Yuri Aberfeld

, IT Support LA,

After Twelve Years In Business, We Were At $120,000 In Sales – Just Three Years With Robin And We’ve Reached Over $2.1 Million!

Over the first 12 years in business (we’ll call this “Pre-Robin”), my business partner, Igor, ran a pure break-fix firm. Just three years ago, Igor closed out the year with only $120,000 in sales for the year between projects and a bit of hardware sales. When I partnered with Igor, I learned he had been a member of Robin Robins, but not a monthly Master Mind member. He had bought the Toolkit and attended one of the LA Roadshow events, but like a lot of other members, hadn’t really implemented much…yet.

I decided it was time for us to use this resource we had so I signed up for two-day kick in the pants we needed. Over this two-day workshop, we learned how to do e-mail campaigns, “regular” campaigns, the importance of phone follow-ups on all campaigns, how to stay in touch with customers through newsletters and drip marketing. Most crucially, we learned how consistency is the most important part of any marketing campaign.

We got to work right away, pumping out campaign after campaign. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. In just 13 months, we managed to grow from $0 to $45,000+ per month in MRR ($1.36 million over three years) and sold a ton of hardware (one of our specialties) during that time as well. All in all, we closed the year out with $2.1 million in sales last year, were nominated to the Inc. 5000 list and had grown over 1,400% in just three years. We owe almost all of the growth to Robin’s marketing materials. We just follow the instructions to the letter and execute the best that we can!

We are now in a position to push ourselves and not have to take huge risks that could kill the company. Thank you to Robin for showing us the way. We will continue to do you proud!

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