Mike Moran

, Affiliated Resource Group,

Our Multimillion-Dollar IT Business Has Enjoyed Growth Of Over 15% Per Year Since We Started With The Program!

I can honestly say that integrating Robin’s content and campaigns with Infusionsoft is a marketer’s and salesperson’s dream and a great win for any IT business. As a result of incorporating her strategies, we have experienced 15%+ growth in our managed services EVERY year since we started with the program. Not only have we grown our Office 365 business, we’ve successfully driven more business through better sales management.

I highly recommend Robin’s sales and marketing program to any IT business that has eclipsed the $5 million mark. Even beyond her proven marketing campaigns, Robin is very helpful at reestablishing your mind-set toward what you are truly capable of achieving. This mind-set shift becomes the foundation that makes aggressive goals a reality.

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