How To Become A Celebrity IT Consultant In Your Area

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Below is an outstanding marketing strategy being implemented by Producers Club Member and former Genius of the Month Pam Viveiros, co-owner of ThinkTech Computers. Pam has secured an AM radio spot as the fresh new “Kim Komando,” answering technology-related questions, and has set up a Facebook fan page with links back to the radio station for content, positioning herself as …

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How To Score Appointments And Sales With Bigger Clients

Robin Robins Managed Services, Technology Marketing

7 Fundamentals To Successfully Sell To Bigger Accounts Approach prospects with CONFIDENCE. There is nothing more detrimental to the sales process than appearing needy, nervous or insecure. Start at the TOP. Never forget that you are dealing with PEOPLE and that EMOTIONS are driving their decisions regardless of how big or small the organization. The key drivers are: Fear Ego …