Jason Silverglate

, Continuous Networks, LLC,

I’m A Totally Different Person – A True LEADER That Is Confident, Happy And Humble

I started my company in my college dorm room over 20 years ago. At that time, my dreams were lofty, and I was certain it would be a success. Fast-forward 18 years, and I learned that sometimes dreams can become nightmares. Less than five years ago, our company finished off the year at nearly $8 million in annual revenue. We were flying high, but I no idea how to run or lead a company. The next few years were a downward spiral with tons of debt and a rapidly declining client base. I hit rock bottom and felt like it was the end of the road.

Insert Robin. I’ll never forget the day I discovered the Technology Marketing Toolkit. After quickly purchasing the Toolkit and becoming an Apprentice member, I booked our trip for our first Boot Camp. While there, we were in awe of how many companies from around the globe were there and how Robin was guiding them all to success.

We spent the next six months after Boot Camp to get our house in order. We literally needed to overhaul every single part of the marketing in our business. By the end of the year, we had our “Robin-ized” website in place, new employees on board and we were finally ready to start adding back new business. We were implementing the Toolkit, and it was a miracle! Leads! LEADS CAME IN! In just one year of doing Robin’s marketing and being in her mastermind group, the Producers Club, we added over $1 MILLION in NEW revenue! I’m a totally different person. I’ve grown, matured and learned how to be a true leader in no small part due to being part of the Technology LIFE Toolkit,” and that personal growth has had a major positive impact on my company.

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