year – that’s a 600% ROI!

The amount of personal growth I have experienced is immense. The amount of gratitude is off the charts. I didn’t have the money to attend Robin’s workshop, but I also wasn’t happy with where I was in my business and after 32 years, I finally wanted to make a difference in my business and my personal life. I cannot recommend the Rapid Implementation Workshop highly enough for those willing to elicit a change in themselves.

Brent Fairbanks

Electronic and Computer Specialties, Inc.

I Am Now A Far Better Businessman, Salesman And Marketer Than Ever Before In My 34+ Years In Business

One of the immediate results we saw from our two days at Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was booked quarterly business review appointments. From seven QBR meetings, we quoted over $80K in product, $29K in services and $2,200 in monthly recurring revenue, and some of this has already closed! In the 90 days following this workshop, we refreshed our website, finally created a Shock-And-Awe box, received many client testimonials, narrowed our target market, created a lead capture system and scrubbed our lists clean. Whew!

My outlook on marketing and sales has changed for the better. I have an MBA and I ran another successful IT company. But I have to say today I am a far better businessperson as well as being more sales- and marketing-focused than I have EVER been in my 34+ years in business, thanks to all the training, seminars, books, meetings, accountability groups and Technology Marketing Toolkit’s members and friends. This journey has been life-changing for me.

Scott Bernstein


Word Of Mouth’ Was Our Marketing Plan For 23 Years. – In Just Months, Robin’s Marketing Plan Brought In $97,119!

Because we relied ONLY on word-of-mouth marketing, we experienced zero to very little growth for 23 years. We FINALLY committed to a real marketing plan by attending Robin Robins’ 2-Day Rapid Implementation Workshop this past year.

By signing up with ID Agent and SentinelOne this past year, we have added new clients for a total of $2,027.50 in new monthly recurring revenue. Next, we used Robin’s quarterly business review strategy to score three appointments that will increase our revenue by $97,119!

Mark Stauffer

IT Services of Utah, Inc.

Robin Gave Us The Confidence To Finally Raise Our Rates, Which Added $3,237 In Monthly Recurring Income

I was working 90 HOURS a week and making less than everyone on my team! I gave myself an ultimatum to turn my business around or I would be forced to close the doors. Then I discovered Robin, bought her Toolkit and signed up for her Rapid Implementation Workshop to hold my feet to the fire. This single workshop brings all the material together in an organized, step-by-step, stop-coloring-outside-of-the-lines focus that I really needed.

We immediately saw results! By reaching out to our clients to schedule quarterly business reviews, I was able to finally increase my rates, which will grow our monthly recurring revenue by $3,237 and our monthly T&M invoices by an average of $819. These meetings also generated about $539 in NEW MRR and approximately $70K in project work! Plus, our first direct mail campaign resulted in four sales meetings with former clients for managed services opportunities worth $100,315!

Eugene Hastey

CG Tech Services, Inc.

Transforming My ‘Lifestyle Business’ Into A ‘Growth Business’ Starting With A $42,590 Revenue Surge
For 23 years, I ran my IT services business as a “lifestyle business” that simply supported my personal lifestyle. Then I made the decision to switch to a “growth business,” but NOTHING happened since I had been doing the same thing for over TWO DECADES yet expecting different results! In a lot of ways, I was my own worst enemy, and my business succeeded in spite of me, not because of me.Then I started tuning in to Robin Robins and taking advantage of her free webinars, CDs or anything else I could get my hands (and my mind) on. With my first exposure to Robin’s Producers Club, a couple of things really stood out to me:
  1. Far too many people in this group are very successful for this stuff not to work.
  2. Everyone in Producers Club is genuinely willing and even anxious to help each other.
After joining Producers Club, I was fortunate to attend Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Even though I also had foot surgery during that time, was hospitalized and endured weeks of recovery, I managed to add $443.86 in monthly recurring revenue and $37,264 in project revenue for an annual revenue of $42,590 in JUST 90 DAYS! Even better, we’ve implemented multiple marketing initiatives, such as a monthly newsletter, “Dark Web” e-mail campaign, cyber security weekly e-mails, new “Robinized” website and consistent social media and blog posts. Moving forward with Robin’s sales and marketing strategies, Pratt Computing Technologies is poised to become a GROWTH BUSINESS after all!

Doc Pratt

Pratt Computing Technologies

This Single Experience Has Unequivocally Transformed Our Business

After attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, in the past 90 days, I have endeavored to change everything, from how we structure our operations to who we market to and how we market to them. Today, we have a clearly defined target market. Our sales team has very specific goals that constantly evolve. We answer our phones live, have sent out multiple marketing campaigns, launched a referral campaign and we held multiple quarterly business reviews with clients, which resulted in $4,130 in monthly managed services revenue, $22,877 in hardware sales and $6,250 in project consulting revenue – all in just 90 days!

I genuinely feel that we are a different company than we were prior to Robin’s workshop. In many ways, EVERYTHING has changed. Every area of our business has been touched and influenced by this experience. We now have a clear direction and purpose. Thanks to Robin, the Technology Marketing Toolkit team and my colleagues from my Rapid Implementation Workshop for the experience and transformation. It has unequivocally changed our business.

Dave Mason

Shift IT Solutions, Inc.

We’ve Already Used What Was Developed With Robin To Sign Two Clients Worth $5500 Per Month In Recurring Revenue

Technology Marketing Toolkit and Team Robin have directly and drastically improved my family’s quality of life in the 5+ years I’ve been involved. It’s also allowed me to provide above average wage jobs to 14 staff members in an economically depressed area. The education I receive on an annual basis from Robin and TMT is more than equivalent to a college education. As I was realizing a concept that is a gaping problem with other IT firms and that I have solved in my own business; I knew I had to involve Robin if I wanted to fast track and be successful in developing my concept into a marketable consulting service.

After one meeting, we had more direction in our new venture than we’d had over the previous six months. Robin helps entrepreneurs have laser focus into what matters. Through our coaching with Robin, we developed our service packages and a compelling, strong offer. We’ve already used what was developed with Robin to sign two clients worth $5500 per month in recurring revenue. We’ll continue to work directly with Robin as we build our new business – we know that with her guidance and our hard work we have the greatest chance of success. It’s rare to have the opportunity to utilize a resource like Robin. I’d tell any entrepreneur who wants to build a seriously scalable and profitable business that the value we receive from working directly with Robin is more than ten times the cost we pay. Just do it!

Willie Kerns

SmartPath Technologies

Important! Please do NOT assume that by sharing these client success stories with you we are guaranteeing or even implying that you will get the same results in your business by enrolling in our programs and buying our services. NO ONE can guarantee you results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don’t even know you or anything about your business? The testimonials provided below were given to us by successful clients and are simply their personal expressions of their experience of working with us. Not every client gets these results. YOUR results are dependent on a number of factors that are completely outside our control, including your work ethic, ability to implement properly, your relationship with your clients, your reputation, pricing structure, competition and about 100 other factors. You should also know that our programs and methods are NOT “easy” or simple. BEING SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE IN BUSINESS IS HARD WORK, which is what we’re all about. If you are looking for a simple and easy route — rather than putting in the necessary hard work — please find another company to work with.