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How To Attract HOT Leads To Your MSP Using Personal Ads

Posted On January 13th, 2021

How To Attract Desirable Clients Using Direct Response Marketing

Years ago, I was exposed to this marketing example, written by the late Gary Halbert, as an example of brilliant direct response marketing copy AND strategy. It’s a personals ad he wrote that led him to find his then-wife. He also used it as an example of how a good sales letter can solve just about any problem you have.

I’m not sure I buy that in total, but almost every problem can be HELPED by a good sales letter, whether it’s to sell someone on donating money to your cause or to convince a relative or friend to a particular course of action.

The biggest lesson Gary taught in this piece is that great direct response marketing is VERY similar to a personals ad, detailing who you WANT, as well as who you DON’T want. The technical name is a “flag” in your copy, which can be a direct “Dear Office Manager” or a description of the person you’re talking to – their pain, problems, desires and wants.

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Through Increasing Marketing Implementation, Anne-Marie Lerch Added $33,900 In NEW MRR In 6 Months

Posted On January 4th, 2021
Through Increasing Marketing Implementation, Anne-Marie Lerch Added $33,900 In NEW MRR In 6 Months

Anne-Marie Lerch,

High Tech Hui, LLC

Turning Down A Chance At Paradise

Little did I know that my experiences a decade ago would help me to build the cyber security MSP I’ve always wanted to own. Back then, I had a dream job at Amazon-owned Zappos. If there was ever a company that took customer-focused service and culture to a level that’s rarely been achieved in corporate America, it’s Zappos. In fact, I chose my job over a chance at moving to the paradise of Hawaii!

Years later, I was finally ready to move to paradise. Because our previous technology company didn’t pan out, my husband wasn’t sold on us opening a new IT company. I had to convince him that I had the vision and knew precisely how to successfully grow our IT business this time. In fact, I had a secret weapon in the Toolkit. Yes, even before I legally formed my company, I started with Technology Marketing Toolkit. In 2014, HI Tech Hui was formed. (In Hawaii, “hui” is a group of people working together.) Follow my journey to find out how we increased our marketing implementation strategies and increased our MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Read full article and comment →

Overcoming Sales Objections: How To Deal With The “I Want To Think It Over”

Posted On December 11th, 2020

Overcoming Sales Objections: How To Deal With The “I Want To Think It Over”EVERY salesperson has gotten the dreaded “I want to think it over” response. Problem is, how do you respond politely and without annoying the prospect to the point of them telling you to go to hell? Most salespeople just roll over and say, “Okay! Call me if you have any questions,” which is essentially abandoning the sale. Not good. So what is the secret to overcoming sales objections like this one?

You start by doing exactly what they want you to do: agree with them and SLOW DOWN. Tell them you understand and RESPECT THEIR DECISION to think it over because you do. We’ve all been in a place where we are uncertain about making a decision, and having a pushy jerk trying to talk you into it only makes you dig in your heels more.

So, in your best late-night DJ voice, put a big SMILE on your face (thank you, Chris Voss) and use this sales objections script based on something I learned from good old Tommy Hopkins: Read full article and comment →

Attending Robin’s Workshop TWICE, We Added $10,500 In New MRR, $29,000 In Projects And Have A Pipeline Of $7,800 In MRR…In 2020!

Posted On December 1st, 2020

Rob Gelsinger,

Secure Network Services, INC

Growing Up With 15 Siblings,
I Had To Work Hard To Get Noticed

Being the youngest of SIXTEEN kids (I’m the tiny one), I was raised to believe that you get a good education, work at a company for 30 years and then retire. Ever watched the movie Rudy? My dad was Rudy’s dad, believing in working hard but taking zero risks. Me, I guess I’m more like Rudy: Risk everything to make your dream a reality.

Who knew my dream of starting my own IT business would take root in a Bennigan’s restaurant. In 2003, my IBM teammates and I launched the idea of bringing the best practices of the enterprise world of IBM to small business markets. Secure Network Services, Inc., of Lakeland, Florida, was born on a napkin between bites. Read full article and comment →

How Does A Start-Up MSP With Zero Marketing Experience Respond To A Lockdown? With A 5,300% INCREASE In Monthly Recurring Revenue!

Posted On October 30th, 2020

Terry Blacksten and Kerry Brown,


Who Opens A SECOND Business One Week After Launching An MSP? This Guy…

Just one week after finalizing the paperwork for my new MSP, I got a call from a friend about starting a BIOS company with him. “Sure, I can run TWO brand-new businesses simultaneously. Why not?!” (Insert eyeroll here)

I figured my MSP company would be my “quick hit” since the sales cycle for my software business was 12 to 18 months. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After just four calls, I got a massive deal writing BIOS for Chromebooks, which kept me and my 15 new employees busy for four years!

But when our huge contract ended and revenue dried up, I realized my partner had not done ANY marketing or sales. I guess he preferred to be a “silent” partner, contributing nothing in capital funds or work. His next move: stealing a year’s worth of company revenue and sticking me with payroll. With my software business dissolved, I turned my attention to my poor, neglected MSP. Read full article and comment →

The Single, Simple Trick That Will Get 3 To 4 Times More Response From Every Single Marketing Campaign, Guaranteed

Posted On October 22nd, 2020

Any ideas on what it is? Hint: It’s the thing that got you to read this article – the headline.

The headline is “the ad for the ad.” It’s the device that, if well-written, will stop the right reader-prospect in their tracks and get them involved in reading your campaign and taking action. In the example above, I could have written “How To Get Your Wife To Chase You Around The Bedroom Like A Horny Teenager” and gotten even more response than with the one I used. I could have even pivoted off that as an example of the importance of headlines; however, I would have attracted the WRONG person with the WRONG proposition – i.e., a desperate husband looking for a little more love in his life (to put it politely). Read full article and comment →

Grow your msp

Even After Losing My First MSP And Enduring Massive COVID-19 Shutdowns, I GREW My Brand-New MSP By $89,492 In MRR In Our First 90 Days!

Posted On October 1st, 2020

Grow your msp

Our $5 Million Unsinkable IT Business
Hit A Massive Iceberg

My business partner and I started our first IT services business in 1999. Yet, rather than focus on LANs and servers like most MSPs, our business model focused more on connectivity services, including VoIP, cloud and cyber security. From day one, we locked onto the monthly recurring revenue model and grew our profitable business to $5 million. Things were good. Until…

Everything went sideways, and quickly. Life came crashing down for my business partner and best friend of over 25 years. It started with an ugly divorce, where he was separated from his seven kids. Things spiraled from there, and while I tried everything I could to rescue him, he threw it all away. I explained the situation to his ex-wife, a long-time family friend, and asked for controlling interest in our business. I told her that without 51% ownership, I would be forced to start a new company. Unfortunately, she didn’t accept my offer and went out of business.

Always one to shed positive light on every circumstance, I gained two important lessons from this experience:

Lesson #1: None of us are above it. We are all just a few bad decisions away from ruin. Like I told his ex-wife: if this could happen to him, it could happen to the Pope. 

Lesson #2: Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Even the best partnerships can end ugly. Make sure any partnership or business agreement you have is airtight. I was fortunate I didn’t have a non-compete clause in our agreement, which allowed me to continue serving my clients.
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The Importance Of Demonstrating Your Expertise

Posted On September 23rd, 2020

Here’s a chapter for “how NOT to close a prospect.” Last month Ryan Markel brought to my attention someone who is teaching MSPs how to grow their sales departments, suggesting we engage in some manner.

Initially, I’m very interested, as I’m ever interested in bringing fresh new moneymaking ideas to my members. I instantly have ideas about how I can use someone with his purported skills to deliver more value to our members. We discuss perhaps hiring him to work with our Producers Club and Accelerators members to build out a detailed sales playbook, complete with a hiring process, compensation plans, management playbook, etc. Maybe even run a Sales Managers’ Accountability Group.

A BIG project that would not only mean a good payday, but also put him in front of 600 or more MSPs who are potential clients for him. Now, just in case you’re not picking up on it, this is a BIG opportunity. Sponsors pay us millions of dollars a year to get access to our members, and here I am, offering to PAY him for the privilege.

But here’s what happens…

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