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How I Fired 981 Demanding Break-Fix Customers And Added 91 Quality Managed Services Clients To Double Profits To 31.3%

Posted On May 1st, 2019
Charles Swihart

Charles Swihart,
Preactive IT Solutions

A Holistic Better Your Best Transformation:

Failed Marketing, Arrested Clients & Payroll Nightmares

“This is too easy.” After I opened my business in 2003 and put out roadside bandit signs at night, the phones lit up. I quit my day job as a software developer and began hiring employees. My business soon moved from my study to my garage to a real office.

Soon we were making enough money to fund our first two (failed) marketing campaigns: a $6,000 Yellow Page ad and $4,000 in cable TV commercials. Nothing but crickets.

After a few years, we had nine employees and were booked all day. Problem was, our “anything for a buck” break-fix business came with a truckload of stresses. We dealt with so many hot checks that I had to document a process for submitting them to the district attorney. Plus, in 2015 we had 981 customers. Servicing that many customers took a toll on our employees and turnover was scary high.

The worst part? Every month your revenue starts over at ZERO! It’s not a good cash-flow model. Have you ever spent all night wondering how you’re going to pay the bills? Have you ever borrowed against your house just to make payroll? I’ve done that, and it’s the worst feeling in the world.

The daily stress of this break-fix lifestyle wreaked havoc on my body. Imagine crawling under desks when you weigh 375 pounds. My business was in bad shape. So was I. Read full article and comment →

How This “Small-Fry” MSP Owner Increased Revenue By $1.6 Million, Net Profit By 1,300% And Became Our 2019 Better Your Best WINNER!

Posted On April 1st, 2019
Sitma Fowler

Sitima Fowler,
Capstone IT

Moving To America With Only $100 To Our Name, The Odds Were Stacked Against Me

Until age 11, India was my home. Because my father wanted to create a better life for my family, we came to America in 1979. My parents and my brother arrived with only $100, hoping to fulfill our dreams.

However, our lives began as a nightmare. We knew nobody. We had no money. And we had no clothes. When you’re an introvert and wear the same exact outfit every single day, kids make fun of you.

One of my fondest memories as a teenager was going to McDonald’s. A rare treat indeed. Our entire family of four would share a single small bag of fries. Then I looked over to the man sitting next to me. All by himself, he was eating a LARGE box of fries. That moment was burned into my brain. It became my French Fry Mindset. I realized right then that there is a big, abundant world out there, and I was determined to be a part of it. Read full article and comment →

“How Much Growth Can A Sales Manager Bring To Your MSP Business? For Us, It Was A $591,392 Increase – And Growing!”

Posted On March 1st, 2019
Jim Bryce

Jim Bryce,
Debian IT

After More Than DOUBLING The Business In Under 3 Years, A Plateau Was On The Horizon

Maybe you’ve heard about the legend of Vincent Fung. I assure you, he is a REAL person. But yes, his seismic growth a few years back was legendary. From the spring of 2014 to the close of 2017, with the support of Robin’s Producers Club and his Accountability Group, Vince had grown his business from $1.9 million to $4.2 million.

In the US, where the economy is strong, doubling an IT business in less than three years is a significant accomplishment. But here in Alberta, Canada, where the oil and gas economy has been decimated, it was nothing short of a modern-day miracle.

We’ve lost more than 100,000 jobs in Alberta in such a short time. We now have 13 million square feet of vacant office space in the downtown area. Vince knew his business would shrink considerably if he didn’t take the RIGHT action and take that action VERY quickly.

Here’s how…

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“5 IT Services Marketing Strategies That Transformed My $200K Break/Fix Business To A $1.3 Million MSP”

Posted On February 1st, 2019
Bhavin Mehta

Bhavin Mehta,
Fusion Factor

“If You Build IT, They Will Come.” NOPE!

I started Fusion Factor in 2005 with the mission to help small and medium-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments. Since we would be dedicated to providing state-of- the-art IT support, phenomenal service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of their competition, I figured we were destined for greatness.

This was my vision (don’t laugh): I thought that simply by opening my IT business, it would grow on its own. AUTOMATICALLY. I truly believed people would find Fusion Factor in the Yellow Pages (it’s under F – I checked). Then the phones would ring off the hook. I envisioned having to turn business away because we couldn’t handle the tidal wave of new customers.

I kept waiting and waiting for that tidal wave. But nothing happened. Not even a small wave or a ripple. Nope, my phone didn’t ring at all. When it did ring, I ran to it like a middle schooler before the big dance. Yet it was always telemarketers selling insurance.

Here are the 5 IT Marketing Strategies That Transformed My $200k Break/Fix Business To A $1.3 Million MSP:

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“After Losing Two Of Our Largest Clients Representing $12,000 A Month In MRR… I Increased My Revenue By $7,100 A Month In JUST 10 MINUTES!”

Posted On January 1st, 2019
Jill Eaton

Jill Eaton,
Sweetwater Technology

For A Decade, I Was “Comfortable” With My Referral-Only Business – “Comfortable” With NOT Growing

Comfortable. That one word perfectly described my IT business for way too many years. I was comfortable with my customer base, comfortable with my revenue and salary. I was comfortable living off of referrals because that’s all we did for about 10 years.

I was comfortable not marketing. Seriously. We never really did ANY kind of real marketing or advertising. We never even hired a salesperson. For an entire decade, because all we ever knew were referrals, we never knew when (or IF) our business would grow.

I guess I figured because we lived in a small, rural town, we weren’t supposed to be stressed with big-city business headaches. The Wyoming town I live in has a population of about 300. I have a husband, kids and over 600 head of cattle. I also have a gas station and a novelty store. I work in my IT business so I can buy land and retire on my ranch one day, not so I can be stressed, take on more debt and deal with business headaches. Read full article and comment →

“From Marketing Newbies To $21,528 In MRR And 194 Leads In Just 90 Days!”

Posted On December 1st, 2018
Mat Zoglio

Mat Zoglio,
Zog, Inc.

15 Years In Business. Practically Zero Marketing.

Most IT business owners unsuccessfully “dabble” in marketing. They send out a sales letter or postcard, get few or no results and then swear off direct mail. Later, they might test their luck with an ad in a trade publication or newspaper. Again, no results. Then they’re on to the next “shiny object” everyone is talking about…only to test it once and throw it away when the phones don’t ring. There’s another kind of marketing that is even LESS effective: our go-to approach for way too many years of NO marketing at all.

Zog, Inc., was founded nearly 20 years ago, in 1999. The majority of my clients came from referrals and JV partners. For about 15 years, we never did any type of marketing. I simply didn’t know how. With a degree in electrical engineering and a background in technology and infrastructure, marketing was far outside my comfort zone.

Back then, Zog did have a marketing/salesperson on staff. However, since I was a champion of sales and largely ignored marketing, he followed in my footsteps. Sure, he implemented some Google AdWords campaigns that helped us acquire a few new clients, but we needed more. MUCH more. Read full article and comment →

“After Just 12 Weeks, We’ve Added 20 Clients And $24,924 Of Monthly Recurring Revenue”

Posted On November 1st, 2018
Nathan Whittacre

Nathan Whittacre,
Stimulus Technologies

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Aren’t The Only Computer Guys Who Started In A Garage!

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to run a technology company. Even as a teenager, I worked for a small computer shop and loved it. At that young age, I approached my father and brother about starting our own computer company. We founded Whittrio, Inc. (which eventually became Stimulus Technologies), in 1995 and operated out of my brother’s garage.

I often joke that I must have missed the class in Computer Science School about how to run a business. I was practically forced to become a student of business through the school of hard knocks and by devouring tons of business books. Through that self-training, certain parts of business came easy to me: analyzing financials, policies and procedures, and, of course, the tech work. That’s where I wanted to focus ALL of my time.

But I quickly learned those areas of business didn’t pay the bills. Marketing and sales were the moneymakers. Yet marketing always seemed like a “soft” subject to me. It seemed scary. It was difficult to understand. It just didn’t come natural to me. But deep down I knew that if I wanted our business to grow, it was a necessary evil to learn. Read full article and comment →

“From Zero Marketing Skills And Near Zero Growth To Executing 23 Revenue-Generating Marketing Efforts In Under 90 Days”

Posted On October 1st, 2018
Steven John

Steven John,
Sagari, Ltd.

My Excuses Were Piling Up As Much As My Debt

I wasn’t like many of Robin’s clients who order the Toolkit and then plop it on a shelf. I read it thoroughly cover to cover. But a funny thing happens when you simply READ the Toolkit but don’t IMPLEMENT its contents: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Eventually, the Toolkit started gathering dust. I even stopped reading Robin’s newsletters. For some reason, I felt I already knew it all. Believe me, I had a pile of excuses why the program wouldn’t work for me. Excuse #1: American marketing doesn’t work in the UK. Excuse #2: This type of marketing is too cheesy. Truth: My excuses were simply a way to cover up my OWN fears around something I didn’t understand — sales and marketing. History had already demonstrated clearly that I wasn’t good at marketing!

Then, about a year ago, my business had suffered some serious problems with staff, suppliers and myself, so it meant something drastic had to change. Around that time, one of Robin’s lumpy mail offers caught my attention again. It was an invitation to Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

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