Larry Kahm

, Heliotropic Systems, Inc.,

During The First Year Since Implementing Robin’s Campaigns, I Obtained 10 New Clients Reactivated 4 Former Clients, And Signed Up 17 Managed Services Clients

Like a lot of Robin’s clients, I bought the Toolkit, but didn’t actually crack it open until much later. I was looking for that quick-fix to get me going. What I have learned is that it’s not about a ‘shot in the arm,’ but it’s all about following the recipe, staying the course and going through the process.

With Robin’s help, I have implemented multiple campaigns, all resulting in huge gains for me and my company. I have obtained 10 new clients, reactivated four former clients who were in the ‘gone or forgotten’ category and recently launched my monthly managed services offering, signing up 17 clients.

One thing for sure is that this is all a constant learning experience. Most of all, I know that with Robin’s outlines and my own initiative and style I’ll be able to take my company into the rest of this decade with the knowledge that growth is inevitable, that having a successful business is based on how my clients appreciate the work I do on their behalf and how satisfied they are with the results.

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