Did You Get Off Your “BUT”?

Posted On August 10th, 2010

Producers Club Members,
Listen to this personal message from Sean Stephenson and be sure to give him a status update about your progress since the July meeting.

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Why Being A “Good” Technician, Manager, Salesperson Or Entrepreneur Is NOT Enough – You Need To Apply The “Second Effort”

Posted On August 5th, 2010

Vince Lombardi loved to talk about the concept of the second effort. In fact, it’s the basis of a short sales training movie created in 1968 that is still showed to sales teams in training programs today. Lombardi is famous for showing his players football clips of receivers who almost caught the ball, but let it slip through their fingers. Then he’d show clips of players who made the second effort; same situation, but when they realized the ball was slipping through their fingers, they dove and caught the ball just before it hit the ground. Other clips were of running back who were almost crushed but managed to somehow wiggle free and made the touchdown.

His point in showing these clips was to point out that everyone makes the first effort. To even get on his team you had to do that; but so did all the other players on the opposing teams—and those standing by waiting for an opening to get on the team can do that. But if you want to be great, you have to go beyond that. He knew the difference between the good players and the great ones is that the great ones always make the second effort despite their first failure or setback. Just doing everything the coach expects of you is not good enough for the great players—and that CAN already be a lot. They are compelled to go beyond that every time and THAT is why they succeed.

In business, the fact that you’ve decided to cobble together some type of services offering and go into the marketplace and ask for a check shows you’ve made the first effort. But remember this: your competition is able to do that. Hiring, managing, bookkeeping, marketing, selling and customer service are bare minimums of running a business. You HAVE to be at least average at these things in order to survive. And for many, those FIRST efforts are just about all they can handle which is why they struggle to get ahead. Read full article and comment →

3 Solid Reasons Why You Should NOT Try To Be Creative In Your Business

Posted On July 21st, 2010

I once had a client who called my office in an absolute fervor over a new money-making idea he wanted to discuss with me. This client was a small, underfunded, two-man shop struggling to sell IT services. BUT – according to him – this idea he had was going to revolutionize the entire IT industry and make him millions — possibly billions- in a few short years. He even wanted me to sign a NDA to ensure I wouldn’t leak the details of his brilliant new idea. What was his invention? A software tool that would allow small IT firms to remote into their clients networks’ and monitor their systems.

Now if you’re thinking, “Well –isn’t that what Kaseya, Level Platforms, Zenith Infotech and a few dozen other companies have already developed?” you would be correct. I told him about these companies and he was stunned; he was completely unaware that anyone had already created this kind of product. I then asked the obvious question, “Didn’t you do any research to see if someone had already developed this?” His reply was, “Yes, but apparently not enough.”

While this seems like an extreme example of stupidity, I assure you I see this all the time with IT business owners who think they have to be creative and come up with a brand-new, never seen before idea to succeed in business. They believe they need something new…something the world has never seen before…in order for it to sell when the exact opposite is true. Read full article and comment →

3 Simple Sales Strategies This MSP Used To Increase Her Closing Rate by 400%

Posted On June 28th, 2010

Below is a short video created by MSP Sitima Fowler talking about 3 simple sales strategies she used to not only secure a 400% increase in managed services sales but also shorten her sales cycle from 5-9 months to just 3 weeks. The corresponding workbook posted below the video will give you a bit more detail on these managed IT services strategies – BUT make sure you watch the ENTIRE video because one of the BEST strategies is right near the end.

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More Answers To Your Questions on How to Sell in Seminars

Posted On June 4th, 2010

I’ve gotten quite a few more questions, so I’ll summarize all of them here & direct you over to my YouTube channel for the videos.

Q.  What is the optimal length for a seminar in order to sell effectively?


Q.  Does having a “Grand Prize” drawing help attendance to seminars & teleseminars?


Q.  Why do you need a 15 minute break after your presentation to sell more?


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How To Use Speaking Engagements to Sell Products or Services With a Long Selling Cycle

Posted On June 1st, 2010

One of the most frequently asked questions that I received over the weekend was regarding the long sales cycle many of you have & how does that play into selling with speaking engagements.  On the below video, I answer this question.

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How To Get A “Big List” to Promote Your Seminars, Teleseminars and Webinars

Posted On May 28th, 2010

Another one of the top questions that I’ve gotten over the last week is “How do I get a ‘Big List’ to promote my seminars, teleseminars or webinars”.   Many of you feel like you could close the room if people were there.  I answer the question in the below video.

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Selling From The Stage: What A ‘Transition Story’ Is And Why You DEFINITELY Need One When Selling With Live Seminars, Webinars And Teleseminars

Posted On May 26th, 2010

Below was the most frequently asked question of people who attended my teleseminar on “How To Effortlessly Close Millions Of Dollars In NEW Sales Using Teleseminars, Webinars And Live Events.” Please write your comments and questions below and I’ll make sure I answer them here or on future blog posts.

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