Mike & Fusun Bubernack

Owner, ET&T,

In Just 90 Days, Robin’s Marketing Has Delivered Over $100,000 In Sales And A 500%+ ROI!

After nearly 50 years in business, our company finally decided to get serious about marketing and joined up with Robin and the Producers Club. Little did we know what this decision really meant. Sure, we had all of Robin’s materials, but we still hadn’t really put them to use. We certainly hadn’t done any campaigns (my regrettable loss).

This decision has proven to be the best decision we’ve made for the business. Now I’m implementing marketing instead of trolling networking events hoping for someone to do business with me, and I actually feel excited to do this marketing thing! Why? Because I see it working! I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is easier than I expected. In just 90 days, our company’s ROI for everything that we’ve done with Robin is over 500%. I’ll make that kind of investment every day, all day long!

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