Wayne & Gloria Klug

, Spectrum Technology Solutions,

We Went From Selling Break-Fix Services To Over $19,237 Per Month In Profitable Managed Contracts. By May Of This Year, We Had Already Generated MORE Revenue Than We Did In All Of Last Year

We started Spectrum Technology Solutions in April of 2009 and ran it part-time for a few months until a friend of mine who ran a small IT support company as well happily gave us his 10 break/fix clients when he decided to move away from Phoenix. At first we thought this would be our ticket to build some quick monthly revenue, but we soon learned that there was a reason why he was so willing to give away his clients. They were demanding, cheap and had zero interest in managed services.

We were making money, but just enough to pay the bills, and we knew we needed better marketing to attract a higher-quality client. Fortunately a Google search led us to Robin and her marketing materials. We dove in and invested in the Technology Marketing Toolkit and ultimately the Producers Club.

After a few starts and stops, we now have finally built up our marketing engine to include newsletters, direct mail campaigns, free reports and canvassing. Each time we do another campaign, the results are incredible. By May of 2012 we already had more YTD revenue than we had all of last year, and we are on track to grow our total revenue by 120% this year. Our MRR has already increased by 75% YTD and will likely more than double by the end of this year.

In the beginning, it took some time to get started and get on track. We would tell anyone who is at this point to just get moving. An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion continues to stay in motion. Make the choice to be the object that propels your business toward growth and profit. Get the momentum started with canvassing and newsletters, and make a commitment to cultivate the relationship that you have with your existing clients to build trust (and wow them) so that they will refer their friends. We are so thankful we have learned this and now know how to market our business successfully!

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