Mat Zoglio

, Zog, Inc.,

From Marketing Newbies To $21,528 In MRR And 33 New Opportunities – All In Just 90 Days!

Most IT business owners unsuccessfully “dabble” in marketing. They send out a sales letter or postcard, get little or no results and then swear off direct mail. Later, they might test their luck with an ad in a trade publication or newspaper. Again, no results. Then they’re on to the next “shiny object” everyone is talking about… only to test it once and throw it away when the phones don’t ring. This was us…until we found Robin!

During the first 90 days of following Robin’s methodology and advice, we got 194 new leads and added $21,528. When all is said and done, those new contracts will equal $883,029 over 36 months! In addition, we’ve filled our pipeline with 33 opportunities that could produce an additional $38,699 in MRR!

A piece of advice from one IT guy to another…When it comes to Robin’s programs, take the leap and the net will appear. At first it really seems overwhelming, but once you dig in, suddenly your eyes open to things you never knew you could accomplish.

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