Tom Blandford

, eTrepid,

Stuck At $340,000 After 10 Years In Business – Only 90 Days And A Few Campaigns Later And That’s More Than Doubled!

After 10 years in business, my break-fix IT business had peaked at $340,000 in gross revenue. Something had to change, so I made the shift to managed services, and launched a new company, eTrepid. I knew we still needed some help so I decided to finally give the Technology Marketing Toolkit and the Rapid Implementation Workshop a try.

I saw results right away. My first campaign resulted in eight testimonials. The second brought one referral, but, more importantly, I learned my oldest client was shopping for a new IT company. I was able to turn that around in what ended up being my first client QBR – what an eye-opener that was! We addressed the issues, saved the client and added $216,000 in revenue.

Knowing this was making a positive impact on my business, I was all in! I attended every weekly call, quickly completed the implementation checklists, launched our new Robinized website, started mailing our print newsletter, and utilized software to track and manage it all. With every campaign, we see more and better results. I am thankful for this incredible journey that has improved our business in every area!

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