Ahsun Saleem

, Simplegrid Technology, Inc.,

Robin’s 12-Month Marketing Plan Added $25,650 Of New MRR To My Business And Saved Me From Failure

Two years ago, I was broken. Nothing was working the way I envisioned it would when I first started my managed services business. I couldn’t win a single new client, sales were nonexistent and I was stuck doing low-paying menial work for the few clients I did have. I was seriously burnt-out from working so many long days with nothing to show for it. I knew that if something didn’t change soon, I was going to quit, which meant I would have failed – and THAT was scary. So I gave myself one more year to make it work before giving up.

I had heard of Robin before but dismissed the Toolkit as hokey and unprofessional; I mean, come on! Who would respond to THOSE campaigns? But now, humbled by my failures and desperate for some success, I decided to purchase the Toolkit. But I told myself one thing: If I enroll, I’m going to keep a very open mind about her methods and follow exactly what Robin is telling me to do in this Toolkit. And I did just that.

Fast-forward to my one-year deadline for calling it quits, and my business has completely turned around. After following Robin’s 12-month Marketing Plan in the Toolkit, we almost doubled our revenue, added $25,650 in new MRR and tripled my company’s size; and I’m confident that we can do that again this year! Best of all, I had fun while doing it!

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