Willie Kerns

, SmartPath Technologies,

We’ve Already Used What Was Developed With Robin To Sign Two Clients Worth $5500 Per Month In Recurring Revenue

Technology Marketing Toolkit and Team Robin have directly and drastically improved my family’s quality of life in the 5+ years I’ve been involved. It’s also allowed me to provide above average wage jobs to 14 staff members in an economically depressed area. The education I receive on an annual basis from Robin and TMT is more than equivalent to a college education. As I was realizing a concept that is a gaping problem with other IT firms and that I have solved in my own business; I knew I had to involve Robin if I wanted to fast track and be successful in developing my concept into a marketable consulting service.

After one meeting, we had more direction in our new venture than we’d had over the previous six months. Robin helps entrepreneurs have laser focus into what matters. Through our coaching with Robin, we developed our service packages and a compelling, strong offer. We’ve already used what was developed with Robin to sign two clients worth $5500 per month in recurring revenue. We’ll continue to work directly with Robin as we build our new business – we know that with her guidance and our hard work we have the greatest chance of success. It’s rare to have the opportunity to utilize a resource like Robin. I’d tell any entrepreneur who wants to build a seriously scalable and profitable business that the value we receive from working directly with Robin is more than ten times the cost we pay. Just do it!

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