Client Case Studies

Year Over Year We Grew Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By 50%!

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Fred Reck

Fred Reck,
Innotek Computer Consulting, Inc.

Top-Line Growth And 199 New Leads!

Despite opening a new division and falling well short of our sales goals for it, we still grew our top line by 2%. This was driven primarily by our 30% growth in income from our monthly recurring revenue managed IT contracts. We grew our monthly recurring revenue year over year by 50%!

Our marketing engine is performing well. To date, we have brought in 199 raw leads, of which 91% (179) of them were qualified! Our cost per qualified lead was $196. We closed 11% of our leads, which brings our client acquisition cost to $1,961 per client. We expect these numbers to improve as we anticipate closing more of our leads this year due to the long sales cycle. Read full article and comment →

How Do You Go From $3.5M To $4.7M In ONE YEAR? It Starts With Robin

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Andy Banning

Andy Banning,
Cyberian Technologies

A Decade Of No Marketing, No Plan And No Direction

I started Cyberian Technologies in 2005 as a project integration company. In 2012, we started down the road of managed services. Somehow I drew the short straw to be in charge of sales and marketing, of which I had very minimal knowledge. As a business, we were essentially flying blind with absolutely ZERO plan, ZERO direction and almost ZERO marketing materials to attract prospects. We didn’t even have a scope of how big or how quickly we wanted to grow.

A couple of years later, we started seeing Robin Robins’ marketing everywhere. At the time, we just didn’t have the foresight to realize how she could help us. We continued with our zero-direction, zero-goal plan until a couple years later when one of my new sales guys and I decided to go check out Robin’s Boot Camp. I remember being overwhelmed at the end of the first day. That’s when it first hit me that we will need a REAL targeted marketing effort as well as a clear purpose and goal to FINALLY push our company forward. Read full article and comment →

Could We Repeat Our Success In Growing From $650K To $1.3M In One Year? Yes – From $1.5M To $2.5M!

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Andy Strouse

Andy Strouse,

My Reward For Working Like Crazy? A Poverty-Level $15,000 A Year

As the COO at IntermixIT, I want to share the story of how we turned a $40K family loan in 2007 into a business that generated $2.5M in 2018. My journey in building IntermixIT has been full of emotions, stress, fear, joy, happiness and all of the other feels that are possible. Everyone goes into business hoping for an upward trajectory of continuous growth. That wasn’t us. Instead, it’s been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs over the span of 12 years now.

To get started, we needed capital. So we went to the best bank in town – our families – to secure two $20K loans. Our first few years, we were 100% break-fix with residential and very small business clients and nearly zero monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The hours were excruciatingly long. The margins were razor thin. And we STRUGGLED to bring in more than $250K in revenue. Read full article and comment →

From NEGATIVE Profits To Exploding My Revenue By 59% – From $256,000 To $406,000 – In Just ONE YEAR

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Chavous Camp

Chavous Camp,
Carolina Innovative

Overwhelmed And Overworked With NOTHING To Show For It

My story begins where many of Robin’s clients’ stories begin. With a desperate man and his Toolkit. The year was 2011, and I was struggling. I was holding on to my previous company by a thread.

Were we profitable? No. Was I overwhelmed and overworked? Absolutely. Yet, as much as I was killing myself with hours, I couldn’t even afford the Toolkit. But I was desperate, so I scraped some money together and bought it.

Unfortunately, I did what so many of Robin’s new clients do. I found an excuse and pushed to the side the Toolkit, the accountability calls and working “on” my business instead of “in” my business. Maybe I thought “I can’t do this” or “This won’t ever work for me.” Whatever my reason (excuse), I went back to what was comfortable. So, back into being overwhelmed and overworked. Read full article and comment →

We Finally Broke The MILLION-DOLLAR Mark In Revenue! Even Better, Net Profit Is Up 24%!

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Damien Pepper

Damien Pepper,
DSP Electronics, Victoria, Australia

We Started The Year With 2 Serious Problems

At the start of 2018, we had just come off a strong year with revenue up at $894,154 and our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increased significantly at $16,415. Our goal for the year: to finally break the million-dollar mark in revenue. Having a goal is easy. ACHIEVING that goal is a whole different story.

While we wanted to hit that aggressive goal, we had to make sure that net profit did not slip. I did not want revenue for the sake of revenue but to add proportional profit to the bottom line. Upon review of what we would need to reach $1M a year, two deficiencies stood out: SPACE and LACK OF STRUCTURE. Read full article and comment →

Our BEST Year Ever, Thanks To Scoring 3-Year Contracts Totaling $264,346 From A Single Campaign!

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Holly Fullingim

Holly Fullingim,
Quick Compute, Inc.

Years ago, I was stuck and financially in trouble. Our gross revenue was stagnant and in many years it actually shrank. I just believed I was sitting at the crossroads of my business, and managed services was the way out of the grueling hours that were my reality. But I honestly didn’t even know WHAT managed services was, let alone HOW to implement it!

I was even at a point where I thought sales and marketing were essentially begging and lying. Seriously, I did absolutely nothing to attract and acquire new customers. Someone had to literally fall into my lap and BEG me to let them become my customer. So it only stands to reason that I would run out of existing customers.

In 2016, I received Robin’s letter promoting her new Rapid Implementation Workshop. I was so moved and inspired, I signed up that same day! Here are some results after being in Producers Club in the past 12 months: Read full article and comment →

Robin’s Speakers, Tools And Marketing Resources Have Enhanced My Business And Personal Life

Posted On October 17th, 2019
Steven Miller

Steven Miller,
Foothills Netcom, Inc.

From Zero Profit To Profiting First

After eight long years in business, I had not really made any money. In fact, most years were a loss. Finally, after my best year in sales costing me $2,000, I decided I needed to make a change. I joined Robin Robins’ Producers Club.

I have been a Producers Club member for almost five years now, and I have learned many things to not only improve my business, but also to improve myself. I learned how to stop hemorrhaging money and started saving with goals. Thanks to learning from one of Robin’s many great resources she brings to us, I now put 15% of all sales into a savings account. The company runs successfully on the rest. Read full article and comment →

How I Became A Person Of Action, Met With 60 Clients In 60 Days And Grew My Business By $360K In One Year!

Posted On October 11th, 2019
Darren Patoni

Darren Patoni,
The I.T. Workshop

Before, I Was A Mess, My Business Was Bleeding And I Was $172,000 In Debt!

Before I joined Robin Robins’ Producers Club, I was a real mess. After years of doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting to see different results, I knew I needed a serious change. My business was hemorrhaging money, I owed $172,000 and “growth” was a word that wasn’t even in my vocabulary.

The business I created was based solely on referrals (not a winning marketing strategy). Although I did have some great clients, my company wasn’t even growing at the rate of inflation, let alone the average industry rate of growth.

I knew I needed to change some habits, change my thinking and change my mindset. If I was going to have a healthy, growth-focused company, then I would have to be healthy myself. For far too long, I had surrounded myself with people who kept telling me I was going to fail. That negativity permeated my mind and my business and did its share of damage. Rather, I had to surround myself with others who were better at executing than I was. Read full article and comment →