Diana Spurgus
Business System Solutions, Inc.

Number of Recurring Clients Up 111% $42,812 of MRR per Month

"I cannot imagine running this organization without Robin, her team, ideas, encouragement and inpiration. Who would have thought this wimpy IT business owner would have come so far with marketing? Perhaps I am not wimpy after all!"

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Tom Malesic

Net Profit Up 527%
MRR Up 184%
Gross Sales Up 22%

"Marketing isn't just about the individual campaigns. It's a collective marketing effort that returns the big results. Robin, you've given me opportunities to learn not only about marketing, but about business!"

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Stephen Swavley

Gross Sales Up 23%
Net Profit Up 22%
MRR Up 184%

"My business is like an old steam engine. The marketing is the fire under the boiler. But if I didn't bother stroking the boiler, after the first spin of the wheels...the train would stop. That's what I have seen from my marketing. I started and inched forward, I continued and build traction, and moved forward again and again, keeping the boiler stoked with newsletters and other activities."

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Sitima Fowler
Capstone Information
Technologies, Inc.

Net Profit Up 149%
Number of Recurring
Clients Up 74%
MRR Up 62%

"Wow...what a year we have had! Not only did we see amazing results with our sales, we have completely reinvented our business!"

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Brendan Howe

Gross Sales Up 28%
Net Profit Up 173%
MRR Up 90%

"In two years we've grown like gangbusters! I wish I could say there was one magic bullet - one campaign that brought us new clients and an endless flow of money...the truth is, there wasn't! it was blood, sweat and tears. We worked our @$$es off!"

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“I Increased My Rates by 10%, Secured $88,000 in NEW Project work AND Generated $296,040 in NEW Managed Services Revenues in Just 3 Weeks”

Dear Fellow Technician:

Randy Hall, President of Worldlan Technology, sitting in his brand new Jaguar XJ.

About a year ago I decided to attend SMB Nation, but I had a dilemma. I got there a day early and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go to Robin’s seminar on marketing or the HP Blade Server session. The more I sat there and thought about my sales situation (or lack thereof) the more I felt the urge to go to Robin’s session. We had slid back from doing a million around the year 2000 to under $400,000. Yep, we were hurting bad and heading in the wrong direction. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. After all, she IS a lot better looking than the guy who was doing the Blade Server class so that helped make my decision a bit easier.

Being the skeptic that I am, I sat in the back of the room so I could make a quick exit if it got too boring. But within 10 minutes, I was hooked, and at the first break, I moved to the front of the room. I mean I was riveted to my seat! It was like she was telling me my life’s story…

When I left her session, I left with what I call “manna from heaven.” I bought both of her Technology Marketing Toolkit and her Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint.

At first I completed the Fast Start CD, implemented a few of the ideas and made some immediate cash right off the bat. Then we adopted everything she outlined in the Managed Services Blueprint – and it really worked and has truly become a million-dollar blueprint for me.

Our first step was to create a master client agreement based on the Ultimate MSP Contract Pack, which is another program from Robin. With that, we had everything place. We had a MSP platform that worked (Kaseya), documented service level agreements, a master client agreement, and real SLA contracts that were measurable. Plus, we had a documented marketing plan and we were getting leads and lots of new prospects. But I just couldn’t close the deals and prospects I was getting. For some reason, I could only get about 20% of them to say yes; obviously I was doing something wrong.

So I decided to go to her 3-day boot camp in Nashville. That’s where I saw the light. At the boot camp Robin gave us a challenge. She told us to each go back and pick five of our clients that we thought we wanted. And I took our five largest prospects that had already previously said no at least twice to managed services. Some of them three times. And I took a couple tricks that Robin gave us; we’ll call them “tricks” but they’re not really tricks…they’re just good marketing strategies.

I took those strategies back, implemented them and within the first two weeks we closed four of those clients. The fifth client we closed by the end of the month. How did I do that? I used what I call my new “Robinized” close… Robin’s “secret sauce.”

The first four clients that we sold brought in an additional $7,390 a month in new revenue. All of those contracts were for 36 months so that’s a little over a quarter of a million dollars that we secured just using a technique that she taught us at the boot camp - and I did that in just two weeks.

The fifth client took an extra week, but was a very large one. They had 79 workstations and three servers. They signed for 48 months instead of 36, so it was a huge shot in the revenue arm.

What’s even better is the fact that I get paid on the first of the month and I don’t have to give those client’s terms.

In the last year we went from under $5,000.00 a month to $26,000.00 a month in managed services just by marketing to our house list of people who were doing break fix with us.

We now have our managed services up to $42,000.00 a month in recurring revenue. On the first of every month $42,000.00 hits our bank account before we do any service, and it’s all using techniques that I learned from Robin that I didn’t have in place.

And if you think I’m a Robin fan, boy am I ever. Why wouldn’t you be if somebody could do that for you and your business?


Randy Hall,
President of Worldlan Technology, LLC

Spokesperson for Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. And Winner of the “Better Your Best Contest”

“Genius League Member Marcus Thompson Increases Net Profit By 53% And Recurring Revenue By 89% To Secure Spokesperson Position And Drives Home A New BMW Z4!”

To a standing ovation, Marcus Thompson, President of Expedient Technology Solutions was declared winner of the Better Your Best Contest and Spokesperson for Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. at the 2008 Marketing and Money-Making Boot Camp hosted by Robin Robins.

The "rag" part of his "rags to riches" story is one that many of his peers can
relate to…

"I used to lay in bed awake at night worrying about where our next billable hour or project was going to come from," stated Marcus Thompson, newly appointed Technology Marketing Toolkit Spokesperson and Ambassador to the industry.

"I didn’t have a business, I had a job; and the hours and benefits were terrible. I was working long days, putting the kids to bed at night and then going back into the office to get caught up for the next day. I barely had any sleep, never took any time off, and ended up on blood pressure medication…and I’m only 30 years old!" he continued.

Finally, A Glimmer Of Hope…

"I bought Robin’s Toolkit and then signed up for the Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint. Going through the series finally helped me to understand that trading dollars for hours was not a profitable or smart way to build our business. I finally figured out what managed services was all about and how to finally lock in predictable, recurring revenue to smooth out the highs and lows in our sales cycle. I signed up right away and jumped in with both feet buying 1,000 seats of Kaseya licenses."

We Instantly Secured Over
$6,000 In Recurring, Managed Services Revenue

"After launching it to my customers, we instantly signed up our first four managed services clients and secured over $6,000 in recurring revenue. We were officially a ‘managed services provider’. The stress that came from running a break-fix company was slowly starting to lift."

"Over the next 10 months, I mainly focused on converting as many of our existing clients to managed services as possible. We further refined our service offerings and found that our ‘all you can eat’ premium level service was what everyone wanted. We added 7 more clients which brought our monthly recurring revenue to over $20,000; and that didn’t include other project work we were also getting paid for. But the best was yet to come," Marcus said with a big grin.

The Marketing Plan That
Secured A 53% Net Profit Increase And 89% Increase In Annual Recurring Revenue

"The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that there is no one thing you can do to increase sales and gain new clients. There are many things you have to do, and you have to implement them all."

"Our marketing took on many different approaches. First, we updated our web site from the traditional "alphabet soup" of vendor logos and platitudes to a ‘Robinized’ version that actually sold the benefits of what we do for our clients. We also incorporated Robin’s ‘Get Out Of Computer Trouble Free’ card in many different ways which included our business cards, postcards, inserts in our newsletter, and handing them out at networking events. We also did monthly newsletters and 3-step mailing campaigns to drive in new clients."

"We also implemented many joint venture relationships to find new clients. One happens to be my CPA and to date he has been our best source of new referrals. We have also formed a partnership with a telecommunications provider who needed to add on managed services as part of their service offerings to compete. They now consider us their managed services offering and have referred many new clients to us."

"Another highly-effective marketing strategy we implemented was publishing our own book, which is another benefit of being a Genius League Member. We customized Robin’s book template to “Stress Free Computer Support” and used it in various ways to get new clients. The response so far has been extremely positive. There is no better way to impress a new client or prospect than to give them a copy of a book you published. No brochure can even come close!" said Marcus.

But It’s Not Just Marketing

"There is no doubt that the marketing we get from Robin has been incredibly helpful. But in addition to the marketing, Robin also gives us great business strategies and ideas and has brought together a tremendous Master Mind Group of my peers (the Genius League) to help me solve problems and find faster ways to grow my business."

"I’ll never forget my first Master Mind Meeting in Los Angeles. Robin was going over what a "R.E.A.L." business looks like and how it should be able to operate without us (the owner) having to be there or do all the work. I’m not saying that Robin came up with the idea, but she constantly challenges us to get to that point."

"Plus, the interaction I get with the other Genius League Members is absolutely priceless. I’ve learned shortcuts and best practices for implementing ConnectWise, virtualization go-to-market strategies, staffing and organizational structure, internal processes and procedures, new client welcome documentation, and much, much, more," Marcus continued.

The Results Speak For Themselves

"In the last 10 months we have doubled the number of clients we had on managed services and are one client shy of doubling our recurring revenue. I’ve brought on 2 new techs who handle the work and free up my time to work on the business."

"Another significant breakthrough we had was the shift in revenue. It used to be 40% recurring and 60% non-recurring project revenue. Ending in 2007 we drastically shifted that to 83% recurring and 17% non-recurring. This gives us a tremendous increase not only in profitability, but it also gives us a solid foundation on which to grow the business rapidly."

"But money aside, the biggest personal benefit has been the reduction in my stress level. Owning a business is certainly not the easiest thing I’ve ever done; but now I feel like I own a real business instead of just a job. The changes over the last year have allowed me to reduce the number of hours worked and take vacation without worrying."

"I now enjoy the aspects of being a business owner and focusing on growing and molding the business rather than constantly working like a technician focusing on technical support. Almost 100% of the technical work is now handled by my staff. So what does the future hold? It’s shaping up to an exciting 50% growth rate annually with a target of $4 million in just a few years. Now that’s a stress-free life!" he grins.

– Marcus Thompson, President of Expedient Technology Solutions and Spokesperson for Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. and Winner of the “Better Your Best Contest”

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How a Small VAR from San Diego Went from Working Out of His Home with a Negative Cash Flow to $62,000 Positive in 6 Short Months Selling Managed IT Services

Click here to watch a hilarious video Sean created about his success selling managed services.

My name is Sean Goss and I’m the President of Crown Computers. Right now we have 8 people and I just turned the big "3-0." I have been running my business for about 8 years, but like many small computer consultants, I've never implemented a real marketing plan - at least not anything with a strategy - before Robin. We were surviving purely on the referrals we were getting.

Prior to starting Robin's Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint, I really worried whenever I lost a client. Sometimes I had more turnover than clients coming in the door, which is a bad place to be. I was working out of my house and having tons of employees in and out of my home. Since I'm raising 2 kids (with another on the way) I would always have to tell them to be quiet or put them in front of the TV to keep them occupied as I took important calls.

We Were $6,000 Negative
For The Year

At the time I started on Robin’s managed services marketing system, I was only doing about $100,000 per year in managed services. I didn't have a good marketing system in place so most of the clients were only paying a little bit of money for server maintenance. I wasn't selling workstation maintenance, a high-end all inclusive service or getting large setup fees like I am today. My profits were paying for our business to keep rolling along, but I wasn't making any additional profit after paying the employees. In fact, the business was actually $6,000 negative for the year.

The Magic Of The “Wanted” Letter

First we started with the "Wanted" letter series in Robin’s Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint. The moment I sent that letter series out, I started getting responses from qualified businesses who were genuinely interested in our managed services! It was just like the video where I was throwing money up into the air. It was like a magic letter! I could not believe that people were faxing it back and signing up for my Platinum, high-end service. I had never done anything like this before and I was amazed at how it flat out worked.

I Had Great Prospects Calling Me Already Pre-Sold
From Reading The Sales Letter

The letter offers a free network audit to 12 prospects, and I actually had people calling me asking, “Do you still have your 12 businesses that you were looking for, or are you all full?” That is how much people believed the marketing material! I never thought people would read that LONG letter, but all the clients told me they read every single word. The best part was the fact that they were pre-sold before I walked in the door - all I had to do was guide them down the path.


What Have Been The Results?

Since getting on board with Robin's marketing plan...

  • We added an additional $62,000 in revenue and 8 new clients within a 6 month period. That was a new record for us!
  • I was able to move my business out of my house and into a real business park.
  • I had to hire more staff to keep up with the increased demand, and I am still hiring more this week.
  • I have a newfound faith in marketing and now have incredible confidence that I know how to "bang the drum" and get new clients whenever I need them.
  • I'm taking more vacations and worrying less about money coming in the door.

The Biggest Lesson Learned?

The biggest lesson I've learned is that I just have to get off my butt and do it. Robin’s program will work if you use it. Even though I screwed up the first 20 times, I've learned that you have to increase your rate of failure to increase your rate of success. Pardon my cheese by saying, “Just do it!”

I really recommend that you do more then read the materials and listen to the audio teleseminars Robin gives you. Complete the mission. If you do not go to market you will have wasted your money on a bunch of great knowledge that you never will put to practice!

– Sean Goss, San Diego Computer Consultant and Winner of the “Be Your Best Rolex Contest”

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