James Kudla

, Tarrytech Computer Consultants,

Our Results Have Been Off-The-Charts Amazing!

Call it luck, but I’ve always paid myself well and never really struggled to make ends meet in the business. However, my checkbook did not justify the long hours I was working and I wanted to make more money. So I decided to change my fate and joined Robin’s Producers Club. With the guidance of Robin’s team and my peers, I designed, refined and executed a marketing strategy that has changed the trajectory of the company – and my life.

Since joining, we’ve generated 258 leads and our top-line revenues have increased 66% over the last two years. I’ve added $69,000 per month in recurring revenue and, best of all, our profitability has simultaneously increased by 104%. This year, we are already on track to close an additional $48,000 in new MRR and grow another 20% to our top line.

Not only have I achieved financial gain, but also (and more importantly) I’ve gained confidence and security in my future. Thank you, Robin, Jeff and my fellow Producers Club members.

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